5 Online Gambling Trends in 2022

According to our research team, in 2022 online gambling sites in the world will earn up to 1 trillion US dollars or the equivalent of 15 trillion rupiah. The online gambling industry will become an attractive industry and many online gambling operators will emerge. Competition between online gambling sitesĀ Bandar Ion Casino is getting tougher and they can do anything to get members to play on their gambling sites.

Then online gambling websites that apply the latest and best technology will certainly succeed in attracting more members to play on their website. But what are the 5 trends? we will discuss this in detail in this article, so make sure you read till the end.

1. New Online Gambling Market

Since the corona pandemic hit the whole world, there has been a mass change in human attitudes and personalities throughout the world.

This also has an impact on bookies and gambling agents, why? If previously people liked to travel to land-based casinos to gamble, now people prefer to stay at home and keep away from other people for fear of being exposed to the virus.

This habit makes people look for other alternatives to land-based casinos, namely online gambling sites. They can still enjoy the game like at a casino from the comfort of their home.

This convenience makes people eliminate the feeling of wanting to go to a land-based casino because they have to dress up and then have to pay for accommodation that is not cheap, while online gambling sites offer access at any time in casual clothes and do not need any accommodation costs. This reason makes the new market demand for online gambling game provider websites increase drastically.

2. Customer Service Through the Telegram Application

Telegram has recently been widely used by online gambling websites as a contact between members and their online gambling agents. Online gambling sites have started to provide customer service via telegram because the features provided are quite progressive.

Telegram itself provides bots to access the gambling site. Telegram also maintains member anonymity so that members feel more secure.

3. Responsive Gambling Website on Mobile

Currently, almost 70% of online gambling sites on the internet support access via mobile devices, whether it’s a responsive display or a special mobile page.

From the data we collected in the survey, members are now turning to sites that provide a mobile version because it is more efficient and easier to play when outside, because it is not easy and inconvenient to open a laptop in a public place.

4. Live Casino dan Virtual Reality

Several live casino game developers have started eyeing virtual reality technology, although for now live casinos are quite sophisticated.

Virtual reality is expected to make members who play feel like they are really in a land-based casino, this improves the member’s playing experience in gambling. Several live casino game developers including Microgaming, NetEnt, and Novomatic have already started research for this technology and will be implementing it in the near future.

5. Crypto Currency Payment Methods or Blockchain technology

Bandar or online gambling agent is predicted to start providing payments via cryptocurrency next year and will be implemented in stages. Blockchain technology makes transactions smoother and faster. As well as anonymity and member data becomes more confidential.