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Steady Tips For Winning At Soccer Gambling

Before this we have been talking about joker123 slot, and now for those of you who like to play online soccer betting, are sure to place bets at soccer bookies, right? Often it is difficult for you to win at bets and have tried your best. Is this the bookies’ fault for running bets fraudulently or is there something wrong with you when placing bets?

So from that, for those of you who want to win when following bets at soccer bookies, then it’s good to read the following article. Hopefully, the following tips will help you.

What are some great tips for winning bets at a soccer betting bookie?

Soccer betting is a bet that is arguably difficult but easy to follow and win. In fact, those who have often wrestled with soccer gambling bets cannot always win bets. There are times they lose there are times they win.

Especially if you are new to beginners, if you place the bet carelessly, then you will definitely lose. Therefore, to win the bet held by this football bookie, special skills are needed, be it the skills to do analysis or also the skills in instinct to determine which team deserves to be championed.

For beginners, it would be very good indeed if you continue to hone these skills, which is by continuing to follow bets at soccer bookies. It’s just that, to take part in a bet at a soccer betting bookie, supplies are needed which is important as non-material capital to follow the stakes.

Therefore, the following will explain about the most solid tips for winning bets held by soccer bookies. This material is based on the experience of the article writer, so I hope these tips will work for you. Just listen immediately.

Read Diligently for Predictions

Reading football match predictions is indeed a small thing that is often overlooked because it is underestimated. Many consider that reading this match prediction article is not important. Whereas quite the opposite. Reading the match predictions is very important, because you can find out the strength of the team that will compete. In this prediction article, there is information on team conditions, statistics, meeting records, and other information that is very useful as a reference in determining which team deserves to be championed in the betting market.

Understand the Betting Market

So, don’t just choose the match that will be followed by the stakes, but also choose the betting market. This betting market determines how the betting scheme will take place. However, what is certain is that this betting market scheme has different types and it is certain that each of them has a different way of playing. So it is important to understand this betting market.

Join the Football Gambling Fan Forum

You don’t hesitate to join a forum whose contents discuss soccer gambling. These forums have been widely spread on Facebook, Kaskus, Telegram, and other forums. Here, you will get a new insight into soccer gambling. You can benefit from the ongoing discussion. You can also further ask what is still confused.

Choice of Official and Reliable Football Gambling Bookies

In order to avoid losses, you also have to make sure that you follow the bets held by official and trusted football bookies. Because by doing so, the stakes can be accounted for. The bets are also definitely not cheating and every bettor has the same chance to win the bet, regardless of how much money the bet is placed.

Choosing an official and trusted football bookie requires a selective attitude considering that on the internet, there have been many soccer bookies that have not been known whether it is official or not.

Tips How To Predict The Match Accurately

To get a win when playing online gambling, it is obligatory if a soccer gambler must be able to find information about ball predictions that are truly accurate. You can get this soccer prediction from several reliable sources, ranging from news about online soccer betting, then from sites on the internet and sites regarding prediction of results and match schedules.

Several sites on the internet do provide information related to results and match schedules, therefore you as a gambler must be really selective in choosing sites that provide information on online soccer betting predictions. Plus if you want to make accurate predictions, see the tips below.

Prediction tip 1: Consider the atmosphere within the team, especially during a tournament where players must stick together without being able to avoid their teammates.

Prediction tip 2: Consider a striker resignation. During a tournament or during a cup match, the striker’s retirement is decisive. When a league match the long-term quality of the strikers determines (not a momentary break), along with all the rest of the team. When cup matches / tournaments, the retirement of strikers is more decisive, although the overall strength of the team must also be considered.

When I predicted the Dutch’s 3-0 victory over Indonesia I fought my conscience. Subjectively I defend Indonesia, of course. However, when wearing glasses called objectivity, we all agree that the Netherlands is far above Indonesia. Then why not predict a more striking final score? The consideration is that the Netherlands will not be too excited while Indonesia will play with passion, so that it will be able to reduce the difference in quality. So, a thin or large score can be predicted by sound logic – but the truth of the specific final score, which is 3-0, is pure luck.

Prediction tip 3: Avoid defending a team when making predictions. We can always hope that our favorite team wins, but when making predictions, of course logic must take precedence over heart fanaticism.

I smiled when I read in the mass media about the similarities of this year’s Champions League final with 1997 when Dortmund won the last time. Many of my readers are sure to be hooked to predict Dortmund’s victory based on these facts. They forget that these facts are interesting and true, but they don’t have any correlation with the Champions League final this time around. Connecting a fact with another fact is one example of the many kinds of fallacies of logic.

Prediction tip 4: Don’t fall for journalists, who often reveal things that are merely entertainment (interesting), but are sold as if they deserve to be the basis for making a match prediction.

In the same article, the statistics for the match between Dortmund vs Bayern have also been shown for years. Because Dortmund’s statistical history is impressive against Bayern, many have judged that BVB will be able to beat Bayern in the European final. This is misleading. Why? Because the statistics of the “Dutch East Indies” period have nothing to do with the present. The statistics at the start of the season cannot simply be used as benchmarks. The development of the two teams since the last meeting needs to be considered.

Prediction tip 5: Use up-to-date statistics. That is, focus your attention on the match statistics between the two teams that are closest to currently. Also consider the match scores (win / draw / lose) and performance (impressive / lucky / fluctuating / etc.) of the two teams as a whole (against anyone), for the most recent period only.

Because I often display my predictions on Twitter (@coachtimo), many people ask me to predict various other matches. Mostly I ignore it or I reject it on the grounds that I don’t understand the strengths of the two teams. My reason is in line with the following prediction tips.

Prediction tip 6: Don’t be ignorant. Avoid trying to make predictions without a background of data and good knowledge of the team or league. If you are not an expert in the English Premiere League, for example, avoid making predictions about MU vs Chelsea. It is impossible for us to be experts in all the leagues that exist. Admit it.

Prediction tip 7: We shouldn’t predict every match either. There are times when matches are very difficult to predict. Analyze your deadlocks. Your winning percentage for both teams is 50-50. If you are so resistant, avoid forcing yourself to make predictions. Thus the percentage of your prediction accuracy will increase.

There are many other considerations that can and should be used in making a classy prediction. Try out my tips right here to know the result for all of you guys.

Those are some tips for finding an accurate online soccer betting prediction market.

The Reason Soccer Gambling Is Popular

There are many types of gambling games available in the online world, but soccer gambling is still one of the most popular games, especially as the gambling system has switched from offline to online. The reason soccer gambling is still the most popular game is because of the easy and very easy playing system to win in the game.

Only by using a smart phone or computer or laptop with the support of a stable internet network, gamblers can feel the sensation of playing and installing the online gambling version.

To play and start betting in this game, prepare enough Capital is an important factor in flexibility during matches and bet placement. Use capital properly and according to your ability to play. Create a live game account with one of the safe and reliable game agents to use when logging in.

The reason soccer gambling is more popular than other gambling

According to the analysis of recent years, gambling is one of the most popular types of betting in the So here we will give you an explanation about what factor that make this game preferred by gambler

1. Easy to play

There are many types of bets that you can choose to play as handicap, under, 1 × 2 and more.

But consider the gambler, even though this gambling game is easy to play when the main objective you are playing with is winning the winning bet and then setting up and using some winning betting strategy. With this strategy the chances of winning and winning are even greater.

2. Can play the ball from the street

The second reason that betting by gamblers is more profitable is because they can play the ball from the street. Unlike other bet types, you cannot place other bets during the match, for example in Baccarat. However, in terms of in-game soccer betting, you can choose another bet type at the end of the game.

3. Many variations of the bet

This gambling game has many interesting variations on the types of bets. In this way, gamblers can feel more comfortable and less bored when gambling. Not only that, in the game you can still select up to 10 more bets. For example, you can place bets on full-time handicaps, half-time handicaps, odd pairs, over, mix parlay, 1 × 2 and more.

4. Legendary game

As we know, football is a sports game that is very legendary, in fact almost everyone in the world loves this game. By observing the matches that occur, football lovers will feel a different sensation of excitement, let alone place bets where they can win big.

That is one of the reasons sport betting is more popular than other gambling. For those of you who are interested in the feeling of playing and placing bets, first join and become a new member of one of the online gambling sites. Choose a safe and reliable site to use as a place to play for comfortable and safe gambling.

The Most Accurate Way To Play 1 × 2 Sbobet Online

On this occasion, we would like to try to share a study about how to play gambling 1 × 2 contained in sbobet online football accurately and correctly.

Maybe here there are players or beginners who have just joined an online soccer sbobet agent, but have not clearly recognized the types of bets that can be played and really provide benefits such as 1 × 2 gambling.

The sbobet agent is certainly very well known by the players or online soccer gambling players, because this soccer gambling agent has proven its facilities and market updates in an actual and accurate manner.

And all the process of playing ball bets can be played using a smartphone only.

Actually this 1 × 2 gambling is very profitable for all players who bet with real money because in the process of playing all players only need to determine the 3 main choices and each choice has a big winning prize too.

In the following, we will explain the 3 main choices on how to play 1 × 2 gambling, namely 1 (host) gets a win, X (draws or draws) and 2 (guests) wins.

If the player has understood the understanding of how to play 1 × 2 gambling with an online soccer agent, then we will immediately continue the discussion about the winning calculation formula if we play on one of these options.

For example, when you just enter the 1 × 2 soccer gambling menu on the sbobet agent and find a match between Liverpool vs B.Munchen with a team choice and an odds value of 1 (host) 3.50, X (draw) 5.75 and 2 (team guests) 3.80.

Below we will provide a calculation formula for the three options if you want to bet using real money:

1. Playing IDR 200,000 for victory over the home team, namely Liverpool, at 3.50 odds. If the result of the match states that Liverpool as the host managed to win at a score of 2.- 1. Of course the player will receive a payment of IDR 200,000 x 3.50 = IDR 700,000 with the same capital. online gambling site

2. If we predict the results of the two teams will end in a draw or draw score, then the player bets the result is IDR 150,000 at odds of 5.75.

So the calculation of the payment you will receive is IDR 150,000 x 5.75 = IDR 862,500 along with the initial capital for the bet.

3. The calculation formula for 1 × 2 soccer gambling from us is that the victory is on the side of the opposing team, namely B. Munchecn with an odds value of 3.80 and a stake of IDR 150,000. online gambling site on

If at the end of the match the score won by B. Munchen was 1 – 3, of course you will receive a profit of IDR 150,000 x 3.80 = IDR 570,000 including capital.

That is how to play 1 × 2 gambling and the winning calculation formula we have shared with all players in the online sbobet agent, then we can find out more, namely about accurate tips for winning 1 × 2 ball bets for all players so far they still often lose.

Tips to Win 1 × 2 Real Money Bets

1. Follow updated football news and the latest ball predictions so that when you bet you can make the right choice.

2. We can also pay attention to the value of the odds contained in each match, because usually the odds value will be greater for the less reliable team to win.

3. Determine also how much of the winnings you want to get while the betting process is being played, so as not to be tempted by another big win value.

This is how to play gambling 1 × 2, I can inform you in full along with the right tips for winning so that the calculation formula will be a prize for all players.

Opportunity For Great Winning In Sports Betting

Online soccer gambling game is one game that deserves enough to give a lot of excitement and profits. Ball betting has become one of the most popular types of games to date. In Indonesia alone the number of gamblers who have played this game has reached millions of people. With the number of each player playing this online game increasing. From this, of course you will raise questions. Why is this online betting game so popular? Of course there are many factors that make this game popular. Starting from always providing a large choice of betting types in this online betting game. So, there are many benefits in this bonus. There are obviously many factors that make this online betting game so popular today.

But of course we will not discuss the issue of betting online betting here. What is certain is that we will discuss the winning results in playing the game. Surely all bettors who decide to play this football betting game will always ask for a win. And of course there are still many of you who need difficulty to get a winning result in playing it. It’s real easy for you to get the winning game compilation wins online matches provided. As long as you play it every time you can always look for opportunities to win big. So your instincts or foresight will be very necessary if you want to easily find a win in the game. Not only that, the strategy in you predicting the match must also be able to show in the game.


Surely you will not be difficult to find opportunities to win in these online soccer gambling games. Because the true online betting game only relies more on the Luck side than on the strategy side. However, this game is more dependent on the luck in winning it. Of course you should never choose your compilation strategy to play the online betting game. Strategy problems will be very necessary to look for opportunities to win big in the game. With you you will have to put together Holidays and strategies when you play these online betting games. That’s what really becomes your key easily.

Well, for those of you who are still very difficult to find profits, win big in playing these online betting games. You certainly don’t need to be confused or hesitant to overcome this difficulty. Because in the following article you’ve been presented how to look for opportunities to win big.

Bet on a big Team

For you can easily find big profits in these online profit games. Then you later compile the game to be able to bet on the big team or the team that has the best quality. So to find out which team has the best quality. Of course you can play before listening to the market in the match you are going to play. Almost all markets for betting online games are on live score services. Surely you will have to go into the live score service and see the handicap market, below, or others. Choose the more favored team or the team that gives the opponent the voor. This is what can certainly make you immediately get a chance to win big in playing the game.

Watch Live Streaming

In addition, if you want to easily find a big profit in playing the online profit game. Of course you do not forget to always pay attention to the victory that you will make a bet. In the prediction of this match you will be able to get a lot of information about the problems of the two teams that will compete. From information about the last five matches, head to head, to the composition of players from both teams. If you want toge get all that information you could get it on, it’s clear your compilation will play the game. Obviously your path to finding big profits in this online win game will be easy.

Play On Different Type Bet

In playing the online betting game also make sure you can always play on the types of bets that you are familiar with. Do not let you try to play the game on the type of bet that you have never played before. If you often play mix parlay bets, then make sure you always play on these bets. Actually you may try to play other bets. But you should always be able to play with a small number of bets first. The function of the latter method is to make it easier for you to get a big chance of winning in playing the game. If you already understand the type of game that you play well. Of course the victory will be easier for you to get later.

How to look for opportunities to win big in playing these online soccer gambling games. Surely you will never forget to always try to implement all of these methods.

Sportsbook Online Betting Guide For Begginer

Registering with a bet or change is relatively easy. You provide some information about yourself through the process, and an account that is accessed through a browser with a user name and password created. Meanwhile there is nothing wrong with opening an account, if you continue to bet on various online gambling sports holding so you can buy around to get the best prize.

Deposit To Your Account:

After first opening your account, the account has no money to make bets. The process of accepting your account is known as “deposit”, which is usually located in the “bank” in their account after logging in. There are many different ways that you can fund your account, depending on who you use. Credit cards and debit cards are a common deposit process for many people, with the bank transfer method of choice for high rollers that require large amounts of money. Withdrawals (wins) and / or balances can be done in different ways and – including cables, checks, electronic wallets and many other ways.

You must discuss in advance to provide banking services to meet your needs – but vice versa, that time. If you don’t see an option that allows you to make a deposit (and / or release it is very important!) Time to find another place to gamble. If all goes well with the bank, follow the instructions provided by the bet or transfer to make your deposit and you are ready to start betting.

Make A Bet:

The main types discussed in online gambling, which you will find as well as the various types of opportunities available in online gambling, various sports facilities, you must be prepared to prepare for action. Most sites use a hierarchical tree to list all that is available, it breaks down first to various types of games and / or leagues, and then branching out into leagues / groups. After the selected sport or league, subcategories for selection (if any) will be available to click. After you find the deal you want, click to open the list of events available for your bet.

If there are various types of online gambling available, there may be additions from other people – in this case, choose the type of bet you want your site (for example, Asian Handicap, correct punctuation, etc.) for more information. Once you find your bet, make the appropriate decision to choose the team / player / horse / dog / whatever you use, add your bet slip, add the bet amount and where you bet. Some sports bets can load a field to enter your bet amount by the choice of the team – Depending on where you bet. Make sure that you are comfortable with sliding online gambling and how to make a bet before making a bet.

Withdraw Money From Your Account :

In making the right decision and entering into the money – the money must be credited to your account from the balance after setting up online gambling. This means that online gambling / sports exchanging cannot send money with your winnings after every purchase, you need to make payments to your account like saving money in the first place. Choose the method you want and follow the instructions for treatment.

Specifically, if you make a deposit with your credit card, the amount of money back is predetermined. For example, if you deposit IDR100 using a Visa card, and pay IDR 150 – IDR 100 will be paid to the card, and send the remaining IDR 50 satisfied by other means. The accounting department can request additional verification before processing the first write-off.

This is common, and this is done to protect against winning activities (such as people who bet with fake identities with other credit cards, and receive results). They need to ask you to send a fax / letter / post verification of identity, but fortunately these deficiencies will be absolutely necessary.

You must be willing to get involved in the world of online gaming and exchange online gambling! As a newcomer, get your time and be comfortable with online gambling sports sites before you start betting.

Complete Guide To Play Sbobet Asian Handicap

The concept of asian handicap might seem a little complicated, but once you understand that you will wonder why you never thought of using it to bet on a soccer match before. This type of betting is very popular in the Far East (hence the name) and most bets online now offer this type of bet, betting is increasingly popular here.

This might sound a little complicated, it doesn’t even make sense at first, especially when you see things like the team has a handicap of 25! But the best way to explain that is for Asian Handicap Betting teams considered to have a small chance of winning is to start, say 5 goals. Thus, in each match, you have the opportunity to bet on the team that is given to start first or the team that concedes early.

Here’s how it works in the context of real betting:

Manchester City vs Liverpool + 0.5-0.5

The goal of this half as Manchester City Liverpool (eg starting to punish defects) goals and means. This means that if you support Manchester City Manchester City wins if they win or draw.

How? Well, if the city gets a 1-0 win. But if the match ends 1-1 say, well, you coming to town will have a handicap of 1 goal over 0.5 goals giving 1.5 goals for Liverpool.

In this example, Wolves (-1) v Preston (1) If you think it will be a close match, but aren’t sure Preston will support Asian handicaps, you can get a refund, even if they don’t. win the match. If they draw 2-2 then your bet will win because they will have 2 + 1 goals giving them a total of 3 to turn them into winners. If they lose 1-0, 1 handicap gives them a 1-1 draw and gets your money because you didn’t win … but also no less.

The following is a list of some of the gaps and possible outcomes:

– 0 Handicap wins is if your team wins. If this series, you only get back your money.

– Handicap + 0.25 ET to win if your team wins. If it’s a draw, your bet will be divided in two and a half years without winning effects, giving you your original bet.

– 0.5 Handicap wins if your team wins or if it is a tie.

– 1 Handicap wins if the team wins or draws. If you lose the goal, return to their bets.

– Handicap + 2 so that your team wins, binds or loses points. If you miss two bets are canceled and returned.

– Defective – 0.25 is won if the team wins by 1 point or more.

– Defective – win 0.5 if your team wins.

Where most people find it difficult to understand the concept that when a “Split Ball”

Dividing up balloons is usually displayed like this:

Celtic (0, -0.5), Dundee (0, 0.5)

What this means is half Celtic half betting half goal bets.

If you bet on Dundee United, half of your bets will be in England, half of your UK bets receive 0.5 goals.

This gives more flexibility for passengers to bet. Say you imagine Celtic beating Dundee United. Usually the only choice you have is to help them win, they draw 2-2 losses, but the Asia Handicap bet if you bet Rp 10 on Celtic and 2-2: Half bet 50 Rp replaces Celtic 0 as RP 5, over 00 Celtic starts with less than half the goal is to lose a bet.for reccomendation of sportsbook betting you can visit Claim their Rp.50.000 for freebet promo

Therefore, the result is that only half you lose your bet

Asian Handicap is a fun way to bet especially in football, and gives players more flexibility and variety. You should try to try to understand that, because surely having more after you master it, you look cool and knowledgeable to explain the problem.

What Is Soccer Betting Ods

Making cash from football game dissipated is regarding discipline and having the correct winning strategy. after you fancy thereon or any on-line sports dissipated, net dissipated is that the place to be. on-line sports dissipated at net dissipated is your best football game dissipated link. on-line dissipated is presumptuous large proportions amongst the net sports book football game fans. Finding true price in football game dissipated depends on the art of strictly mathematical dissipated. the foremost fascinating a part of on-line dissipated is that anyone will win the bet. that is what on-line dissipated is regarding, obtaining a sense for doable surprises and depending on them.

Soccer dissipated is like stock exchange investment, and could be a future investment and you must set up your strategy properly and keep on with it. it’s not that tough to know and may be profitable. this sort dissipated is common amongst kids and that i assume ought to be legalized and monitored to avoid inflicting issues among our youth. Moreover, dissipated could be a massive thriving business wherever it’s current throughout the planet By the employment of statistics, expertise and follow, Associate in Nursing sharp gambler will systematically beat the announce odds.

Improve your dissipated could be a series of articles that describe some renowned and well used applied math techniques that may facilitate the football game punter create additional conversant bets. With additional broadcasts and coverage of football game matches and additional suggests that of dissipated whether or not native or on-line bookmakers, it’s here to remain. keep disciplined, do not stray from the principles and you will notice that football game dissipated is additional fun after you win cash from it.

Nowadays, the foremost 2 in style sports square measure boxing and football game, however if we predict of sport dissipated, the primary that return to our mind should be football game. football game could be a very hip sport in most country, particularly in uk. most of the people have their favorite groups, they continually watch and cheer their groups on TV, however match result and also the exciting of the entire golf game doesn’t create them fun enough. Then they fight to create it additional by dissipated. you can try to play at Maha168 because they have 100% payment guarantee that won’t dissapoint you.

Soccer dissipated is one among the few varieties of gambling that involves additional data and ability than luck. To achieve success in football game dissipated, you want to be knowledgeable of football game and will produce your own football game odds. the foremost necessary issue to contemplate once depending on football game is consistency and a spotlight to detail. For examples, what is the position they’re, what number times they lose or win to the rival clubs, what is score they lose or win. after you plot football game odds and listen to the football game world, you’ll end up winning over lose. The additional you strategically wager football game, the additional chance you win the money.

However, if you’re not an addict of football game and don’t understand the groups fine, otherwise you square measure Associate in Nursing amateur for football game dissipated, on-line football game dissipated web site has the football game odds announce by maker odds. this might assist you to wager football game as an expert. whether or not you have got been following football game for a protracted time or simply setting out to consider this exciting sport, there square measure several sources of football game odds you’ll be able to access right the net. you’ll be able to notice the dissipated system that’s easy however economical in our web site.

The best facet of football game dissipated is that luck contains a very little to try to to with winning. By diligently chase football game odds, you’ll be able to typically flip a profitable second financial gain throughout football game season. tho’ the football game dissipated will offer you a profit quickly, you must notice that if things return fast, they conjointly go fast. don’t be too greedy; be disciplined if you would like to last long during this trade.

How To Calculate A Mix Parlay Game To Win

Mix Parlay is a minimum soccer bet required to choose 3 teams from 3 Dead ball matches. You can choose the ball market in the form of handicaps, over / under, Correct Score, 1 × 2, or Total Goals (number of goals) in both Half-time (half-first half) or Full Time (2 × 45 minutes) matches.

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The amount of the Mix Parlay Sbobet fee is the multiplication of the odds value (khei) you choose multiplied by your Bet Value. The following is a guide on how to bet and calculate the sbobet mix parlay
In the picture above, there are 3 choices of parlay teams, you must select at least 3 teams to mix parlays including, handicap, over / under, 1 × 2, or Odd / even (even / odd).

After selecting 3 teams a column will appear on the left, then you can enter the value of the bet. In the column that appears write Mix Parlay @ 8,031 meaning it is your payday that you can multiply by the amount of your bet. Example: If you bet 100 (Rp 100,000, -), multiplying prize 8,031, if all three of your teams win in full, then the prize you will get is = 100x (8,031-1) = 703.1 (amounting to Rp 703,100). Keep in mind that each Multiplication Value must be reduced by 1 then multiplied by your Amount.

There are also several ways to calculate each type of parlay:

How do you calculate Mix Parlay if there is 1 team to draw?

In the calculation of this parlay explains how a member who chose 4 teams, but of the 4 teams chosen there are those who have draw (series), friend, how do you count them? are still confused, so read on.

If the parlay that is installed wins FULL, then the total win is 28,035. But because there is 1 team to draw, then the odds multiplied are the only ones who win, Namely:

  • Odd Rennes vsToulouse = @ 2.21 (Full)
  • even Angers vs Montpellier = @ 2.47 (Full)
  • Over Chelsea vs Arsenal = @ 2.14 (Full)

So the calculation of the victory is = 2.21 * 2.47 * 2.14 = 11,681. The bet amount is 50. then the results obtained are (11,681-1) x 50 = 534.09
Continue !

How do you calculate Mix Parlay if 1 team wins 1/2 (half)?

Friend, you want to share information about the Parlay mix bet, 3 teams, now from the 3 teams there is one team that wins half (WON 1/2). How is the formula calculated? Here the won 1/2 party Odds is 2.09 Then the way to calculate won 1/2 is {(Party odds value is 1/2 won – 1): 1/2} + 1. So for the IFK Varnamo Match the odds won 1/2 are {(2.09-1): 1/2} +1 = 1.54 * how to count them 2.09-1 = 1.09 then 1.09 * 0.5 (1/2) = 0.54 or it could also be 1.09 / 2 = 0.54 it goes 0.54 + 1 = 1.54

  • Moreirense vs porto, odds = 2.08 (full win status)
  • Lavente Vs RCD Espanyol, odds = 2.40 (Full Win Status)
  • Sevilla vs Cadiz, odds = 1.54 (Win Status 1/2)

Then the way to calculate the total Odds of wins is = 2.08 x 2.40 x 1.54 = 7,687 The value of the bet is 10 (IDR 10,433), – then the prize is (7,687-1) x 10 = 66.87 (IDR 66,870)
Now Mimin continues, don’t get bored reading this is very useful …

How do you calculate Mix Parlay if 1 team loses 1/2 (half)?

This is me explaining to mix 3 team’s parlay again. Indeed, there are quite a few teams. But the results are just the same as the others or more teams. Here is an example of a member who has a Mix Parlay of 3 teams, but of the 3 teams there is a half (half) loser. Well, the one who won was half, if now the losers are half the same, don’t you count? C’mon, listen

  • Lavente vs RCD Espanyol, odds = 2.96 (Lose 1/2)
  • Sevilla vs Cadiz, odds = 2.12 (Full Win Status)
  • Moreirense vs Porto, odds = 2.08 (Full Win Status)

So the calculation is how. This is really easy, friend. The total Odds 1/2 formula loses the Mix Parlay win = (multiplying the winning team’s odds only) divided by 2. Then the parlay Odds Mix is ​​{(2.12 * 2.08): 2} = 2.204. The bet value is 13 (Rp. 13,052, -). Then the total that can be obtained is (2,204-1) x 13 = 28.65. So the victory obtained is worth 28.65 (Rp.28.65) -.
Now it’s easy, nothing is complicated, nothing is difficult, everything is easy to do. If there are still doubts and so just go ahead and contact us, friend.

Essential Element For Agent In Selected Online Reliable Ball

With the increasing number of players online football game, it is not surprising that until now the existence of local online football agent is always crowded. Therefore, if you want to play football games online, of course, you must be precise in selecting an agent online gambling because it is not suitable for the election, of course, there will be the impact of your game is not optimal and the experience of defeat if it will also provide a loss great for you. Therefore, before making the choice to bet online, you must consider several things as follows:

The important things to look for when choosing a reliable agent football online

A. Seeing the football agent online

The first thing that you need to note is the appearance of a football game site, why pay attention to how it looks? It is very important for online football agent can see if the quality is good or not for the appearance of the site. Usually a good online bet will have a website look attractive, but not excessive. All content contained within the screen is also quite pleasing to the eye it will not make the player confused to see how it looks.

B. Always Reliable Football Book Update

Then, in addition to the appearance of the site, you also need to pay attention to the update of the online football agent. Characteristics of trust online merchants a better and decent football, of course, always provide an update on each of the last football game. And will be presented in each game that has already taken place and which of course will place accurate information. And the site also believed paris football betting is always different from the information date. It can be considered to join the football betting sites online trust.

C. The Service Provided By The Airport Ball

Then you can also watch out for the services provided by the online retailer confidence, if indeed trustworthy online gambling bets, of course, the services are very good and up. One example is the choice of gambling with a variety of markets, and also the service is available 24 hours non-stop, then there is cooperation with several local banks a comprehensive, easy transactions and many others.

And if you ever get football agent online who provide some of this stuff, so do not let go immediately and register at the game site for online gambling agent this particular course can be trusted.

D. Provided By Airports Ball Bonus

Then you must pay attention to bonuses given by a football agent online, reliable football game deny the city will provide benefits and also a significant bonus for each member. But you must be careful as well, even if it gives a big bonus, the city believed not to give a bonus that is not fair, in the sense of overkill.

A reliable bookmakers will give you a lot of bonuses. So if you are looking for a football agent offering bonus offers and feels natural, then you should leave the site immediately, do not be tempted by the offer. Because if you are easily tempted by the offer big bonuses will not really a victory, but a big loss.

E. Rules Bookie

In addition, a reliable agent also has football playing rules in football, but you need to note is that the rules are given to members who are not always the task and assist members if they have trouble get the best solution.

So here’s an overview of some of the important things to consider for your online football game fans in choosing a trusted online football agent. You should check in advance if the bookmakers really the best and quality, then you can sign up and play. So you can play with more weight and the most important thing is to win gambling games and enjoy football.

3 Tips For Winning Online Soccer Gambling

The name of the online soccer bet is certainly there will be 2 possibilities, win and lose. But many people argue that winning a football bet is difficult.

People who say that are definitely more likely to experience defeat than to taste victory. So why are there people who rarely lose? This should be a big question, why do you often lose but other people don’t?

whatever, there must be “gaps” that we can exploit in order to increase our chances of winning.

Like what are the gaps in online soccer gambling that we can use? Take your time just to read the tips in this article until they run out. As you read and understand what I will give, surely victory after victory will be achieved more easily.

3 Tips to Win Online Soccer Gambling Watch Out Addicted

1. Match Schedule

The main factor that you must do if you want to win soccer gambling is to know the game schedule of an upcoming team. I take the example of the Tottenham Hotspur team who save their players against Bournemouth in the English League.

As a result, Spur had to defeat 1-0 from a team that is much weaker in quality players. Why does it look like Spur is seen releasing the match? Because in the next 3 days, this team will face Ajax in the Champions League which is far more prestigious.

This is a gap that you should be able to maximize in ball gambling betting. Because whatever his team will definitely rest his players to face the fight which is considered far more important.

If before betting you use these tips, in the future you will definitely be able to win more gambling on the ball. I personally bet on that match to “close my eyes” to plug in Bournemouth.

2. Head to Head

Not a few people who have the notion that the record of the meeting of the two teams can not be a reference in football betting. Most of them think, these matches are history that has been for years.

From the player’s side, the coach and strategy are definitely different from what they are now. It’s true if you think about it logically, but just so you know, bro, soccer has a myth like history that repeats itself.

The picture above is the history of the meeting between the two teams from the previous year, last year until now. Who does not know the Spanish capital team, surely you will know more or less about Real Madrid.

In terms of the composition of the players, Real Madrid is definitely far superior to Athletic Club (Bilbao), but what is the reality ?? Both teams are very difficult to get out of the history of their meeting by playing continuously.

This is a gap to be able to win soccer gambling. Whatever the game is, before you decide to place a bet, first look at the meeting record of the two teams or Head to Head. Like it or not, believe it or not, this is very influential on the final outcome of the match.

3. Install 1 or 2 Teams

We continue to the last tips, to be able to win soccer gambling, you do not have to choose a lot of teams, just 1 or 2 bro. Therefore you have to be smart in choosing which team you are about to not even draw or lose.

The competition between Manchester City and Liverpool in the race for the English League champions is a gap that we must exploit. In fact, from the last 5 or even 10 matches, the two teams always win the matches they face (chasing points).

You can imagine, how much can you win in soccer betting if you follow these third tips during Liverpool and Man. City undergo match after match?

That’s all I can share in this article. Hopefully the three tips above can be understood and can certainly help you to win more online soccer gambling. Good luck and try another interested game like bola tangkas, casino online, or fish hunter. It’s time you say GOODBYE to defeat.

Predicting Tricks Of Potential Winning In Soccer Betting Online

As we know now that there are a large number of gamblers who hunt tricks to win in Soccer Betting – whether it is when they gamble on land or in cyberspace. Although in most countries there are restrictions on gambling actions, these actions cannot be separated because in an era of development such as now, you can feel all the variations of gambling when your gadget and computer are connected to the Internet so you can play them anytime and anywhere You like. Yes, thanks to technological developments, many gamblers claim that they are very enthusiastic to play Soccer Betting games. Asking questions, it turns out they were tempted by attractive promos and bonuses earnings in them, which would be very profitable compared to when they gambled at the airport.

Even so, you also have to understand that not every gambler who places a bet on an Soccer Betting table is said to be 100% full win, even if the gambler is arguably very experienced at SBOBET agent site. At this point, I see that even “professional” gamblers can feel a total defeat even though they have built a mature estimate and are “confident enough to win” in this bet. Betting markets that are served with large-scale markets are generally planned so that gamblers become annoyed to place bets on clubs that give Voor or clubs that are given Voor.

There are so many events that I get where most of the gamblers place their bets in elite clubs that give a Voor market that is too big. From the knowledge I got, the betting market presented will certainly be 2 opportunities, namely:

The club that gives Voor is said to have scored more than the total market provided, meanwhile the club given by the elite club Voor will dominate the game and even come out victorious in the match. Therefore, your expertise in placing bets cannot be said to be “accurate” and arguably “will definitely win” in the gambling action you play. Of all the matches held, of course there are a number of clubs that are not liked but can provide surprises when facing an elite club.

Below I will give tricks intended specifically for all of you so that your predictions will be maximal and not experience a big loss, including:

It will be good at first to dig up information about the club that you will make as your favorite club. If you get info from the two clubs that will rely on all their best players in the match, that means you can calculate the strength map when taking your favorite club in a Handicap bet. If you are still in doubt, then I suggest you to take other types of bets, such as 1 × 2.

In handicap betting, if you listen to the Kei presented by the dealer who is a Kei with a min (-) sign, it is continued for you to dig up as much information as possible and analyze which club has the most potential to win.

If you listen to a match and both clubs don’t give Voor (for example 0: 0) – then you have to see if the club you like plays as a guest or host. If your favorite club is the host, then you can bet because the club when playing on its own pitch will show the best performance for its fans.
In Over / Under bets, if you watch an elite club facing a mediocre club, then the most likely position is Over. But here, Over / Under betting at the same time ensures whether when you play the action of gambling the ball will lead to victory or defeat. If there are two elite clubs that will compete, generally the betting market will be presented ¾ or 2 balls – for that, the Over option is the best decision you can make.

I hope that with the help of the publication of this article, you will be able to obtain a significant victory and minimize the losses you suffer. If you intend to immediately feel the pleasure of the world of Soccer Betting, I suggest you join the online gambling agent Sbobet.

What are the main requirements to participate? Simple. You are only 18 years old and have a bank account in Indonesia (such as BCA, Mandiri, BRI or BNI), so you have met the main requirements. Then you will be prompted to complete the registration form provided in the Registration menu. It is expected that you can provide valid and complete data that can be counted. Why? Because all your data is linked to deposits and withdrawals that you will make later.

How To Invest By Playing Online Soccer Gambling

Nowadays to be able to find income in the online world is really very easy and even in a very fast time can get it, where one of the easy income obtained is investing in how to play online soccer gambling.

Because besides being able to enjoy soccer matches, but you can also look for profitable income that you can even make as a long-term investment in terms of achieving large income.

How to Invest by Playing Online Soccer Gambling

Where investment is a term related to economics or finance where you can accumulate valuable items in the hope of increasing profits, there are many types of investment itself with various levels of risk according to the field you want to use as an investment. Where soccer betting is an area that can be invested.

Because you can play games to get big profits, but of course this bet has a very high risk, so it’s not surprising that the benefits can also be obtained too high. Here’s how to invest by playing soccer gambling betting:

  • Choose a bet

Gambling gambling suitable for investment provides a great opportunity if you choose a gambling gambling bet, where you can make this gambling game a place to invest, but of course you also need to know well where to stand in running a soccer gambling betting game before trying it.

Sports betting is a bet that offers a lot of sports betting and most sports are preferred by most sports, because most of the information relating to football matches is circulating.

And it’s easy to get it, including the big clubs that are already famous in the world of football, so it’s always easier to predict This is what makes it very suitable if you invest in how to play soccer gambling, because it’s easy to win with accurate information.

  • Invest Strategy

To be able to invest in this bet, of course you need a large capital bet, but you can adjust it to your ability to master this bet. You can make money and capital in playing investments from the remnants of your income.

The greater the amount of paper money, of course, the more you can get. First make a note of the monthly period, note the nominal amount issued in placing bets. then you can try to get an ID to make a bet.

  • Investing Tips by How to Play Ball Online Gambling

Of course, to be able to make investments more developed in betting gambling, then you can learn various tips to be able to produce large investments. The following are tips for investing by playing online soccer gambling:

You should be able to determine a nominal for a large enough bet while considering the size of the banknotes prepared at an early stage, if in one period you can win and get profits, then it’s time you can save bankroll money from the remaining playing capital.

You should be strongly advised not to withdraw funds early if before the period ends, it is strongly recommended to deposit funds 1 month with credit per week, so the total to be invested is divided into 4 in the 1 week betting period.

Surely it will be more profitable if you can make an investment by playing online soccer gambling, where it can be profitable and increase your income very large with a short amount of time to achieve a large amount of income.

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Advantages of Playing on the Best Football Gambling Sites

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Best Football Gambling Site 2020

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There are many choices of lists of official and trusted online soccer gambling agents on the FastBet99 web. In general, there are still some questions that arise because bettors are worried about choosing the wrong online soccer agent site along with the promo bonuses offered. We summarize the best reviews of the following commonly asked ball questions. Thank you for visiting the official soccer site.

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Of course, I can. However, this does not apply to all cities. There are many factors that cause the site to prohibit bettors from continuing betting on online soccer agent sites. Among them because there is a suspicion that there is a violation of the rules in order to get a very large income without the slightest loss, or make a bet because of money laundering. The prohibition also occurs for the bettor when he experiences large losses, the dealer will signal a short break not to continue betting because it can damage the bettor’s own welfare.

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Tourist attractions with the most complete gambling facilities

Tourist Attractions with the Most Complete Gambling Facilities – who doesn’t know gambling? Gambling is now an activity that many people do. This sometimes sounds strange. This is because gambling has been around for a very long time. But in Indonesia gambling is a game that is prohibited. So it is very rare for people to dare to mention gambling games. However, it is different in Indonesia, of course it is different abroad. Because many in other countries have legalized gambling activities. In fact, not a few countries have opened gambling tours for international visitors. Not only for local tourists. Here are some tourist attractions with the most complete gambling facilities that you can visit.

Visiting some of the following places will be very fun because they are guaranteed to give us a new place that is really interesting and fun to visit. So if you are curious, please take a look at some of the tourist attractions with the most complete gambling facilities below.

1. San Jose Costa Rica

What do you think of when you hear the name of the country of Costa Rica? Of course you will not immediately think about gambling. Because Costa Rica is more famous for its beautiful beaches. This country with the capital city of San Jose does have beautiful beaches. But in the city of San Jose itself there are many casinos which are places to play gambling with the most complete facilities. In the nation’s capital you can find about 40 casinos that are open every day. Even though Costa Rica is a developing country, you will be amazed by casinos that are no less good than developed countries.

As one of the places with many gambling places, friends will surely be able to enjoy various types of gambling games here. Here alone, you just have to choose which gambling place is the most interesting to play. Don’t forget that in every gambling place there will be several types of gambling games that you can play so, of course, you won’t feel a loss to visit the casino gambling place in this place.

2. New Jersey United States

San Jose in Costa Rica is indeed a city with a casino that has complete facilities. Besides that, the bonus is that you can visit various beautiful beaches in the country. However, if you prefer a country that has a high level of modernity. Then your goal is the new jersey in the United States. The city of New Jersey is indeed one of the major cities in the United States. The hustle and bustle of life in the city is so busy. Likewise with the casino in the city. One of the most famous casinos is the Resorts Casino Hotel in the Atlantic City. The place is also close to beautiful beaches.

Enjoying beautiful beaches, and being able to gamble at a later date is really one of the reasons to vacation in new jersey. Not only that, if you like shopping or shopping, there are also many places to shop here. Friendly places, lots of gambling places to many shopping places, making new jersey is the best choice for friends who want to enjoy a holiday with a modern city atmosphere and a comfortable and safe gambling place. So if you have that desire, immediately visit this place.

The characteristics of the best soccer betting sites that must be considered

Characteristics of the Best Football Gambling Site that Must Be Paid Attention – Selection of the best soccer gambling site is very important and of course if you are successful in choosing the site you will be guaranteed to get a profit and be free from loss or fraud. But unfortunately there are still many bettors who are tricked by fake sites and end up choosing that site. This is because most bettors cannot tell which is a fake site and which is the best site. Therefore, it is mandatory to pay attention to the characteristics of this best soccer gambling site carefully. That way you will get to know this site well and you will no longer be confused or make the wrong choice.

The characteristics of the best soccer gambling site that bettors must pay attention to and remember are as follows:

1. The site is well laid out and neat. The
arrangement of the site can show whether the site is the best soccer gambling site or not. Of course, the best sites are the ones that are well-organized and neat. That way every bettors will get comfortable and can focus on the game easily without the slightest distraction. This good arrangement generally gets the best soccer gambling sites in collaboration with experienced parties or does have expert staff.

2. The Bonus is in a Reasonable Category
The next characteristic of this best soccer gambling site is that it always offers a bonus in a sensible category. The calculation is seen from the bonus amount and the capital required. You just have to compare and you can compare the results, meaning that the bonus is reasonable.

3. The service is available for 24 hours. The
service of the best soccer gambling site will certainly be available 24 hours a day. Whenever you need the service, for example, registration will be processed immediately. Likewise with transactions that are also fast and easy. There will be customer service (CS) who is never offline who are ready to help bettors when something is asked about the game or the best soccer gambling site directly. Whenever you need help or confusion, you can also directly contact CS.

4. Have Many Original Members
Finally, an unmissable feature of the best soccer gambling site is this site which always has a large number of original members. Nor will you find any players from this site that are bots or computers. So when playing on the best soccer gambling site you will get an exciting game, easy to win and far from cheating. The best playing experience will certainly be obtained because of it.

Know the Sun and its Benefits for the Earth

Knowing the Sun and Its Benefits for the Earth . The sun plays a very important role in the solar system , including the sun as the center of circulation and a source of energy in the solar system environment. The sun is a large, luminous ball of gas. The sun’s diameter is roughly 1,400,000 kilometers, which is more than 100 times the diameter of the earth. The mass of the sun is equal to 333,420 times the mass of the earth.

The sun’s gravity is 28 times that of the earth. This means that someone who weighs 90 kilograms on the surface of the earth, if on the surface of the sun, will weigh 28 × 90 kilograms or equal to 2,520 kilograms or 2 1/2 metric tons.

At the center of the sun, the temperature reaches 14,000,000 ° C or higher, but the temperature at the sun’s surface is much lower, between 5,000 ° C and 6,000 ° C. These temperatures are still high enough to evaporate almost all solid and liquid substances on earth. .

The body composition or structure of the sun is spread out as follows.

  1. Core

The core or interior of the sun is the largest part of the sun. This is where the thermonuclear reaction takes place. The temperature reaches 20 million degrees Kelvin.

  1. Photosphere

The surface (skin) of the sun is called the photosphere. This is where we can see sunlight coming to earth. The temperature of this layer is 6,000 ° Kelvin. The surface of the photosphere is not a flat surface, but rather shaped like spots (granules), which is called photosphere granulation. On the surface of the photosphere, there are black spots called sunspots. The appearance of these spots can cause electrical disturbances in the earth’s atmosphere, which can result in radio broadcasts and electromagnetic needle interference.

  1. Sun atmosphere

Above the photosphere there is an atmosphere from the sun which consists of three parts, namely the inversion layer, the chromosphere, and the corona.

  • The inversion layer is a layer of cold incandescent gas composed of various metals. When a solar eclipse occurs, the spectrum of the gas envelope is clearly visible.
  • The chromosphere is a very hot and very brittle gas layer that surrounds the sun. When a solar eclipse occurs, this layer looks like a reddish ring around the sun, and the darker part is because it covers the moon.
  • The corona is a small layer of gas that surrounds the sun around the chromosphere layer, which is shiny white. The temperature reaches 1,000,000 ° Kelvin. During the corona, only the sun’s corona is visible.
  1. Sun stain

At temperatures as high as 4,000 ° C, sunspots appear darker, cooler and less radiant than the rest of the photosphere. The darker part of the sunspot is called the umbra, and the lighter part is called the penumbra.

  1. Sun movement

The sun rotates from west to east at varying speeds. Some parts rotate faster than others. There are two movements in one solar revolution, as shown below.

  1. The time for one revolution around the axis is 26.9 days (on Earth).
  2. Moving between constellations at a speed of 20 km / s. This movement causes a knot in the sky called the Apex. The rotation of the sun around its axis is the same as the rotation of the earth and the moon around its respective axis, as well as the rotation of the earth around the sun and the moon around the sun.
  1. Sun element

Hydrogen is the main element of the sun, with a mass exceeding 80%. Helium is the second element at 19%. The remainder of the solar period consists of the very important elements.

The sun is a mixture of gas atoms, aatomic center and atomic particles such as electroons, prootons (charge +), neutroons, positroons (charge +) and neutrinos. Plasma is a mass formation from the sun. At high temperatures, chemical reactions are almost impossible under the sun.

  1. The impact of solar energy on earth

The sun is the absolute source on this earth. Sunlight that reaches the earth only contributes half of the total solar energy because of the distance from the sun is far from the earth. The impact of solar energy on human life on earth is as follows.

A. Influence of infrared

As one of the sun’s invisible spectrums, infrared light actually has the greatest potential and thermal effect. Its impact on life lies in its role in the formation of the water cycle on earth (infrared rays evaporate sea water, then sea water will condense and fall with the rain).

B. Effects of ultraviolet light

As one of the sun’s invisible spectrums, ultraviolet rays actually have the greatest potential and chemical effects. Its effects on life include:

  • Has the ability to kill bacteria, especially skin diseases;
  • Provide energy to plants for the assimilation process;
  • As a source of vitamin D, its function contributes to the growth and health of human bones.
  • The energy emitted by the sun can be directly converted into electrical energy that can be used in human life.
  • The energy emitted by the sun can be converted directly into heat energy. Heat energy can be used to heat hot water, which is useful for hot showers.

Do you know the benefits, don’t know the explanation, it’s also a house, right gang, above is a brief understanding of the sun. Skuy we discuss the benefits for our beloved world.

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The benefits of the sun for our bodies

  1. Source of Vitamin D

The benefits of sunbathing in the morning can get as much free vitamin D as possible. Once the ultraviolet light is filtered on the skin, it converts the cholesterol stored in the skin into vitamin D. Just five minutes of sun exposure is the equivalent of giving your body 400 vitamin D. Interesting?

  1. Builds and strengthens bones

The benefits of morning sunshine for humans can nourish bones. Sun exposure will increase the content of vitamin D in the body and help the absorption of calcium in the body. Sunlight is a solution for bone formation, repair and prevention of diseases, such as childhood diseases and bone loss such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia.

  1. Reducing the risk of diabetes

According to experts, vitamin D can prevent diabetes. A 2006 study conducted by Lund University and Malmö University Hospital in Sweden found that getting vitamin D early in life was associated with a reduced risk of type 1 diabetes.

  1. Prevent cancer

Although prolonged sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, moderate morning sunshine can actually prevent many types of cancer, including colon cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer. According to researchers reported by Healthline, people who live in areas with fewer hours of the day are more likely to develop some types of cancer than areas with more sunlight during the day.

  1. Overcoming skin diseases

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sun exposure can help treat certain skin diseases. Doctors recommend that you stay in the morning sun to adapt to a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, and acne. Although not everyone can receive sun therapy, a dermatologist can suggest treatments for mild skin conditions to help speed healing.

  1. Deal with depression

The benefits of morning sunshine can help reduce depression. People who are not exposed to sunlight are at risk for some form of depression, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or seasonal affective disorder. This situation mainly occurs during the rainy season. A study conducted by the University of Milan in Italy in 2001 showed that the benefits of morning sunshine can reduce the length of stay in bipolar patients. When there is no sunlight in the hospital room, the length of stay for patients in the hospital will increase compared to the room receiving sunlight.

  1. Reducing the risk of high blood pressure

A 2008 study by Harvard Medical School found that due to a lack of sunlight, the risk of hypertension increases. In addition, according to the same study, sunlight can directly affect the risk of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin D appears to be one of the most powerful hormones for regulating blood pressure.

  1. Reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis

According to a study conducted by the Australian National University, people living in latitudes with little sun exposure have a higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis. This means that sunlight can reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis. Latitudes with little sunlight include North America, Europe and Iceland.

  1. Helps overcome psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by a red, dry, scaly rash. Easy to peel. It is said that this skin disease is difficult to cure. However, phototherapy can be used to treat psoriasis, which is also known as phototherapy. Sunlight is a source of light that can help reduce psoriasis.

  1. Reduce cortisol levels

The stress hormone is called cortisol. This hormone increases appetite, and experts say that high cortisol levels can lead to weight gain. According to research conducted by the University of Colorado Neuroscience Center, it was found that morning sunlight can lower cortisol levels.

  1. lose weight

Are you running a weight loss program? If so, please consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet, as it can help you lose weight. If you don’t want to take vitamin D supplements, just stay in the morning sun for free vitamin D! You need to know that the benefits of morning sunlight can also help you lose weight. Sunbathing in the morning helps get rid of excess body fat.

  1. Overcoming hair loss

The benefits of sunbathing in the morning can also treat hair loss. However, it is important to note that prolonged sunlight can actually damage hair. Therefore, be careful in the sun, or not too long. Why is that? Because the epithelial cells that are known to aid hair growth are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, overexposure reduces the levels of vitamins E and C which are essential for hair growth.

  1. Improve brain function

Apart from improving bone health and regulating calcium levels, vitamin D is also associated with many body functions, including brain function. A study led by neurologist David Llewellyn of the University of Cambridge assessed the vitamin D levels of more than 1,700 men and women aged 65 and older and found that when these subjects had low vitamin D levels, cognitive function was affected. Several other studies have found that sunlight can help stimulate brain growth in the hippocampus, a very powerful component. In conclusion, vitamin D levels caused by sunlight can improve human brain function.

  1. Improve sleep quality

Trouble sleeping or insomnia? Try sunbathing in the morning, because the benefits of sunlight can make you sleep soundly. This is because when direct sunlight hits the eye, it sends a message to the pineal gland in the brain, and the production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone) stops until the sun sets again. Sunlight sends a clear signal to the body that it’s not night anymore, which helps to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. When it’s dark outside, your body receives a signal, so you feel tired and sleepy before bed.

  1. Strengthens the immune system

The benefits of sunlight can help suppress an overactive immune system, which is why sunlight can be used to cure autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis. White blood cells increase with exposure to sunlight, which plays an important role in fighting disease and protecting the body from infection. Adequate sun exposure helps your immune system.

Benefits of the sun for animals

  1. Sources of Energy for Plants that Benefit Animals

FlorA really needs solar to do photoosynthesis. Which means that all fauna can also enjoy the benefits of eating plants and feel the benefits of sunlight through plant intermediaries.

There is also sugar that plays a role in saving power in order to grow, another way can also make oxygen like a residual element. Like humans, some animals also need oxygen to breathe.

  1. Warm your body

According to the National Wildlife Federation, cold-blooded animals such as reptiles, amphibians and fish depend on the temperature of their environment. When the sun is shining, their bodies absorb heat.

This keeps the body warm and makes it more active. When the weather is cold, these animals are easily sleepy because their body functions automatically slow down to save energy.

  1. Helps digest food

To digest food quickly, certain animals use the sun’s heat. An example is a snake.

After eating, the snake needs to raise its body temperature to digest the food. Therefore, snakes usually bask in the sun.

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Benefits of the sun for plants

  1. Make the soil dry

The first benefit of solar energy for plants is to dry the soil so that plants can survive. In certain types of plants (such as sunflowers), energy from sunlight is very useful in the reproduction process.

In this case the sun’s energy is needed to dry the soil, during this drying process the sunflower seeds that fall to the ground will thrive.

However, if the soil conditions are wet or humid, sunflower seeds that fall to the ground will not grow. Sunflower seeds will still be able to grow in moist soil surfaces, but will quickly wither and die.

  1. Make warm seeds

The advantage of solar energy for the next crop is that it can heat seeds, such as other types of sunflowers. Most plants, including sunflowers, adapt to sunlight.

In short, sunflowers and other plants will lean toward the sun. But, do you already know why plants tilt toward the sun?

The short answer is that if plants lean towards the sun, they will get a lot of energy from the sun’s rays.

The movement of plants that tend to reach sunlight is called phototropism. Phototaxis will emerge as a form of adaptation, allowing plants to obtain maximum sunlight energy during photosynthesis.

  1. Maintain plant temperature

The next benefit of solar energy for plants is to maintain plant temperature. The sun will help plants maintain the temperature stability needed to transfer water to maintain stability and balance.

Plants will absorb water from the soil through their roots and then evaporate through the leaves. However, if the temperature inside the plant is too low, the evaporation process will take a long time and cause the plant to die.

Likewise, if the temperature is too high it will speed up the evaporation process and dry out the plant.

  1. Help grow

Of course, all plants will need sunlight to enhance their growth process. However, not all plant species require the same light intensity.

Certain types of plants require little or moderate sunshine, and only a few hours of sunshine a day can make them thrive.

Likewise for certain types of plants that need a lot of sunlight. The plant needs lots of sunlight and can thrive for 8 hours a day on solar energy.

  1. Photosynthesis

In the process of photosynthesis, green leafy plants absorb energy from sunlight through chlorophyll. The benefits of solar energy for plants are that it can help chemical processes to produce glucose (sugar).

This sugar will then be used to form other organic compounds. For example, cellulose is used as a basic material to be converted into protein and fat as vegetable food.

Then, the results of photosynthesis will be circulated to all parts of the plant to breathe, reproduce and grow, and the rest will be stored as food reserves. Then store these foods in roots, tubers, fruits and seeds.

In the process of photosynthesis, plants will produce leftover substances in the form of oxygen (O2) which humans can use to breathe. But what about leaves other than green, such as red, yellow, and brown plants?

Do plants of this type do not undergo photosynthesis? Whether or not a plant can undergo the photosynthesis process does not depend on green leaf pigments. However, all plants depend on their chlorophyll.

All types of plants have chlorophyll, but not all plants are green. Some plants contain chlorophyll, but have red, brown, and yellow leaves.

  1. As the best source of nutrition

The benefits of solar energy for the plant will then be the best source of nutrition. In one experiment, plants were placed in a closed room with artificial lighting. The result of this experiment is that even with artificial light, the plants will continue to grow.

But the energy and nutrients produced are never as good as those produced by sunlight.

  1. Activate Chlorophyll

Sunlight radiation can be used to activate chlorophyll in plants. Therefore, new plants or shoots that don’t get enough sunlight will turn yellowish. This is also included in the important benefits of solar energy for plants.

Vice versa, new shoots or plants that receive direct solar energy will turn green. Sunlight automatically activates chlorophyll.

  1. Maintains green color in plants

Usually chlorophyll absorbs red and blue in the wavelength of sunlight. However, because green is not absorbed by plants, but red and blue are absorbed, green is visible to the naked eye.

In fact, red and blue are the colors used in the photosynthesis process, even if the leaves we see with the naked eye will turn green, you know.

  1. Helps the growth of flowers and leaves

The last benefit of solar energy for plants is that it helps plant flowers and leaves. As I explained to my friends in the above point of view, the wavelengths of sunlight are colored.

Regarding plants, the red wavelength of the sun that will be absorbed by plants affects flower growth. Eventually, these plants will be exposed to the wavelength color of sunlight, making them taller, denser, and blooming faster.

In addition, the blue color at daytime wavelengths will affect leaf growth. In this way, plants exposed to the long wavelength blue rays of the sun will have bushy leaves.

Benefits of the sun for nature

The sun has many benefits for nature, and the benefits of solar energy are not only for humans, animals and plants. As you know, the benefits of the sun for nature include being the center of the Milky Way. All celestial bodies, such as planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc., revolve around the sun.

This happens because the sun’s gravitational pull is very large. Imagine the many planets that are millions of light kilometers away. Another benefit of the sun for nature is that it acts as an infinite source of natural energy in the form of rays. The rotation of the earth also causes day and night, and the part that is exposed to the sun is the area during the day.

Wow, the sun has many benefits for humans, animals, plants, nature and life.

Coffee; History, Benefits and 10 Countries with the Best Coffee

Coffee; History, Benefits and 10 Countries with the Best Coffee . Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee drink is a drink that comes from ground coffee beans. Currently coffee is a commodity that is widely traded between countries.

There are two of the most famous coffees in the world, Arabica (Arabica) and Robusta (Caneph Canephore), but do you know who introduced them first? How to find coffee and the history of coffee discovery so far

Understanding coffee

The word coffee itself comes from the Arabic word qahwah which means strength, because when coffee was first found to be used as an energy food, the word qahwah was changed back to kahveh, which comes from Turkey and later changed to Dutch koffie. then absorbed from here and converted into Indonesian coffee.

Discover the history of coffee

In history when the Ethiopians first discovered coffee as an energy drink 3000 years ago, the discovery of coffee beans itself began in 800 BC, when many people on the African continent were drinking coffee beans mixed with animal fat and wine. Used as a source of production. nutrition and energy.

The discovery of coffee happened accidentally to a goat herder there, he saw that his sheep remained awake until after eating a grain on the coffee plant, the sun set.

Then the shepherd follows the goat, by boiling the coffee beans in boiling water. The shepherd’s body becomes fresh. The locals told the discoverer, and then the locals followed suit, but the priests said the power came from the devil.

This habit then developed in all countries in Africa, at this time the introduction was still using a very simple method, then the Arabs used a more advanced method.

Development of Coffee in Arab Countries

Starting in Ethiopia and Africa, coffee was brought to Arabia in the 11th century. Arabic was more advanced than Ethiopian civilization at that time. The Arabs not only made coffee, but also processed coffee and fruit juices. Finally, coffee has become the main drink in Muslim countries. Coffee in Arabic. Its popularity is caused by two things. First, coffee drinks can be healthy and replace alcohol or cocamas which are prohibited by Islam.

With the spread of Islam increasingly spreading to Africa, the Mediterranean and other regions, the development of coffee is increasingly rapid. At that time the spread of Islam always brought coffee. It wasn’t until the 13th century that coffee finally spread to Africa and the Mediterranean, India. From the 14th to the 15th centuries, it became more and more widespread in Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Persia.

Until the 16th century, this coffee plant propagation was only carried out in the Arab region, so it could not be grown outside of Arabia, because Arabs always exported sterile coffee beans by cooking and drying them first, so they could not be planted. Until the end, pilgrims from India brought coffee beans from Arabia and cultivated them outside of Arabia.

Spread to Europe and the world

Europe did not know about coffee until the 17th century, until the Italians first brought coffee to Venice in 1615, they obtained coffee beans from Turkey, and then coffee spread widely in Europe to other European countries, and the Netherlands was the first. was successful. in 1616 Coffee was grown in Europe, and England was the first coffee shop to open in Oxford in 1650.

Coffee itself entered Indonesia in 1690 and was brought to Java by the Dutch, Indonesia was still colonizing there. Then the Dutch opened coffee plantations in Java and succeeded in making the Netherlands the main center of the coffee trade in Europe.

At that time coffee could only be enjoyed by aristocrats and elites, so the Brazilian state took the initiative to reduce coffee prices in 1727. Coffee beans were successfully obtained from coffee plantations in France and were successfully grown in France on a large scale. In the 19th century, the price of coffee in the market dropped sharply and everyone could enjoy it.

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Types of coffee beans

In general, there are 4 types of coffee, namely Araba Coffee (Cafee Araba), Cannephora Coffee (Cannephora Coffee), Liberica Coffee (Liberica Coffee), Excelsa Coffee (Dewevrei Coffee).

Indonesia produces 6 out of 7 Arabica coffees, namely Aceh, Kintamani (Bali), Java, Manguraya (Bangladesh), and Mandalin (North Sumatra). Carlosi (Toraja), and other arabica coffees are called Jamaica of the Blue Mountains.

  1. Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is called coffee quite delicious, Arabica coffee has a characteristic

Arabica coffee beans are smaller than the Robusta coffee type

The caffeine content in Arabica coffee is lower than other types.

The price is more expensive

There are many varieties of Arabica coffee.

  • Columbia coffee
  • Moderate Colombia
  • Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Harald, Ethiopia
  • Hawaiian Kona coffee
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Javanese coffee
  • Chewy
  • Mexico
  • Mocha
  • Santos
  • Sumatra
  • Sulawesi Toraha Kalossi
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Uganda
  1. Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee can be grown in areas where Arabia coffee cannot be planted. Robusta coffee has its own characteristics

  • Great seed
  • Oval
  • High caffeine content
  • Weak scent

The most famous type of Robusta coffee is

Luwak coffee-Indonesia

Kape Alamid-Philippines

  1. Liberika coffee

This type of Liberica coffee is a large coffee from Libya in West Africa which can grow up to 9 meters and can be imported into Indonesia to replace Arabica coffee which is attacked by many pests and diseases.

This free coffee has its own characteristics

  • The coffee size is bigger than other types of coffee
  • Can bear fruit all year round
  • The quality of the fruit is lower than other types
  • Uneven fruit size
  • Can grow in the lowlands

Benefits of coffee

Coffee is not only a delicious drink, but also has many benefits for the human body, including coffee has nutrients that are good for the human body, and coffee is also believed to be able to eliminate cancer. Here are some of the benefits of coffee.

Health benefits of coffee

  1. Increase endurance

The caffeine content in coffee is high enough. Adenosine in the human body will stimulate the brain and cause drowsiness. The caffeine content in coffee will affect the performance of adenosine cells and slow down the movement of adenosine cells, so that the body becomes fresh.

  1. Prevent cancer

According to research, the antioxidant content in coffee can help reduce the risk of cancer symptoms in the body.

  1. Maintain oral health

The content of coffee has antibacterial properties, so it is good for oral health, and helps heal tooth decay, infection and prevent oral cancer.

  1. Reducing the risk of diabetes

According to research, chlorogenic acid in coffee can help reduce diabetes by up to 50%.

  1. Improve mood

Many people feel happier and look fresher after drinking coffee because coffee is a drink that can improve mood.

Benefits of beauty coffee

  1. Coffee mask

Coffee is widely used in beauty salons because coffee has the function of tightening facial skin and can remove dead cells, so coffee can also be used as a facial cleansing cream.

  1. Scalp coffee

The content of caffeine is believed to prevent hair loss, and the antioxidants in coffee can protect the scalp.

  1. Coffee can refresh the body’s skin

There are many coffee-based scrubs, the benefits of coffee for the body are that it can remove dead cells, these dead cells can rejuvenate the body and make the skin look healthy forever.

  1. Fasten the coffee grounds against your face

The coffee powder used as a mask is very good for the face, especially to tighten the face so that premature aging does not occur.

yuhuu, writing on the language of all kinds of coffee, its benefits, and its history. Now, I will tell you which country is the best coffee producer, who knows when you go to that country, you can taste the coffee, right? Skuuuuuyyy !!!!!!

Coffee grows best in tropical climates between 20 ° N and 20 ° S. The coffee growing areas are spread from several countries in the US, Southeast Asia and South Asia, as well as Africa. There are very many of the largest countries in the world to come from this tropical climate.

In the past, when European countries brought coffee seeds from Ethiopia and planted them in their own countries, the plants did not grow well. Therefore, several European countries used their colonies in the tropics to grow coffee. From here coffee has become a commodity that is traded in large quantities in the world.

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These magic seeds do have magical powers when brewed, so that anyone can be sedated by their taste. Many countries are competing to produce and provide the best coffee.

  1. Brazil

The world’s largest coffee producer is Brazil, which has dominated the coffee export market since 1830. Brazil’s export share accounts for 30% of the total global trade of this magic black bean. The country of samba is also the world’s largest producer of Arab coffee because 80% of its production is Arabic coffee.

Most of its coffee plantations are located in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná. These three states are probably the ideal temperatures for coffee crop production.

The popularity of coffee in Brazil began during the colonial period from the 16th to 18th centuries. At that time, there was a famous plantation that had historical value in Brazil, namely Fazenda. These plantations are used to produce coffee and are concentrated in northeastern Brazil.

Plantations always use traditional coffee growing and processing methods. In fact, in that year, coffee production from these plantations contributed more than half of world coffee production.

In 2016, Brazilian coffee production exceeded 2.5 million tonnes. This figure is much higher than other largest coffee producing countries which did not reach 2 million tonnes that year. Due to its large production, Brazil ranks first among the largest coffee producers in the world.

  1. Vietnamese

The first caffeine crop grown in Vietnam originated in France in the 19th century. After the war ended in 1975, the development of coffee production in Vietnam began to develop.

According to data compiled by the International Coffee Organization, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Because Brazil ranks first, Vietnam is automatically the largest coffee producer in Southeast Asia.

The plantations in this country only focus on Robusta coffee production. The total output in 2016 is around 1.6 million tonnes. Vietnam may rank second among the world’s largest coffee producers, but it is the world’s largest producer of Robusta coffee.

In the world of coffee, Vietnam is famous for its unique coffee drink, càphêđá. This drink is basically cold coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

The coffee extraction process uses a metal filter cup or commonly called a dripper, so you have to wait drop by drop. Therefore, this type of drink is also known as drip coffee. Càphêđá has several other names elsewhere, including Vietnamese iced coffee, Vietnamese drip coffee and Vietnamese drip coffee.

  1. Colombia

Colombia may be a country riddled with political conflicts. But apart from that, there is another thing that makes the country’s progress so global, namely coffee. Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world.

Since 1790, Colombia has been developing coffee. However, the country could not export coffee until 1835, after which coffee became an important commodity. In 2016, total production of magic seeds in Colombia was 810,000 tonnes.

Colombian farmers know very well that to produce the best coffee beans, from planting, harvesting or picking to post-harvest processing, the best care is needed. Therefore, UNESCO also declared several coffee plantations in Colombia as a World Heritage Site. These growing areas include Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío, Tolima and Valle del Cauca.

  1. Indonesia

Several documents in world history show that coffee first entered Indonesia in 1696. At that time, the Dutch brought coffee on behalf of the VOC and cultivated it in Indonesia with an agricultural system.

In the 1700’s, this miracle seed became the main commodity of the VOC. At that time, the Netherlands also monopolized the world coffee market. Java Island is one of the production centers.

After independence, coffee prices in Indonesia fell slightly. However, due to the persistence of the farmers and the nationalization of the plantations by the former Dutch and Indian governments, eventually the plantations began to rise and develop.

In the 2000s, Indonesian coffee rose again. Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. Total coffee production in Indonesia in 2016 is estimated at 660,000 tonnes per year. The variety of coffee flavors in various regions in Indonesia has been recognized internationally.

Indonesia has some of the largest coffee producing regions in the world. These areas are spread across Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara and Papua. Coffee has a different taste, and each has its own uniqueness.

We are proud of our country which is rich in natural resources, spices and special plants that can be grown in the archipelago, such as coffee, tobacco as ingredients for cigarettes, beautiful nature and many other natural resources.

  1. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country where the Arabica plant was first discovered centuries ago. Many documents might say so. One of them is the famous fairy tale in Ethiopia, namely Khaldi and the Dancing Goat.

Although the plant originated in Ethiopia, it is popular among Arabs. Coffee from Ethiopia was brought by Arab traders and distributed around the world via the port of Mocha, Yemen.

This country is indeed the place where coffee was found and has become a legendary drink. However, the country is not the largest coffee producer. Ethiopia’s estimated production in 2016 was 384,000 tonnes, making it the fifth largest coffee producer in the world.

As the country of origin for coffee factories, Ethiopia has many local Arabica coffee varieties, including Limu, Harar and Sidham. In addition, due to mutations that have occurred over the centuries, there are hundreds or even thousands of wild species in Ethiopia.

In fact, Ethiopia has many variants, some of which are not well known. This breed is called the Ethiopian heirloom.

  1. Honduras

Honduras is the sixth largest coffee producer. In addition, Honduras is also known as a banana producing country so it is also called Banana Republic.

Honduras has cool air and grows coffee naturally. The country is experiencing a lack of infrastructure to support its coffee production. But over time, Honduran agriculture also flourished.

In 2016, Honduras produced 348,000 tonnes of coffee. The taste characteristics of natural Arabica coffee grown in Honduras are light, slightly sour, and blend perfectly into coffee blends. According to data from the International Coffee Organization, all plantations in Honduraas are used to make araabika coffee beans.

  1. India

Indian coffee is usually grown with cardamom and cinnamon plantations. This agricultural crop uses a rainy climate to grow. This gives the coffee a nutty aroma and flavor.

In 2016, India’s coffee production was the same as that of Honduras, which was 348,000 tonnes. Not all places in India are suitable for growing coffee. Most of its plantations are located in the hills of southern India.

What entered Indonesia was Arabic coffee brought by the Dutch from Malabar, India. Although it also grows Arabica coffee, the main coffee produced in India is robusta coffee.

Unfortunately, Indians drink more tea than coffee. Therefore, coffee is produced for export. Its main buyers are Russia and several European countries.

  1. Uganda

Initially, coffee spread to Uganda due to the introduction of coffee by the Ethiopians. From here, coffee has played an important role in the Ugandan economy. Most people are also in the magic seed industry, which is probably the favorite drink of the people in this world.

Unlike Ethiopian coffee which mostly comes from Arabica, Uganda produces better Robusta coffee than Arabica. According to the International Coffee Organization, total coffee production in Uganda in 2016 was around 288,000 tonnes.

  1. Mexico

It is ranked the ninth largest coffee producing country in the world, with Mexico as its name. In 2016, total coffee production reached 234,000 tonnes. Allegedly, Mexico is the main source of American coffee imports.

Coffee was first introduced in the state of Veracruz, Mexico in the late 18th century. In the late 19th century, coffee was distributed to Chiapas, which is the main coffee producing region in Mexico. In the early 1980s, coffee plantations quickly spread to several states in Mexico.

The Mexican government has a body responsible for providing technical assistance, managing exports, and maintaining market prices for coffee. This institution is called Instituto Mexicano del Cafe. However, the agency was dissolved in 1989.

In the 2000s, the coffee crisis hit Mexico. This causes enormous social and economic problems. As a result, Mexican coffee production also fell.

The crisis has not diminished the everlasting love of Mexicans for their coffee. The hard work of the workers ultimately solved the problem well. Losses can be handled smoothly, while the market can still be controlled.

  1. Guatemala

The second largest coffee producer is Guatemala. The country’s climate is perfect for coffee production. Guatemala’s most suitable conditions for coffee production are temperatures of 16 to 32 ° C and altitudes of 500-700 meters.

Coffee production in Guatemala started around 1850 and hasn’t stopped since. In the 1960s, the government saw an increase in market demand, which further supported coffee production. Therefore, the government established Anacafe (Asociación Nacional del Café).

According to data from the International Coffee Organization in 2016, Guatemala coffee production reached 104,000 tons. Production has been fairly steady in recent years.

5 Largest and Most Popular Cigarette Companies in Indonesia

The 5 Largest and Most Popular Cigarette Companies in Indonesia . Cigarettes are products made from tobacco and are widely consumed by people in Indonesia and around the world. Although it is not recommended that everyone consume cigarette products, in fact this is one of the largest contributors to the Indonesian state budget, Indonesian cigarette companies contribute around US $ 153 trillion for Indonesia. Many of the largest cigarette companies in Indonesia are producing cigarettes and bringing profits to the country through various businesses.

In this article I will provide information about the 6 largest cigarette companies in Indonesia. Although I do not mention many other cigarette companies, here is a list of the largest cigarette companies in Indonesia in the world.

1. PT HM Sampoerna

PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk. HM, renamed HM Sampoerna, is one of the kings of the Indonesian cigarette industry. This company has a complicated past, before being successful and popular until recently.

This history begins with a Chinese immigrant, Lim Sing Tee, who came to Surabaya with his father. In 1912, Lim married Siem Tjiang Nio, and then started a cottage industry in the old city of Surabaya, engaged in cigarette production. Lin peddled tobacco products by bicycle in Surabaya.

After successfully raising funds, they bought a former warehouse for a 1.5 hectare orphanage and turned it into a tobacco processing factory. Sampoerna’s history began in this small factory. The factory is now the home of San Baolin in Surabaya.

In 1930, the Lim Sing Tee family business changed, and NVBM Handel Maatschapij Sampoerna was officially chosen as the company name. A quality product is the famous Dji Sam Soe (the product is still around today).

The arrival of Japan in Indonesia in 1942, and all the colonial plans that were carried out, resulted in the destruction of the Lin Sampo Company. Until the end of 1959, Lim Sing Tee’s son, Aga Sampoerna, continued to work in the cigarette business. This is the second generation of Sampoerna’s history.

At that time, seeing the popularity of kretek cigarettes in Indonesia, he decided to only produce kretek cigarettes. Finally, the company focuses on producing hand-rolled kretek cigarettes (SKT) by launching various products, one of which is named Sampoerna Kretek.

Putra Sampoerna continued Sampoerna’s history in 1978 and is the 3rd successor. This generation is making Samboling even bigger. In this generation, Sampoerna A Mild products were born, which became the backbone of the industry. This is the starting point for the manufacture of Sampoerna’s Mechanical Kretek Cigarettes (SKM).

In 2001, Michael Sampoerna continued to lead Sampoerna. Until the end of 2005, the multinational tobacco company Philip Morris International Inc acquired a majority stake in PT HM Sampoerna. To this day.

Examples of cigarettes produced sampurna;

  • Dji Sam Sooe
  • Sampooerna Kretek
  • Sampooerna Pas
  • Sampooerna Tegar
  • Panamaas 1
  • Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter
  • Sampoerna U Bold
  • Sampoerna Classics
  • A Mild
  • A Gold
  • U Mild
  • Vegas Mild
  • Trend Mild
  • Dji Sam Soe Magnum Blue
  • A Slims
  • A Volution
  • Marlboro

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  1. PT Bentoel International Investama Tbk

For more than 80 years, PT Bentoel International Investment Consulting Company (RMBA) has continued to adapt to the challenges of the development of the cigarette and tobacco industry. An unmitigated RMBA will be transformed by investing heavily in technology to improve its basic performance.

In terms of business history, Bentoel was founded by Ong Hok Liong in 1930 under the name Strootjes Fabriek Ong Hok Liong. The company started producing famous hand-rolled kretek cigarettes such as Tali Jagat, Bintang Buana, Sejati, Neo Mild and Uno Mild.

Then in 1954, the cigarette company changed its name to PT Tjap Bentoel Cigarette Company. Due to the rapid development of the cigarette business and changes in regulations, its name was changed to PT Bentoel Internasional Investama Tbk in 2000. This name change also indicates that Bentoel has merged and reorganized its management in terms of efficiency.

Its 16 subsidiaries are reduced to 4 companies, with the parent company responsible for coordination, while the subsidiary companies are responsible for the production and distribution processes. Then, in 2009, British American Tobacco Plc completed offering the remaining public sale of RMBA, thus controlling 99.74% of Bentoel’s shares, with a transaction value of Rp 5.1 trillion.

However, since the last 6 years, the company has continued to record losses. In 2012, losses attributed to the owners of the parent company amounted to Rp. 323 billion and continued to increase until 2016 to Rp. 2.08 trillion. However, since then, Bentoel’s net loss began to fall by 480 billion rupiah in 2017 and increased 26.74% year-on-year to 608.46 billion rupiah in 2018.

Iwan Kendrawaran Kaldjat, Head of Government Affairs of RMBA, said that when Bentoel recorded a net loss, the company did not receive financial assistance from banks or a consortium. “Therefore, the only way to survive is to borrow from the group, namely by buying British American Tobacco for 13.2 trillion rupiah.”

Then in 2016, Bentoll conducted a limited public offering and share rationing, in which all loan lines were repaid and converted into shares. The British American Tobacco Group’s participation in the allotment reached Rp. 13.2 trillion, so that during the 2010-2018 period, the total investment of the British American Tobacco Group in the form of investment in Indonesia reached Rp. 18.3 trillion. A detailed introduction to the acquisition value of Bentoel in the 2009 and 2016 allotments.

The related transaction converts loans (loans) to equity as a commitment to the continuity of Bentoel’s business, while increasing opportunities to add global brands such as Lucky Strike and Dunhill.

According to Iwan, the funds were used as working capital to improve technology, namely moving the Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco (DIET) factory from Malaysia to Indonesia. So far, the total assets of the RMB have continued to grow substantially in 2018 reaching IDR 14.9 trillion.

Head of Operations of Bentoel Adhe Sona said, Bentoel Group currently has 7 factories in Malang, including Bentoel Internasional Investama and the DIET tobacco factory. The two factories are export-oriented and are exported to 19 countries with an export value of Rp 1.6 trillion.

Bentoel’s factory specializes in the production of machine-made kretek cigarettes (SKM), which are machine-processed cigarettes that combine tobacco and cloves. Products in this category are Dunhill Filter, Dunhill Mild, Lucky Strike Bold and Lucky Strike Mild.

Adhe explained that the Bentoel factory could produce more than tens of billions of sticks a year. In the future, RMB is expected to become the export center of Bentoel Group.

Andi Wongso, DIET’s director of operations, explained that the nicotine tar produced by the DIET factory contains low tar. He said: “The products of Bentoel factories are of world quality because their products can enter the Japanese and Korean markets, while the Japanese and Korean markets adopt high standards and regulations regarding tobacco products.”

Andy said the DIET factory utilization rate has reached 92%, and most of the products exported to 16 countries / regions in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region are related to British American Tobacco.

The entire process of implementing the operational activities of the Bentoel factory is supported by approximately 6,000 employees throughout Indonesia. Until the end of last year, Bentul’s contribution to consumption tax and value added tax increased from year to year. In 2017, consumption tax revenue was RMB amounting to Rp.14.0 trillion, and in 2018 it was Rp.14.1 trillion.

When the financial reports were released in the first quarter of 2019, RMBA sales in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 9.04% year-on-year to IDR 5.04 trillion. The loss in the first quarter of 2019 was still IDR 70.6 billion. The RMB is optimistic that it will generate profits in 2019 and improve on the net losses of previous years.

Some of Bentoel’s cigarette products:

  • Bintang Buana Raya and Filter
  • Universe Ropes and Filters
  • True
  • Joged
  • Rawit
  • Prins1p
  • Blue and Slim Bentoel
  • Dunhill Filter
  • Star Mild
  • neO, unO, One, Club Mild
  • X Mild
  • Dunhill Mild
  • Lucky Strike
  • Country
  • Ardath
  • Pall Mall
  1. PT Djarum

Who doesn’t know PT Djarum? The company is listed 69 years old and still has a solid position. From a historical perspective, Djelem’s position could not be separated from the cold hands of Dajiang Wiguan.

During the independence era, Oei Wie developed close ties with the fighters, and he opened a military cigarette business. Oei Wie Gwan is a businessman from Rembang, Central Java.

Oei Wie started to develop his own business through extensive involvement in this area. From processed tobacco, seasoning to marketing.

On April 21, 1951, the Djarum Cigarette Company was established as a legal entity

As an independent company. The final product includes four brands, namely Djarum, Merata, Magic Box, and Kembang Tanjung, all of which are Hand-made Kretek Cigarettes (SKT).

In 1955, the company began to expand its business by adding two production locations for other Djarum products (namely klobot cigarettes). In 1962, business expansion was carried out again and production sites were added, resulting in an annual output of 329 million pieces.

However, Djarum’s development was hampered. In 1963, after expanding the production base, the factory was set on fire. the same year

Oie Wie Gwan died in Semarang without knowing that his factory had caught fire. In the end, there is only one place left, namely Kliwon in Kudus Regency. All production was transferred there, and a few years later all activities shifted back to Kudus Regency.

Oie Wie Gwan did not give the name Djarum, but stuck to the factory he bought. The djarum mentioned here is the needle on the old gramophone phonograph. Then under the leadership of two brothers, Bambang and Budi Hartono, business development began in 1963.

Together with Djarum’s loyal employees, they built the remains of the fire, enabling them to survive the critical period from 1965 to 1966. In 1967 the product expansion was carried out and the first merger was the addition of Ir. Julius Hadinata to Djarum.

As a Dutch graduate, Julius has made a lot of progress. Initially, there was a clear division of tasks, machines with new technology imported from England and West Germany were mainly used for tobacco processing, and several professional managers were appointed. In the same year, production increased threefold (from 1965). In 1968, with the expansion of two production bases, new products were launched under the names Admiral and VIP Blue. With the first breakthrough, the total sales output reached around 3 billion units.

Two years later, several new product brands emerged, such as VIP President, VIP International, VIP Agung, VIP Diplomat, VIP Sudan, Granat and Nahkoda. In 1973 Djarum began to participate in export activities, including exports to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

In 1976, people’s preference for machine-made kretek cigarettes (SKM) began to change consumer tastes. Djarum also anticipates changes in consumer tastes by launching the Djarum Filter Special, Djarum Filter Deluxe and Djarum Filter King Size.

Two years later, the Djarum Super was launched, which is today’s popular filter kretek. The rapid consumer demand for Djarum products has driven the growth of the mechanical process and has also increased the production of hand-rolled kretek (SKT) cigarettes.

Currently, Djarum’s SKM and SKT products have become one of the suppliers with the largest cigarette market share in Indonesia. success

This prompted Djarum to take development steps such as increasing production, company performance and product innovation, so as to become at the forefront of the cigarette industry. In 1983, Djarum was changed to PT (Limited Liability Company).

The currency crisis occurred in 1998. However, PT Djarum began to expand in the banking sector. BCA, which is managed by the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), was eventually acquired by PT Djarum after losing control of Liem Sioe Liong. The Djarum Group owns up to 51% of BCA shares. BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia, and is the second most profitable bank (after Bank Mandiri) and the third largest asset bank (after BRI and Bank Mandiri).

Some of Djarum’s cigarette products:

  • Djarum 76
  • Djarum BLACK
  • Djarum Chocolate
  • Djarum Super
  • LA Lights

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  1. PT Gudang Garam Tbk

Surya Wonowidjojo started working at his uncle’s cigarette company and was able to build a giant cigarette factory in Indonesia, namely Gudang Garam. Around 1920, Surya moved from Fujian, China to the three states of Madura (Sampang). At the age of 20, he worked at the Cap 93 cigarette factory owned by his uncle Tjoa Kok Tjiang.

Armed with experience and knowledge in the world of work, Surya dared to set up his own cigarette company at the age of 35. The Surya factory is located on Jalan Semampir II / l in Kediri with an area of ​​approximately 1,000 square meters.

At that time, the Surya Cigarette Factory was still named Inghwie after the name of the klobot cigarettes it produced. Two years later, Inghwie changed its name to Tjap Gudang Garam Cigarette Company. The Gudang Garam logo was chosen by two buildings located near the Tjap 93 cigarette factory where Tjaa previously worked, and it happens that Tjoa is next to the railroad tracks.

Surya is a figure with high professional ethics in leading Gudang Garam. He often worked hard until he came home late at night. He is also known for his innovation in setting up production units in the Gurah area in the 1960s. His decision to produce Klobot-rolled kretek cigarettes or SKL was very appropriate because of the rapidly growing demand.

The Gudang Garam business continued to grow in 1969 and added to its category. Judging from the size of the home industry, its status has been changed to become a company. Its business continued to grow, so that in just two years, the company established a limited liability company (PT).

Surya led the company until he turned a blind eye in 1984. After his death, the leadership of the company was taken over by Rjoman Halim, the older brother of Susilo Wonowidjojo, the current president of Gudang Garam Tbk.

In 1990, GG was able to record its own story through the JKT stock market and the SBY stock market, thus changing its identity to become a public company. At that time, Gudang Garam issued 57,807,800 shares, each with a value of Rp1,000.

Currently, the main shares of PT Suryaduta Investama and Gudang Garam have shrunk 69.29%, and PT Surya Mitra Kusuma has shrunk 6.26%. The rest is owned by Susilo himself, namely 0.09% and Juni Setiawati Wonowidjojo with 0.58% and 23.78% respectively.

Some of Gudang Garam cigarette products:

  • Gudang Garam Merah, Djaja, Gold
  • Gudang Garam Special Deluxe, Halim, Mini Filter, King Size
  • Surya Professional and Exclusive
  • Gudang Garam Surya, International, Signature, Menthol, Nusantara
  • GG Mild and Shiver
  • Surya Mild, Menthol, Professional Mild
  • Salt Warehouse Deluxe Mild
  • Surya Slims
  • Klobot Kretek Cigarettes
  • Gudang Garam Klobo
  1. Wismilak Group

For this cigarette company from Surabaya, East Java, 2012 is a historic moment. PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk (WIIM) issued shares and went public on December 18, 2012.

This cigarette company has been around for more than half a century. PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk is the holding company of PT Gelora Djaja and PT Gawih Jaya. Well, PT Gelora Djaja was originally the Wismilak Group. A handmade cigarette factory was founded in Petemon, Surabaya by Lie Koen Lie, Tjioe Ing Hien, Tjioe Ing Hwa and Oei Bian Hok.

One of the products produced by Gelora Djaja is the Galan brand cigarette which was released in September 1962. Then, in 1963, PT Gelora Djaja produced the Wismilak Special Kretek cigarette. The company’s growing business encouraged PT Gawih Jaya to be established in 1983. This business is engaged in the marketing and distribution of Wismilak cigarette products. The word Gawih comes from Galan-Wismilak-Hidup Fertile. Well, these three words come from the first three cigarette brands PT Gelora Djaja. PT Gelora Djaja also started producing machine-made kretek cigarettes (SKM) in 1987.

In addition, in 1989, Messim Kratek (SKM) cigarettes in black and premium packaging became the trademark of the Wismilak Diplomat brand. In 1994, the company established PT Wismilak Inti Makmur and became the holding company of PT Gelora Djaja and PT Gawih Jaya. The establishment of this business was one of the plans to issue shares to the public in 1995. However, the plan to release shares to the public at that time could not be implemented.

In addition, the company also operates cigarette filters and OPP sheets which are sold to PT Gelora Djaja and other companies. PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk started producing conventional filter rods in 2006. This is one of the supporting ingredients for smoking.

The company also decided to issue its initial shares to the public in 2012 and became a cigarette issuer on the Indonesian capital market.

The company issued 629.6 million new shares, representing approximately 30% of the paid-up and issued capital. The initial share price was set at Rp 650 per share. PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk raised IDR 409.47 billion through an initial public offering. The proceeds from the initial public offering are used for capital expenditures, working capital and bank loan repayments.

Currently, the company has five production facilities, four regional logistics centers, 19 distribution areas, two stocking points, and 30 agents. The company noted that 63 percent of cigarette sales came from machine-made kretek (SKM) cigarettes, and SKT cigarettes contributed around 37 percent of the company’s sales.

Unfortunately, the company’s performance in the first three months of 2019 was less than encouraging. Based on records, in the first three months of 2019, the current total profit attributable to the owners of the parent company decreased by 49.37% from Rp 10.4 billion in the same period last year to Rp 5.26 billion. As of March 2019, the company’s sales decreased slightly by 7.9% to IDR 312.33 billion. Based on the records, the company’s total assets increased by Rp 1.31 trillion to Rp 1.25 trillion on March 31, 2019 compared to December 31, 2018.

Some of Wismilak’s products;

  • Wismilak Special and Slim
  • Wismilak Dirgha
  • Kretek and Slim Galan
  • Wismilak Diplomat
  • Galan Filter International and Galan Mild
  • Wismilak Diplomat Mild and Menthol
  • Wismilak Diplomat Impact and Evo
  • Fun Mild
  • Wismilak Premium Cigar Cigars
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