25 Must-Visit Outdoor Tourism in Tangerang

25 Must-Visit Outdoor Attractions in Tangerang . Tangerang, this city may not be a tourist destination for many tourists. So far, Tangerang is known as an urban city and a center of trade. But please don’t get me wrong, because in Tangerang you can also enjoy various types of interesting tourist destinations, such as city tours.

Tangerang is located in the northern part of Banten Province and is known as one of the supporting cities for the capital city of Jakarta. Apart from being called an industrial city, not many people make Tangerang a tourist attraction. In fact, if you look at the city this one is quite strategic and has a lot of hidden charm.

Together with Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Tangerang must be the main destination for Banten Province. If you want to find a vacation destination, or at least spend the weekend, please try the following vacation destination suggestions.

  1. Lake Cisoka

A tourist spot that can be recommended to visit Tangerang for the weekend is Lake Cisoka. This exotic blue lake is surrounded by limestone hills which are not only very exotic and charming, but can also be a place with a low location.

This exotic lake in the Cisoka Tangerang area is indeed very popular with residents of Tangerang and its surroundings. The lake was formed from ex excavation and mining. In the hustle and bustle of the city of Tangerang, you can enjoy beautiful and exotic views.

Location: Jl. Cigaru Cisoka, Cisoka, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Koja Cliff

Who says that in a metropolitan area like Tangerang you can’t find beautiful natural attractions with pleasant views? This Koja cliff is the proof. The attraction of this destination is its towering rocky cliffs surrounded by clear water and a river surrounded by lush greenery.

Because of its charm, Koja Cliff has become one of the most popular destinations lately. Many travelers come to this place to take pictures. Its uniqueness and extraordinary vision make visitors feel like they are in another dimension. Because of this, many people refer to this destination as Gozila’s Cage.

Location: Carlyle Cireundeu Solear, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Gintung Island Park

If you are in the Tangerang area, even in the middle of the city, you will have no trouble finding natural tourist destinations. One of them is in the Situ Gintung artificial lake area. It’s like being in Jindong Island Park there.

In this natural tourism area, you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery surrounded by green trees, but also the coolness of the lake. You can also do various water sports and other interesting outdoor activities here.

Location: Jl. Pisangan Raya RT, 20. 03/09, Cireundeu, Kec. Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Kronjo Cup Island

A more popular natural tourist destination, especially for travelers to Tangerang. Cup Kronjo Island is a destination in the northern part of Tangerang whose beauty and uniqueness is different from other destinations.

When you first enter the island in the shape of a cup, you have to cross a long bridge that connects the island to the mainland. On the island, you can enjoy exotic beach views. Apart from that, you can also make a pilgrimage to the outstanding scholars on the island. Really a complete goal.

Location: Village Kec Kronjo. Kronjo, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Ocean Park BSD

Are you looking to find a family resort where you and your kids can have fun, but still have fun? Try going to Ocean Park BSD. Just like water parks in other cities, Ocean Park also offers a variety of interesting water parks.

You can try various exciting rides, ranging from water rides that are safe for children to adrenaline-tested water rides specifically for adult tourists. On the other hand, oni destinations also provide interesting photo spots.

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Location: Pahlawan Seribu, Kec. Lengkong Gudang, Central Business District. Serpong, Dan Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Portrait garden
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The park is an alternative tourist attraction for residents living in metropolitan areas. On weekends, you can visit Tangerang Portrait Park. It is about 5 hectares wide and can do a lot of interesting things.

This park has lots of places to take selfies because it used to be known as a selfie park. You can enjoy free wireless internet in this park. There is also a snack market where you can chat or relax as friends.

Location: RT.001 / RW.005 Tangerang, Babakan.

  1. Amsterdam Water Park

Playing water is an interesting holiday activity. You can play in Tangerang (Tangerang). It so happened to be in the Water Park Amsterdam, where there are unique buildings. You will find similar buildings in the Netherlands.

Holidays with family, especially holidays with family will be very fun. Not to mention the water park facilities which are quite complete and adequate.

Location: Jl. Boulevard Raya Gelam Jaya Pasar Kemis, Kec Jaya, Kec. Pasar Kemis, Tangerang City.

  1. Single Elephant Park

Taman Gajah Tunggal is the next unique park that can be found in Tangerang City. There are many devices made from scrap materials, and these are not the only ones. One such device is a statue of an elephant welcoming you.

Taman Gajah Tunggal offers a wide range of facilities, from open spaces for sports or picnics to recreation spaces filled with children’s playgrounds.

Location: Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan I No.1, RT.006 / RW.003, Babakan, Tangerang, Tangerang .

  1. Citra Raya World Wonders

This destination is also suitable as a family tourist destination. Apart from a variety of water sports from regular competitions to adrenaline testing, the attraction of this destination also includes areas that offer famous landmarks around the world.

In this area, you can see miniatures of world-famous landmarks, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids and even Borobudur. Therefore, you can not only have fun while visiting, but also learn at the same time.

Location: Jl. Ecopolis Boulevard in Ex. Mekar Bakti, Kec. Panongan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Door 10

If you visit Tangerang but do not own the trademark, the description is incomplete. Pintu Air 10 is one of the architectural legacies of the colonial era and is still functioning well today. At first glance, it is no wonder that you will see the classic design of classic Dutch architecture.

It is called 10 sluice gates because there are 10 gates, each 10m wide. Another attraction of this location is the twinkling lights at night which is always a favorite spot for photography hunters.

Location: Mekarsari Village, Kandang. Neglasari, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Floating Castle Froggy Edutography

If you are a fan of the Disney Princess story, maybe this destination is your best recommendation. The main concept is Jack and The Bean Talk in a fairy tale, a magnificent castle building standing in the tourist area of ​​Tangerang, making you feel like you are in the clouds.

It doesn’t stop here, it feels like the fantasy in the world of fairy tales is getting more complete. The various interesting attractions in this palace are very similar to the scenery in fairy tales. Not to mention there are beautifully displayed carriages that will make you truly feel like Cinderella.

Location: Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard, Kec. Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Cihuni

Tangerang has many destinations in the form of a lake or lake with different attractions. For example Situ Cihuni like this. This lake is located in the Pagedangan area of ​​Tangerang Regency and might be a suitable location for those who like cycling.

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In the Situ Cihuni area, there is a bicycle path that is very popular and challenging for cyclists. Not only that, if you visit with your family, you can also enjoy fun outdoor activities here, such as harvesting fruits and vegetables in the farm area.

Location: Cihuni Subdistrict Village. Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Tanjung Kait Beach

Tangerang beach destinations are as beautiful as the beaches of Bali. Tanjung Kait Beach (Tanjung Kait Beach) is a favorite tourist destination for travelers who want to enjoy beautiful beach views in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Tanjung Kait Beach (Tanjung Kait Beach) has clear water, with rows of houses on stilts. Sunset on Tanjung Kait Beach is a must-see when visiting this place. Tanjung Kait’s various seafood products are another highlight for tourists.

Location: Jl. Raya Tanjung Kait, Ketapang, Mauk, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Kandank Jurank Doank

You may be able to travel while studying in this unique place. Kandank Jurank Doank is a place with the concept of a school of nature. Cage Abyss Doank was founded in 1993 by artist Dik Doank. Initially, it was used for local children who could not go to school. Now, it is gradually being used as a tourist attraction. You can enjoy a simple and natural atmosphere in this place.

Not only that, tourists can also do outdoor activities to make the holidays even more exciting. The courses at the Nature School are usually open from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sundays. The test for joining this program is to attract Garuda Pancasila. Visiting Kandank Jurank Doank, you will also be spoiled with a variety of interesting facilities. From multimedia facilities to outdoor activities (such as outbound activities).

Location: Alvita Blok Q 14, Sawah Baru, Kec. Ciputat, South Tangerang.

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  1. Situ Bulakan

Situ Bulakan is a lake with an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. Most of the tourists who visit there can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Especially on weekends, this place will be visited a lot.

You can try a rowing boat which costs only around Rp. Only 30,000. Apart from that, you can also try a variety of dishes.

Location: Jl. Villa Mutiara Pluit, RT.004 / RW.013, Periuk, Kec. Periuk, Tangerang City.

  1. Tangerang Old Market

For those who want to find food at night, this Tangerang old market can be an option. The place that is open at night is always full of tourists every day. You can find all kinds of traditional to modern dishes.

It is perfect for dinner with family or friends. Not only that, you can also buy other necessities at this ancient Tangerang market.

Location: Jl. Gizamon (RR 001 / RW.006, Lama Pasar, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang.

  1. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park

Visiting Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park, you will get a beauty that makes you full of challenges. Yes, because this crocodile park is a large enough crocodile farm. You can immediately see crocodiles, there are hundreds of species of crocodiles.

Even so, you don’t have to worry about well-maintained security. You can enjoy affordable tickets from 08.00 to 18.00.

Location: Tanjung Pasir, Teluk Naga, Tangerang City

  1. The Breeze BSD City

BSD City is an area with the concept of a city within a well-planned city. The area is indeed a famous commercial and lifestyle center. But who would have thought, relaxing in the middle of a busy life could also be an option for this destination.

Even though it was built with the main concept of a modern city, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery here. With the existence of an artificial lake, a very attractive garden design makes you feel like you are in a busy city.

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Location: Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard, Sampora, BSD, Banten (Tangerang).

  1. Scientia Square Park

On the weekends, you want to go out and spend some relaxing time with your family. Try to find a tourist destination that not only provides calm and happiness, but also allows children to learn what went wrong.

Scientia Square Park is an outdoor tourism area that provides various outdoor facilities from sports to games Here, you can also teach children to love nature through a variety of fun activities, such as learning to farm, observing koi fish, and bull riding.

Location: Jl. Scientia Boulevard in Sangereng, Kruger, Kentucky. Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Tingal Land

The next destination is an area with an urban forest concept that will provide a variety of interesting outdoor activities. Tanah Tingal is located in the middle of the city, becoming an escape destination from boring daily activities.

There are various supporting facilities for complete outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy sports on this lake, such as kayaking facilities. If you like adrenaline-pumping games, you can play in the pool or climb the wall.

Location: Jl. Merpati Raya, Kel Sawah Baru 32B. Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Bekelir Village

Rural tourism with the theme of countryside is indeed a tourism trend in Indonesia. Bekelir village in Tangerang is attracting a lot of attention. This very beautiful and colorful village was once a slum. But with creativity, Bekelir village is the most popular Instagram destination.

Every corner of this village has a charming and colorful design. Not to mention the presence of unique pictures and gadgets, such as colorful umbrellas that hang like floating umbrellas, making this place even more interesting to look at.

Location: For example, Pakistan Baba Ka Tangerang, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Cipondoh

Tangerang has one or more lakes which can be a weekend destination. Situ Cipondoh is a favorite destination for families. Various family facilities are provided here to support your rest time with your family.

Apart from the beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding trees, Situ Cipondoh also provides various interesting tourist facilities. There are bike trails, duck boats, fishing areas and fox rides.

Location: Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari (Kasi) Cipondoh, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Taman Kota 1 BSD

Tangerang is one of the cities that is very busy and it is very difficult to find tourist attractions. However, if you want to get some fresh air, you can choose Taman Kota 1 BSD. The design of this city park is similar to a forest, so it can be used as a place to unwind.

You can hang out on the edge of the park or enjoy a snack. The facilities provided by this park are also very abundant, so you can enjoy them.

Location: Jl. Lieutenant Sucipto, Lengkong Gudang Timur, Kec. Serpong, Tangerang City.

  1. Cikokol Key Park

Still from the Cikokol Tangerang area, currently there is a park that has been attacked and visited by many young people from Tangerang. Taman Kunci Cikokol may offer the same things as other city parks, a cool and beautiful atmosphere, as well as various supporting facilities for family entertainment.

What’s interesting in this park is that there are many scenic spots designed to attract tourists to take pictures. No wonder so many young people come to this park just to look for confusing photo spots. Not to mention that the presence of rabbits and butterflies in the garden area will make children feel at home when playing in this park.

Location: Babakan Tangerang, Tangerang. 

Those are 25 recommendations for outdoor tourist attractions in Tangerang that must be visited. Even though it is known as a metropolitan city, Tangerang also has many interesting and contemporary tourist attractions.