Alice Poker: All About Her Life

Although her real name is Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs Huckert, those who knew her and enjoyed playing cards with her affectionately called her Poker Alice. She is possibly one of the best known women in the world of poker, being a woman who from her early teenage years learned to defend herself by herself, making her character and strength impregnate in every game she played. This time we want to tell you about the life of Alice Poker and how, despite leading a rather complicated and bumpy life, she managed to find a place in a world in which, in general, at that time, it was focused on men and women did not dare to intrude too much and, if they did, it was sporadically and among themselves, never playing with men.

Who was Alice Poker?

Poker Alice was born in Devon in 1851 and at a young age she moved with her family to Virginia. At first I knew nothing about this game, much less about the importance it was going to have worldwide years later. The knowledge of poker came to her when she married her first husband, who was a very gambling person and at this time she became interested in poker and everything it could give him.

With the help of his partner and also from the experience he was getting from the games he played, he was forming and achieving a reputation in those places where he was going to play. She was one of the few women who managed to win in New Mexico rooms, the best known being Silver City, although she was also working and playing in Colorado , her profession being in this state as a dealer, so she was constantly interacting with the rooms. of game.

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Although at the time there were many people who criticized her for doing what she did, especially because it was thought that her main advantage was seduction in games, it has been proven that this is just a rumor and that really Poker Alice was one of the best strategists and fighters of the time, managing to take tables that seemed impossible, in front of players who were also considered tough bones to crack.

Alice Póker was a woman with character and whose hand did not shake either in Poker or in her private life, since she even killed a man in the Saloon where he worked with his 38 pistol , defending one of the employees of the premises, which became her third husband and also the father of her children, going to live with them in Deadwood. It should be noted that she was married three times and marked by tragedy, they all died before her in different circumstances, so she had to fight and make her own fame and achieve in a world of men all the economic level to be able to live with dignity with her children.

The Alice Poker story

Poker Alice’s life was not exactly easy or straightforward, even having built a job and a reputation in poker, when her third husband died, she was left with a lot of debt, something that she had to quickly get over in order to get by with all his family and to be able to live. So you can imagine the level of debt she had at that time, say that at the time of the death of Warren Tubbs, her husband, she had to pawn the wedding ring in order to bury it with dignity. Once this process was , he had to go back to cards and poker in order to win enough money to get it back.

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But not only did he get the wedding ring back, but also with the passage of time he was acquiring much more money with the games he played and this made him more famous, achieving great profits with which he finally decided to open his own game room. calling it “Poker’s Palace” taking command and being the boss of everything, for which he obtained round profits.

The fame of Alice Poker on television

The life and history of Poker Alice has obtained many television series and also a very iconic film, Poker Alice 1987, which talks about the entire course of his experiences and which was acclaimed by the general critics and highly valued by the poker industry.

It is true that at the end of her days, in the last years of her life, she was accused countless times of prostitution in her game room and also of smuggling, something that led her to jail, both for these reasons and also because she was he had commented that he had killed soldiers who had gotten drunk at his place, leaving everything upside down.

However, despite all this commotion, she has positioned herself as one of the most influential women and people in poker of the 20th century, being, as we have mentioned, featured in television series, movies, even books and comics.