5 Countries With the Worst Recession in 2020

5 Countries With the Worst Recession of 2020 . Hello, before Mimin, discuss which countries will experience recession in 2020. Mimin will give you some information first about what a recession is, its effects and the reasons why an economic recession can occur .

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are preparing to tackle an economic recession. An economic recession is characterized by a significant and prolonged decline in economic activity.

If an economic recession cannot be resolved immediately, then people are worried that the recession will last longer, causing an economic downturn or recession. In addition, if a country experiences an economic crisis that has already experienced recession, it will be difficult for its economy to recover. The following are the factors that contribute to an economic recession:

  1. Imbalance between production and consumption

The balance between production and consumption or people’s purchasing power is the basis for economic growth. However, if production and consumption are not balanced, problems will arise in the economic cycle. If high production is not accompanied by high purchasing power, it will result in an accumulation of commodity stocks. Conversely, if public demand is not fulfilled due to low output while people’s purchasing power is high, then the country must import. This has led to a decline in corporate profits and a weak capital market.

  1. Slow economic growth

Global economic growth is also used as a criterion for a strong economy. on the contrary, the development of gross income is very influential for the country, which is generated by food, the state budget, savings and shipping of goods outside the country minus imports. If the gross domestic product has decreased for a long time, it can be concluded that a country’s economic growth is weakening or experiencing a recession.

  1. High deflation

For one thing, inflation is needed for economic growth to be sustainable. However, high inflation will actually complicate the state of a country’s economy. As a result of soaring commodity prices, people’s purchasing power is inaccessible, especially for the lower middle class. If people’s purchasing power decreases, this situation will worsen, causing deflation. The sharp fall in commodity prices has also affected company revenues and profits. As a result, production costs cannot be paid and output is reduced.

  1. High unemployment rate

Workers are one of the important factors in economic development. If a country cannot provide employment for its local workers, the unemployment rate will be high and people’s purchasing power will be low, which will trigger criminals to make a living.

  1. Loss of investor confidence

To make the economy better off, a country must be able to create a favorable investment environment for security or strategic projects. This is done to attract investors. However, if economic growth declines, investor confidence will be lost, which can have an impact on the development of money circulation, weak business, and PT minimizing production.

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Not only will it have an impact on the country’s economy, but the problem of economic recession will certainly have a serious impact on society. In the event of an economic recession, the impacts that will be felt by the community include:

  1. Number of layoffs (layoffs)

In the case of an economic recession, the most obvious impact is the number of layoffs in various regions. This was due to the economic slowdown which led to the closure of several companies and cessation of operations which resulted in a decrease in sales and company revenues.

  1. An investment tool under threat

Community activity in financial markets can also be affected by economic recession. As a result of an economic recession, due to a decrease in the value of assets such as a company’s investment portfolio or stocks, an economic recession will affect investment tools.

If there is an economic downturn, people must use the income earned by not spending money on things that are not really needed. Some techniques to minimize the impact of an economic recession can be implemented by the community, namely by assigning financial assets to low-risk instruments. This is like moving investment from the financial sector to gold bullion.

  1. Reducing people’s purchasing power

Industry players, especially MSMEs, can also feel other impacts. Because if a recession occurs, people’s purchasing power will decrease and people are more willing to maintain their financial condition.

Although deflation is good for society, it will hurt the economy and cause massive unemployment. Currently, many MSME players have felt the impact of the decline in people’s purchasing power for their products due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s look at the 5 countries with the heaviest recession in 2020:

  1. United States of America

After Singapore and South Korea, the United States officially went into recession. Uncle Sam’s economic growth rate in the second quarter was -32.9%. The Institute of Economic and Financial Development (Indef) encourages the Indonesian government to immediately implement extraordinary stimulus measures.

Previously, the US economy contracted -4.8% in the first quarter. Regional quarantine or lockdown policies from March to June have led to significant declines in household consumption, exports, production, investment and spending by local and state governments. This puts pressure on the US gross domestic product (GDP).

Researcher Indef Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara said the US economic recession will definitely have an impact on the national economy. Bhima told Jawa Pos yesterday: “If every 1% of economic growth in the United States is revised, it will affect Indonesia’s economic growth from 0.02% to 0.05%.” The impact of the US economic recession will also affect investor confidence in investing in high-risk assets such as stocks. Investors will pay more attention to safe-haven assets. Like gold and government bonds. In the past week, net sales (net sales) of Indonesian shares increased by Rp 1.86 trillion. Selling even continues. In addition, Indonesia as the main trading partner of the United States will have an impact on the decline in export performance. The economic recession has reduced the purchasing power of consumers. Even though, demand for export commodities such as textiles, clothing, wood products and footwear has decreased. Especially in the second semester of the second semester of 2020.

Bhima encouraged the government to look for alternative export markets whose economy is not as bad as the United States. For example, China experienced actual growth of 3.2% in the second quarter. An alumnus of Gadjah Mada University said: “This means that China’s demand for Indonesian products can recover faster than the United States.”

  1. German

After the corona virus crisis, the German economy shrank sharply in 2020. The budget deficit reached 4.8%, but the economic situation is still better than other major European countries.

According to data released by the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on Thursday (14/1), the figure fell sharply by 5% last year. In 2019, the German economy still grew 0.6%. The various restrictions and blockades during the corona pandemic will deal a heavy blow to the national economy in 2020.

Destadis President Georg Thiel said in announcing the latest statistics on Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP): “The global pandemic has plunged the German economy into a severe recession, ending 10 years of growth.” Economic analysts had previously predicted that the economy will shrink by more than 5.1%, but De Static’s forecast is becoming more optimistic. However, Katharina Utermoehl, an economic analyst at the Allianz Group, warned that Germany will still have difficult months.

He said: “The economy’s up and down journey like a jet plane can continue. “The German economy will experience a sharp setback in early 2021,” he said. Destatis reported that German exports fell by about 10% last year, imports fell 8.6%, and household consumption fell 6%. Corporate investment has also plummeted, with construction and government spending the only bright spots.

However, Albert Braakmann, head of Destatis’s National Accounts Department, said. “The German economy coped with the crisis better than many other countries.” Indeed, the economic contraction in 2020 was smaller than the 5.7% decline in 2009 at the height of the global financial crisis.

In particular, the manufacturing sector has largely offset a decline in the service industry, where industrial firms have recovered strongly from blockades imposed in March and April, when much of the economy stagnated.

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  1. French

INSEE, France’s statistical office, said that due to the impact of the quarantine (blockade) implemented during the corona pandemic, the country’s economic growth contracted or minus 13.8% in the second quarter of 2020. As a result, French economic growth shrank in the last three quarters.

Seasonally adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) fell better than expected, but worse than other European economies.

Agence France-Presse quoted Friday (31/7) as saying: “Negative GDP growth in the first half of 2020 was due to the suspension of ‘unnecessary’ activities during the lock-in period from mid-March to early May.” When the lock was just implemented, INSEE also updated its first quarter figure, which was down 5.9% from the previous estimate of negative 5.3%.

This achievement in the second quarter of 2020 shows that France has contracted for three consecutive quarters and is on the brink of recession.

In the second quarter of 2020, French economic contraction was much greater than that of other European countries, for example Germany was negative 10.1%, Austria 10.7%, and Belgium negative 12.2%. However, the decline was better than INSEE’s estimate since mid-June, which contracted 17%. At the same time, the French Central Bank expects a decline of 14% in early July. Analyst agreement used by Factset fell 15.3% of GDP.

  1. Italy

Italy is one of the European countries hardest hit by the coronavirus. The eighth largest economy in the world is believed to be in recession.

Italy imposes restrictions on public places until April 3. They have restricted travel abroad of its 60 million inhabitants, banned public events, and closed schools, cinemas, museums and stadiums. In fact, Italy imposes restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants, bars and shops.

According to a CNN report on Thursday (2020/3/2020), the proportion of the population infected with the corona virus in Italy is more than double that of China. According to records, the number of positive corona cases in Italy was 9,000 people and the death toll was 463 people. In general, these restrictive measures have contributed to the economic slowdown in Italy, especially in the fourth quarter of 2019 in line with the economic contraction of the Pisa countries.

Jack Allen-Reynolds, senior Europe economist at Capital Economics, believes the Italian economy will contract sharply in the first half of this year. In fact, even if the restrictions are lifted at the end of April, Italy’s GDP will fall by about 2%.

It said the impact of expanding public restrictions would be even greater. On the other hand, the supply chain of raw materials in Italy is also said to be disrupted. “If the virus breaks out in Germany and other major trading partners, it could disrupt supply chains,”

Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) economists also estimate that these public restrictions could reduce Italy’s economic growth in the first half of this year by 1.5 percentage points.

The research report quoted him as saying: “Although fiscal policy will overcome some obstacles, a viral outbreak is likely to propel Italy into recession.” In Italy, the industries hardest hit by the virus are transportation, arts and entertainment, retail, and hotels and restaurants. In fact, this sector accounts for about 23% of Italy’s GDP.

The business world has also reacted to a virus that is increasingly prevalent. Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) announced it would temporarily close four factories in Italy to reduce production. A PT advisor said this was aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Mall like Esseelunga also uses the distance between buyers in the shop. According to existing regulations, it is imperative to maintain a minimum distance of 1/2 to one M for all visitors.

Stefano Manzocchi, chief economist at Confindustria, said these public restrictions could put the catering and tourism industries into crisis. With the popular destinations of Venice and Rome empty, Italy’s tourism industry will be hit hard. The Vatican itself closed St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica to tourists.

Stefano said: “Limitations of action and concerns about what’s to come could cause consumption to shrink, and these contractions may last a very long time. He hopes that the government will provide a broader deferment of debt payments, liquidity support for Italian companies, subsidies for temporary unemployment, and public infrastructure investment plans.

Stefano said: “Of course, this will not increase demand, but it will help maintain spending on staples and provide grace periods for certain taxes and loan payments.”

The Italian Ministry of Economy has indicated to the government that the mortgage loan will be suspended. This step is being discussed in collaboration with the bank. In addition, the Italian government will allocate 28 billion US dollars to overcome the crisis caused by the corona virus.

Researchers at Barclays Bank predict that European countries will experience a brief but relatively deep recession in the first half of this year. They estimate an annual economic growth rate of 0.3%.

  1. South Korea

South Korea officially entered recession in the second quarter, marking the country’s worst economic slowdown in more than two decades. Exports fell sharply due to the corona virus pandemic crisis.

The Antara News Agency reported on Thursday (23/7/2020) Bank of Korea that the country’s ginseng economy shrank by 3.3% after a seasonal adjustment in June compared to the previous three months.

This figure represents the largest contraction since the first quarter of 1998. Asia’s fourth largest economy follows Japan, Thailand and Singapore, and they have either experienced a technical recession or economic downturn for two consecutive quarters.

Even so, South Korean analysts and policymakers say it is working to enable a faster and faster economic recovery than other countries in the region.

Responding to the economic recession data, South Korean Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said: “When the pandemic slows down, overseas production activities, schools and hospitals are back on track, we may recover like China in the third quarter.”

He said China’s economy, after experiencing a sharp decline in the first quarter, returned to growth in the second quarter because it was the center of the initial coronavirus outbreak. South Korea’s gross domestic product (GDP) fell 2.9% year-on-year, the biggest decline since the fourth quarter of 1998.

According to the Al Jazeera report, export activities accounted for nearly 40% of economic growth, and it was the sector with the largest growth rate, with a quarterly decline of 16.6%, the lowest level since 1963.

So far, the government has provided an economic stimulus of around 277 trillion won (equivalent to 3,374 trillion rupiah). However, policymakers do not have sufficient capacity to control global demand for domestic exports. HI Investment & Securities analyst Park Sung-hyun said: “The worst period seems to have passed. The basic effect of the supplementary budget and fiscal financing will stimulate investment. ”

Analysts predict that the economy will decline by an average of 0.4% throughout 2020, but the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts a contraction of even more than 2.1%. Last week, the Governor of the Bank of Korea set the forecast for the magnitude of the economic downturn in 2020 to be 0.2% higher than expected, which was inevitable.

Converse – History, Philosophy, and Iconic Products

Converse – History, Philosophy and Iconic Products . Air Jordans in the early twentieth century, Converse has come a long way from cutting-edge sportswear to retro casual hitting shoes of choice. Who among us has not enjoyed the utter annihilation of a new pair of Chuck Taylors? But it’s hard to think of this versatile shoe as anything athletic from a distance.

As was briefly mentioned in our article on Shoe Silhouettes, the rubber-soled canvas shoe marked a pivotal moment in the history of athletic footwear and miraculously, it remains popular even after athletes and their trainers have switched to better, more engineered shoe options. Shoe tastes and technology changed, but Converse remained on the feet of young Americans.

Converse History and Philosophy

For most of his life, Marquis Mills of Malden Massachusetts, mainly focused on rubber shoes and other waterproof clothing, but in 1908 they turned their eyes to the booming sportswear market. Only fifty years earlier, Charles Goodyear had received his patent for rubber vulcanization, allowing for all kinds of rubber-related creations.

In our case, shoes. This new technology was paired with professional sports teams across the country, creating the resources and demand needed to make new types of sports shoes. The result is the shoe below, which is called No-Skid for its innovative, grippy sole. The shoe comes in leather and canvas variants, mostly in a rather unattractive brown color.

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The Converse Rubber Shoe Company is an offshoot of Marquis, whose main focus shifted to athletic footwear in 1915. In 1920, their signature shoe was renamed the All-Star to further convince athletes that it was a true champion shoe.

The same year as the All-Star rebranding, Chuck Taylor of Akron Firestones came to Converse HQ complaining of an injured leg. However, this whinging basketball player found himself hired as a salesman and ambassador for a brand that was fledgling. Taylor soon realized that the Converse All-Star would be a success and could be the answer to his sore leg.

Chuck Taylor was anything but passive during his tenure at Converse. He’s driving all over the country, spreading the good news about a shoe that will soon bear his name. He lobbied for the shoe so effectively that when, in 1936, basketball was added to the Olympic roster, the American team wore the Converse. In fact, they were wearing what are perhaps the most popular of the time models, a classic white top with blue and red accents.

Much like the Champion T-shirt, another sporty invention, the practical application of Converse was identified by the American Military at the start of World War II. The war years, like many other clothing pieces, Converse democratized. Millions of young people training for service wear high canvas tops.

At the end of the war, the famous black and white model was developed. This new, sleek line of color coincided with the formation of the National Basketball Association (NBA). And to further dominate the market, Converse introduced the oxford, or low-top.

Driven to change things in the late 60s, Converse introduced One Star. With more support and cushioning than ever before, it is aimed at basketball players who have strayed from the Converse brand. The version below is the second attempt to get people excited about this new silhouette. It stayed on the market for one year, 1974-75 and then disappeared. Converse is having a problem.

But as the world of sport was exposed to new technology and custom footwear choices in the 1970s, which Nike typically offered, Converse became more of a counter-cultural touchstone than a practical choice for athletes. Chuck Taylor is more likely to be found at the feet of musicians and actors than at the starting line.

The Chuck Taylor brand was once the tallest, controlling 80% of the footwear market at its peak. In the 40s and 50s, it was easy enough to prevent the advancement of brands like PF Flyers (despite the fact that PF actually had cushioning in its shoes, making it a much better choice for athletes), but in the 70s and 80s, the shoe like the Onitsuka Tigers, Air Jordans, and other high-tech options took the company to new lows.

Converse slowly declined until it declared bankruptcy in 2001, when the company was bailed out by one of its biggest competitors, Nike. Nike shifted production from the US to Asia in order to cut costs and thus, the quality of the product was severely reduced. But because they look so different, people keep buying those shoes, whatever they are.

Converse Today

The Converse of today (such as those of Nike) has proven itself to be a litigated organization, prone to error on a large scale. The Chuck Taylor II above was announced in 2016 and its launch wreaked havoc for the company, halting growth for the first time since the brand’s revival in the early 2000s and leading to the sacking of Converse’s previous head, David Grasso.

The changes were largely cosmetic in nature, although the brand added cushioning to the sole and raised prices significantly. Whatever the reason, people refused to bear the higher price and this failure shook the company to its core. The Converse website was quietly incorporated into Nike around the same time.

Converse has filed lawsuits against other shoemakers periodically since 2008, but on June 23, 2016, the International Trade Commission ruled that toe covers, bumpers and stripes were not sufficient for the Converse trademark. Converse has refused to accept this decision and is now appealing the decision.

This pair of PF Flyers was created to celebrate Converse’s untimely defeat of their lawsuit against thirty other shoe companies. If Converse had its way, it would have the exclusive right to incorporate the toe covers, bumpers, and stripes seen above… and on many other shoes.

Iconic Products

Chuck Taylor All Star

Low-end Chuck Taylor, this is what you’ll find in the mall and at the feet of most consumers. This Chuck Taylor looks like the old one, but with lots of cuts. Low quality canvas, lack of support, and cheap material.

If you haven’t bought a pair since the 90’s, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. Since moving production to Asia, the quality of this Chuck has dropped dramatically.

Available for $ 55 from Nike.

Chuck 70

For just over 30 bucks, you can become the proud owner of a ’70s Chuck. This reproduction is also made in Asia, but of a much higher quality. With double-layered canvas, cotton laces, and taller fox boots, these shoes are made to match the higher standard of 1970’s Chuck Taylor.

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They come in regular core colors, with dozens of eye-catching colors and collaborations available all over the internet. If you want to buy Converse, do yourself a favor and shell out the extra cash.

Available for $ 85 from Nike.

Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers have been around since the early 20th century, but haven’t changed much – until recently. In 2015, The Chuck II – a new line of Converse that looks almost the same as the original shoe but with less cushioning and curved support – started to hit the market. In honor of kick endurance, here are 11 facts about the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

  1. Originally an athletic shoe.

The Converse All-Star debuted in 1917 as an athletic sneakers. It quickly became the number one shoe for basketball, then became a relatively new sport (basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891, but the NBA wasn’t founded until 1946). In the late 1940s, most of the NBA used the Chucks. They remain the best-selling basketball shoes of all time, even though very few people wear them again for basketball. (Many teams switched to Adidas leather in the late 60s.)

  1. Earlier Converse rain boots.

The company was started in 1908 as a rubber shoe company that produced rubber boots.

  1. The All-Star design hasn’t changed much since 1917.

The updated Chuck II was Converse’s first real attempt to update its flagship product since the early 20th century. It’s understandable that the company is reluctant to shake things up: All-Stars make up the majority of the company’s revenue, and like any classic design, its fans can be die-hard fans. In the 1990s, when the company tried to introduce an All-Stars that was more comfortable and had fewer design inconsistencies, big fans revolted. “They miss imperfections in the rubber band that covers the base of the shoe,” according to the Washington Post. The company returned to making shoes that were slightly imperfect.

  1. Chuck Taylor is a basketball player and coach

Taylor is a Converse salesperson and former professional basketball player who toured the country teaching basketball clinics (and selling shoes) starting in the 1920s. His name was added to the ankle patch on sneakers in 1932.

  1. And even though he sold Chuck lots, he wasn’t always a great trainer.

Taylor is largely responsible for the popularity of the shoe among athletes (the company rewards him with an unlimited expense account), but his training advice is not always the best. As former University of North Carolina player Larry Brown told Spin in oral history about shoes:

My greatest memory of Chuck Taylor – perhaps ’61 or ’62 – is that he told Coach [Dean] Smith he was going to make us special weight shoes in Carolina blue. The idea is we will wear weighted shoes in training, and then during the match, we will run faster and jump higher. Well, we tried it for one workout and everyone had hamstring injuries.

  1. Converse didn’t intend for his shoes to be punk.

“We’ve always thought of ourselves as an athletic shoe company,” John O’Neil, who oversaw Converse marketing from 1983 to 1997, told Spin. We want to sell healthy shoes. The company still touted its shoes as basketball sneakers until 2012, and some of its non-Chucks sneakers still have professional backers.

Finally embracing its role in the music scene, the company launched Rubber Tracks, a Brooklyn-based recording studio where bands can record for free, in 2011.

  1. Not all Ramones are fans.

Chuck Taylors was associated with punk rockers, especially the Ramones, but not everyone in the band wore it. “Dee Dee and I turned to Chuck Taylors because they stopped making [styles of] US Keds and Pro-Keds [which we love],” Marky Ramone told Spin. “Joey never wore it. He needs a lot of arch support and Chuck Taylors is no good for that. ”

  1. Chuck was originally just a high boss.

In 1962, Converse launched its first oxford Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Previously, these were just high-top shoes. Four years later, the company will introduce its first colors other than black and white.

  1. Rocky ran into it.

In 1976, the All-Stars was still considered a worthy athletic shoe. If you take a closer look at Rocky’s training montage, you’ll see the boxer wearing Chucks.

  1. Wiz Khalifa loves them.

The rapper named his record label Taylor Gang Records, partly because of his appreciation for Chuck Taylors. In 2013, he launched a shoe collection with Converse featuring 12 styles.


Chinatown x Converse

After the famous collaboration with the star and Nike, Chinatown Market redesigned the Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s on a creamy canvas base, only adding its branding to the tongue. We can stop there except that under ultraviolet light, the vamp is covered with orange, pink or blue on the sides. The Converse logo on the ankle concludes a pair of technicals, which are signed by the smiley. Check out more info on Converse x Chinatown Market.

Chinatown Market is the only brand that adds a comma to Chuck. An association that holds significance since the two heavyweights of sneacker almost never present themselves together and tends to suggest that they are now one.

Converse x Comme des Garçons

These two legends have become accustomed to over the past decade collaborating on various partners, often falling victim to their success. The heart with little eyes of the Comme des Garçons streetwear line was first associated with Converse in 2009 with a logo on the ankle, in place of the symbolic rosette. See more info on the collaboration between Converse and Comme des Garçons.

Indeed, 8 years ago, the Japanese brand began to revise the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, adding the initials of the house. Then CDG started a creative frenzy, revisiting Jack Purcell in 2011 and then in 2013, Pro Leather.

The last child pair of the two precursors was the SS19 collection, launching the Chuck Taylor Converse, which was again a huge success. In terms of sales, both versions of Chuck Taylor started off very well. They quickly became mainstream while other, more technical associations were released in fewer copies and therefore more confidential.

Converse x Off White

It’s almost too predictable to see the Chuck Taylor 70s Hi Converse fall into Virgil Abloh’s hands. Indeed, acclaimed creator / manager Kanye West and new artistic director Louis Vuitton have revisited the conversation pair several times. The “The ten” version, for example, takes the design of this model by adding an offbeat and conceptual touch.

We’ll especially remember the last Off-White series, Nike and Converse, where media creators have rethought the classic white canvas with the famous black stripes on the sole. There are also mocking badges such as branding on the ankle and the inscription “SHOELACES” which explicitly mentions shoelaces. See more info on Converse x Off White.

Virgil Abloh, Nike’s great madman, is like many of the artists who used Chuck as a canvas to express himself freely and add his touch to the legend. But it’s not just fashion monsters who can access their customization. Indeed, we will see that the star also serves as a springboard for young, ambitious content creators.

16 Best Tourist Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda

16 Best Tourist Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda . A former British colony in the East Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda has some of the most charming beaches in the world. Antigua proudly says that it has “beautiful and unique beaches all year round,” and Barbuda, Antigua’s sleepy sister island, is also blessed with pristine stretches of pink sand dotted with gorgeous resorts. Not surprisingly, many movie stars and moguls jet to the islands to swim, surf, sunbathe and pass out on these enchanting beaches.

Antigua attracts most of the visitors. Many arrive at the cruise ship port in the capital St. Colorful John’s, shopping, museums and historical buildings are its main attraction. The island preserves its history as a strategic naval port, and animal lovers can swim with the friendly stingrays.

Peaceful Barbuda has less than two percent of the islands’ combined population. Seclusion-seekers and nature lovers alike appreciate serenity, while birders love fairytale frigate sanctuaries.

Water sports abound on both islands; diving, swimming, fishing, sailing and windsurfing are all popular things to do, and golfers will find some of the beautiful courses in Antigua.

Plan your perfect Caribbean vacation with our list of the best attractions and places to visit in Antigua and Barbuda.

  1. Half Moon Bay, Antigua

At the southeastern tip of Antigua, Half Moon Bay is bordered by one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Protected by coral reefs, fine white sand and beautiful blue sea this crescent moon, supported by natural foliage, offers excellent snorkeling on calm days. When the wind is blowing hard, the waves can get rough.

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A small restaurant serves snacks near the beach, and you can also rent chairs and umbrellas here.

Note that beaches are hard to find, so a GPS will come in handy.

  1. Stingray City, Antigua

If you have a lifelong fear of stingrays, this fun face-to-face adventure will erase that fear forever. A five-minute speedboat ride off the island’s east coast, Stingray City is a shallow pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of a tropical reef, where hundreds of friendly southern stingrays glide through crystal-clear waters waiting to be fed by visitors.

Depending on your level of comfort, you can stand, swim or snorkel with them, and after your encounter you can explore the surrounding coral reefs. Feeling their smooth and silky body touch your skin is the culmination of this exhilarating adventure.

A trip to Stingray City is one of the most popular things to do in Antigua.

  1. 17 Mile Beach, Barbuda

Those who see 17 Mile Barbuda Beach, will probably never see a more ravishing stretch of coast. Composed by a pale aqua sea, this stunning stretch of pink sand separates the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea and impresses even the most weary of beachgoers.

A walk along this beautiful coast is one of the most popular things to do in Barbuda. The sand here is soft as flour, and its remote location means you can walk for miles and see no other soul.

You can access the beach by boat, or if you prefer a view from above, fly over it by helicopter. Tours often include a delicious lunch on the beach.

You can also combine a visit here with a stop at a nearby frigate colony. Both of these attractions are popular Antigua day trips.

Insider Tip: The beach has no facilities – and no shade – so if you’re not on an organized tour you’ll need to bring your own food and water, as well as plenty of sun protection.

  1. Dickenson Bay, Antigua

On the northwest tip of Antigua, Dickenson Bay is one of Antigua’s most popular and beautiful beaches. You’ll find everything you need right here for a relaxing – or refreshing – day by the sea.

Resorts and restaurants line this mile-long stretch of fine white sand, and you can try a variety of water sports. Protected by offshore reef, this bay is great for swimming, and you’ll find activity booths along the sand that rent out everything you need for other water activities, including jet skiing, snorkeling, and kayaking. The bay is also the windsurfing hub of Antigua.

If you just want to sunbathe on the sand and gaze at the dazzling blue sea, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Dickenson Bay is also home to the iconic red telephone booth, which is featured in many tourist Instagram photos.

After a day in the sun, you can enjoy fresh seafood at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach or order a relaxing massage along the beach.

Dickenson Bay is also home to some of the island’s most popular resorts, including Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa and Siboney Beach Club.

  1. Nelson Shipyard National Park, Antigua

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, on English Harbor, is a popular tourist spot, filled with many attractions. Its main claim to fame is that it remains the world’s only continuously operating Georgian shipyard – it is home to the former 18th century Antigua Naval Shipyard, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2016.

During your visit, you can learn more about the shipyard’s rich history at The Dockyard Museum in the former Admiral’s House. But you can also enjoy the atmosphere by strolling around all of the beautifully restored stone sheds, a stark contrast to the luxurious superyachts on the marina. Most of these old buildings are now home to hotels, restaurants, shops and galleries.

If you wish to explore further, the area is also home to some of the best nature trails on the island, leading to historic fortifications with panoramic views. Perched on a hilltop in Shirley Heights, Fort Shirley offers the best views (bring your camera), and you can also hike up to Fort Berkeley, at the western entrance to the harbor.

The park is also home to an 18th-century Clarence House, originally built for the future King William IV, and you can watch an engaging multimedia presentation on the history of the island at the Dow’s Hill Interpretation Center, along the Lookout Trail near Shirley Heights.

  1. St. John’s, Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda’s capital and cruise ship port, is a kaleidoscope of candy-colored colonial cottages and market stalls piled high with tropical fruit and flowers.

Towering above the horizon is the white neo-Baroque tower of St. John, one of the city’s most distinctive buildings. Currently undergoing a complete recovery.

For an overview of the island’s history, head to the tiny Antigua and Barbuda Museum in the former 18th-century Courthouse, and to soak up more of Antigua’s past, take a walk around Betty’s Hope, the 17th-century ruins of the largest sugar plantation. on the island. A small museum here highlights the life of the slaves who built it.

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Since the capital is a popular cruise ship stop, it’s no surprise that shopping is one of the most popular things to do on St. Petersburg. John’s, Antigua. Duty-free shops abound at Heritage Quay, attractive souvenir stalls from the touristy Redcliffe Quay, and the bustling harbor-side public market are must-visit spots on Fridays and Saturdays.

For panoramic views of the town and harbor, hike the steep trail to Fort Barrington, which was built to protect St. Petersburg. John’s from France.

  1. Devil’s Bridge: Indian Municipal National Park, Antigua

Along the rugged northeast coast, the dramatic views of India’s Municipal National Park feature natural Limestone Bridges, sculpted over the centuries by crashing waves. During high tide, the waves force the water geysers through blowholes in nearby rocks.

The park also offers some rewarding hikes and excellent bird watching. More than 36 species of birds perch in the park among acacia trees, and the eastern part of the park is believed to be Arawak’s campsite.

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Museum

The Antigua and Barbuda Museum is the perfect place to visit to get a feel for the history of these beautiful islands. You don’t need a lot of time here. All exhibits are in one room, and cover topics such as the geological origins of the island, colonial history, slavery, archeology, sports and political independence in 1981.

Highlights include full-scale replicas of Arawak’s residence, as well as pottery, weaving, tooling and exhibits on the various ecosystems of the island. The museum is located in the former 18th century Courthouse on St. Petersburg. John’s.

  1. Fig Tree Drive, Antigua

Along the southern coast of Antigua, Fig Tree Drive traverses rainforest, farmland and fishing villages. This scenic ride offers a glimpse into local life. Banana trees (called “figs” by the locals), mango trees and coconut palms dot the landscape, as well as the ruins of a sugar factory. Look for roadside stalls selling fresh fruit – especially super juicy pineapples.

Along the route, the Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery sells vibrant local art, and if you’re looking for something a little more active, drop by Antigua Rainforest Zipline Tours for an exhilarating canopy tour.

  1. Frigate Sanctuary, Barbuda

The Frigate Barbuda Bird Sanctuary is a birders’ paradise. Accessible only by boat, the bird sanctuary is located in Barbuda’s northwest lagoon and is home to one of the largest nesting colonies of frigates in the Caribbean.

This large seabird is known for its bright red throat and wingspan of one and a half meters. The reserve also attracts about 150 other bird species such as herons, cormorants and pelicans.

  1. Darby’s Caves, Barbuda

Darby’s Cave, caused by burning limestone, is one of Barbuda’s most interesting natural features. Although often described as a cave, the site is actually a sinkhole over 100 meters in diameter.

In contrast to the surrounding dry shrubs, the lush vegetation that thrives in it resembles a rainforest, with ferns, tall palm trees, and thick lianas tied around tree trunks. Many birds can be seen amidst the leaves. The dripping water also creates stalagmites under the overhang.

  1. Martello Tower, Barbuda

The 17 meter high Martello Tower is the tallest building in Barbuda and is important southeastern on the island. The British built these defensive buildings throughout the British Empire, and this particular structure is considered the oldest of its kind in the Caribbean.

The tower is located on the coast on the River, a few miles south of the village, and was built by the British in the early 19th century on the site of an earlier fort that was probably built by the Spanish.

In 2017, the tower’s strength was put to the test, when Hurricane Irma hit the island, destroying 90 percent of Barbuda’s buildings. Martello Tower is one of the few still standing.

At present, the thick stone walls and weapon platforms of this small defensive fortress were mostly intact, and the ruins were attached to the remains of the previous fortress. You can’t climb the tower, but you can scale the back and enjoy the views along the coast.

  1. Pillars of Hercules

While in Antigua be sure to visit the majestic Pillars of Hercules for a first-hand view of these extraordinary limestone formations. The pillar serves as a guard at the entrance to the British Harbor and is only well visible by boats, so grab your camera and be prepared! It is also very popular for diving where you will get to see stingrays, trumpet fish and blue tangs.

  1. Shirley Heights

Just above Nelson’s Dockyard is where you can find Shirley Heights. Tourists and locals usually gather there on Friday nights for the time of their life. Dance to the sound of soca and reggae or enjoy the beat of a live steel pot while admiring the stunning views of the English Harbor. The former rumah jaga also has a restaurant serving delicious smoked grilled ribs, mouthwatering jerk chicken, and delicious juicy burgers for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to visit while in Antigua!

  1. Valley Church Beach

The fine white sand and soothing warm waters of Church Valley Beach are just two reasons why you should visit when in Antigua. Relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere or explore the beautiful marine life on a snorkeling excursion. There is also a Nest restaurant there, serving food and drinks to keep you happy all day long.

  1. Cade’s Reef

Cade’s Reef is a two mile long barrier reef and is the prime area for scuba diving and snorkeling in Antigua. You can find snorkeling boat tours, glass bottom boat tours, motorboats or sailboats to visit coral reefs. The reef segment has been selected as an underwater park where visitors can find dozens of dive sites in both in and out of reach areas. Coral reefs such as Cade’s Reef attract a number of marine creatures such as eels, reef sharks, nurse sharks, barracudas, parrots, snails, lobsters and others with some sheltering under ridges.

25 Must-Visit Outdoor Tourism in Tangerang

25 Must-Visit Outdoor Attractions in Tangerang . Tangerang, this city may not be a tourist destination for many tourists. So far, Tangerang is known as an urban city and a center of trade. But please don’t get me wrong, because in Tangerang you can also enjoy various types of interesting tourist destinations, such as city tours.

Tangerang is located in the northern part of Banten Province and is known as one of the supporting cities for the capital city of Jakarta. Apart from being called an industrial city, not many people make Tangerang a tourist attraction. In fact, if you look at the city this one is quite strategic and has a lot of hidden charm.

Together with Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Tangerang must be the main destination for Banten Province. If you want to find a vacation destination, or at least spend the weekend, please try the following vacation destination suggestions.

  1. Lake Cisoka

A tourist spot that can be recommended to visit Tangerang for the weekend is Lake Cisoka. This exotic blue lake is surrounded by limestone hills which are not only very exotic and charming, but can also be a place with a low location.

This exotic lake in the Cisoka Tangerang area is indeed very popular with residents of Tangerang and its surroundings. The lake was formed from ex excavation and mining. In the hustle and bustle of the city of Tangerang, you can enjoy beautiful and exotic views.

Location: Jl. Cigaru Cisoka, Cisoka, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Koja Cliff

Who says that in a metropolitan area like Tangerang you can’t find beautiful natural attractions with pleasant views? This Koja cliff is the proof. The attraction of this destination is its towering rocky cliffs surrounded by clear water and a river surrounded by lush greenery.

Because of its charm, Koja Cliff has become one of the most popular destinations lately. Many travelers come to this place to take pictures. Its uniqueness and extraordinary vision make visitors feel like they are in another dimension. Because of this, many people refer to this destination as Gozila’s Cage.

Location: Carlyle Cireundeu Solear, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Gintung Island Park

If you are in the Tangerang area, even in the middle of the city, you will have no trouble finding natural tourist destinations. One of them is in the Situ Gintung artificial lake area. It’s like being in Jindong Island Park there.

In this natural tourism area, you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery surrounded by green trees, but also the coolness of the lake. You can also do various water sports and other interesting outdoor activities here.

Location: Jl. Pisangan Raya RT, 20. 03/09, Cireundeu, Kec. Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Kronjo Cup Island

A more popular natural tourist destination, especially for travelers to Tangerang. Cup Kronjo Island is a destination in the northern part of Tangerang whose beauty and uniqueness is different from other destinations.

When you first enter the island in the shape of a cup, you have to cross a long bridge that connects the island to the mainland. On the island, you can enjoy exotic beach views. Apart from that, you can also make a pilgrimage to the outstanding scholars on the island. Really a complete goal.

Location: Village Kec Kronjo. Kronjo, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Ocean Park BSD

Are you looking to find a family resort where you and your kids can have fun, but still have fun? Try going to Ocean Park BSD. Just like water parks in other cities, Ocean Park also offers a variety of interesting water parks.

You can try various exciting rides, ranging from water rides that are safe for children to adrenaline-tested water rides specifically for adult tourists. On the other hand, oni destinations also provide interesting photo spots.

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Location: Pahlawan Seribu, Kec. Lengkong Gudang, Central Business District. Serpong, Dan Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Portrait garden

The park is an alternative tourist attraction for residents living in metropolitan areas. On weekends, you can visit Tangerang Portrait Park. It is about 5 hectares wide and can do a lot of interesting things.

This park has lots of places to take selfies because it used to be known as a selfie park. You can enjoy free wireless internet in this park. There is also a snack market where you can chat or relax as friends.

Location: RT.001 / RW.005 Tangerang, Babakan.

  1. Amsterdam Water Park

Playing water is an interesting holiday activity. You can play in Tangerang (Tangerang). It so happened to be in the Water Park Amsterdam, where there are unique buildings. You will find similar buildings in the Netherlands.

Holidays with family, especially holidays with family will be very fun. Not to mention the water park facilities which are quite complete and adequate.

Location: Jl. Boulevard Raya Gelam Jaya Pasar Kemis, Kec Jaya, Kec. Pasar Kemis, Tangerang City.

  1. Single Elephant Park

Taman Gajah Tunggal is the next unique park that can be found in Tangerang City. There are many devices made from scrap materials, and these are not the only ones. One such device is a statue of an elephant welcoming you.

Taman Gajah Tunggal offers a wide range of facilities, from open spaces for sports or picnics to recreation spaces filled with children’s playgrounds.

Location: Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan I No.1, RT.006 / RW.003, Babakan, Tangerang, Tangerang .

  1. Citra Raya World Wonders

This destination is also suitable as a family tourist destination. Apart from a variety of water sports from regular competitions to adrenaline testing, the attraction of this destination also includes areas that offer famous landmarks around the world.

In this area, you can see miniatures of world-famous landmarks, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids and even Borobudur. Therefore, you can not only have fun while visiting, but also learn at the same time.

Location: Jl. Ecopolis Boulevard in Ex. Mekar Bakti, Kec. Panongan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Door 10

If you visit Tangerang but do not own the trademark, the description is incomplete. Pintu Air 10 is one of the architectural legacies of the colonial era and is still functioning well today. At first glance, it is no wonder that you will see the classic design of classic Dutch architecture.

It is called 10 sluice gates because there are 10 gates, each 10m wide. Another attraction of this location is the twinkling lights at night which is always a favorite spot for photography hunters.

Location: Mekarsari Village, Kandang. Neglasari, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Floating Castle Froggy Edutography

If you are a fan of the Disney Princess story, maybe this destination is your best recommendation. The main concept is Jack and The Bean Talk in a fairy tale, a magnificent castle building standing in the tourist area of ​​Tangerang, making you feel like you are in the clouds.

It doesn’t stop here, it feels like the fantasy in the world of fairy tales is getting more complete. The various interesting attractions in this palace are very similar to the scenery in fairy tales. Not to mention there are beautifully displayed carriages that will make you truly feel like Cinderella.

Location: Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard, Kec. Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Cihuni

Tangerang has many destinations in the form of a lake or lake with different attractions. For example Situ Cihuni like this. This lake is located in the Pagedangan area of ​​Tangerang Regency and might be a suitable location for those who like cycling.

In the Situ Cihuni area, there is a bicycle path that is very popular and challenging for cyclists. Not only that, if you visit with your family, you can also enjoy fun outdoor activities here, such as harvesting fruits and vegetables in the farm area.

Location: Cihuni Subdistrict Village. Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Tanjung Kait Beach

Tangerang beach destinations are as beautiful as the beaches of Bali. Tanjung Kait Beach (Tanjung Kait Beach) is a favorite tourist destination for travelers who want to enjoy beautiful beach views in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Tanjung Kait Beach (Tanjung Kait Beach) has clear water, with rows of houses on stilts. Sunset on Tanjung Kait Beach is a must-see when visiting this place. Tanjung Kait’s various seafood products are another highlight for tourists.

Location: Jl. Raya Tanjung Kait, Ketapang, Mauk, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Kandank Jurank Doank

You may be able to travel while studying in this unique place. Kandank Jurank Doank is a place with the concept of a school of nature. Cage Abyss Doank was founded in 1993 by artist Dik Doank. Initially, it was used for local children who could not go to school. Now, it is gradually being used as a tourist attraction. You can enjoy a simple and natural atmosphere in this place.

Not only that, tourists can also do outdoor activities to make the holidays even more exciting. The courses at the Nature School are usually open from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sundays. The test for joining this program is to attract Garuda Pancasila. Visiting Kandank Jurank Doank, you will also be spoiled with a variety of interesting facilities. From multimedia facilities to outdoor activities (such as outbound activities).

Location: Alvita Blok Q 14, Sawah Baru, Kec. Ciputat, South Tangerang.

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  1. Situ Bulakan

Situ Bulakan is a lake with an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. Most of the tourists who visit there can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Especially on weekends, this place will be visited a lot.

You can try a rowing boat which costs only around Rp. Only 30,000. Apart from that, you can also try a variety of dishes.

Location: Jl. Villa Mutiara Pluit, RT.004 / RW.013, Periuk, Kec. Periuk, Tangerang City.

  1. Tangerang Old Market

For those who want to find food at night, this Tangerang old market can be an option. The place that is open at night is always full of tourists every day. You can find all kinds of traditional to modern dishes.

It is perfect for dinner with family or friends. Not only that, you can also buy other necessities at this ancient Tangerang market.

Location: Jl. Gizamon (RR 001 / RW.006, Lama Pasar, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang.

  1. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park

Visiting Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park, you will get a beauty that makes you full of challenges. Yes, because this crocodile park is a large enough crocodile farm. You can immediately see crocodiles, there are hundreds of species of crocodiles.

Even so, you don’t have to worry about well-maintained security. You can enjoy affordable tickets from 08.00 to 18.00.

Location: Tanjung Pasir, Teluk Naga, Tangerang City

  1. The Breeze BSD City

BSD City is an area with the concept of a city within a well-planned city. The area is indeed a famous commercial and lifestyle center. But who would have thought, relaxing in the middle of a busy life could also be an option for this destination.

Even though it was built with the main concept of a modern city, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery here. With the existence of an artificial lake, a very attractive garden design makes you feel like you are in a busy city.

Location: Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard, Sampora, BSD, Banten (Tangerang).

  1. Scientia Square Park

On the weekends, you want to go out and spend some relaxing time with your family. Try to find a tourist destination that not only provides calm and happiness, but also allows children to learn what went wrong.

Scientia Square Park is an outdoor tourism area that provides various outdoor facilities from sports to games Here, you can also teach children to love nature through a variety of fun activities, such as learning to farm, observing koi fish, and bull riding.

Location: Jl. Scientia Boulevard in Sangereng, Kruger, Kentucky. Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Tingal Land

The next destination is an area with an urban forest concept that will provide a variety of interesting outdoor activities. Tanah Tingal is located in the middle of the city, becoming an escape destination from boring daily activities.

There are various supporting facilities for complete outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy sports on this lake, such as kayaking facilities. If you like adrenaline-pumping games, you can play in the pool or climb the wall.

Location: Jl. Merpati Raya, Kel Sawah Baru 32B. Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Bekelir Village

Rural tourism with the theme of countryside is indeed a tourism trend in Indonesia. Bekelir village in Tangerang is attracting a lot of attention. This very beautiful and colorful village was once a slum. But with creativity, Bekelir village is the most popular Instagram destination.

Every corner of this village has a charming and colorful design. Not to mention the presence of unique pictures and gadgets, such as colorful umbrellas that hang like floating umbrellas, making this place even more interesting to look at.

Location: For example, Pakistan Baba Ka Tangerang, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Situ Cipondoh

Tangerang has one or more lakes which can be a weekend destination. Situ Cipondoh is a favorite destination for families. Various family facilities are provided here to support your rest time with your family.

Apart from the beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding trees, Situ Cipondoh also provides various interesting tourist facilities. There are bike trails, duck boats, fishing areas and fox rides.

Location: Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari (Kasi) Cipondoh, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Taman Kota 1 BSD

Tangerang is one of the cities that is very busy and it is very difficult to find tourist attractions. However, if you want to get some fresh air, you can choose Taman Kota 1 BSD. The design of this city park is similar to a forest, so it can be used as a place to unwind.

You can hang out on the edge of the park or enjoy a snack. The facilities provided by this park are also very abundant, so you can enjoy them.

Location: Jl. Lieutenant Sucipto, Lengkong Gudang Timur, Kec. Serpong, Tangerang City.

  1. Cikokol Key Park

Still from the Cikokol Tangerang area, currently there is a park that has been attacked and visited by many young people from Tangerang. Taman Kunci Cikokol may offer the same things as other city parks, a cool and beautiful atmosphere, as well as various supporting facilities for family entertainment.

What’s interesting in this park is that there are many scenic spots designed to attract tourists to take pictures. No wonder so many young people come to this park just to look for confusing photo spots. Not to mention that the presence of rabbits and butterflies in the garden area will make children feel at home when playing in this park.

Location: Babakan Tangerang, Tangerang. 

Those are 25 recommendations for outdoor tourist attractions in Tangerang that must be visited. Even though it is known as a metropolitan city, Tangerang also has many interesting and contemporary tourist attractions.

Requirements for choosing an online SBOBET agent with abundant bonus values

Requirements for Choosing an Online SBOBET Agent with Abundant Bonus Value – The criteria and great potential of an online SBOBET agent can present great opportunities to all bettors. As in the assessment of a novice bettor that there are several exact requirements to determine the best agent with an abundant bonus value. In fact, novice players can understand how to choose an SBOBET gambling agent correctly and profitably.

Requirements for choosing an online SBOBET agent with abundant bonus values

Various kinds of the best choices in determining the SBOBET online bus agent are expected from the side of the playing experience of a new member. Therefore you need to try to look at what are the requirements in determining an SBOBET gambling agent with an abundant bonus value as follows.

1. Always consider the best agent features
so that the abundant bonus value can be obtained with a combination of winnings and profits, so consider the best features of one agent. So from that a new member could just get the big chance of winning which is now needed to reach the target of multiple profits. In this case, new players must be able to try how appropriate ways to assess agent features can provide great benefits or vice versa.

2. The existence of a safer withdrawal system
apart from observing how the abundant bonus value can be accessed by all players, of course in terms of choosing the withdrawal system it must also be felt safer. Therefore there are a number of precise techniques that continue to be taken into account as the basics of playing more accurately. Until finally the withdraw system becomes a safer benchmark in all playing capital options.

3. 24-hour service standards from
the SBOBET online betting agent agent can clearly show how to win from a player. From here, 24-hour service is deemed necessary and ultimately becomes the main reference for players to determine the best and most trusted agent. Until later, the concept of developing a large profit value in online soccer betting games now clearly can show greater benefits.

The importance of online SBOBET agents with large bonuses for players
in general, there are a number of assumptions that playing at the one best agent can immediately show a big winning solution. However, every bettor needs to understand how important an online SBOBET agent is to be able to show how to get bigger wins in one trusted place.

1. Ensuring that all bonus values ​​are received by members
there is a more appropriate and profitable opportunity from one SBOBET gambling agent, all of which show new and best access to players. In ensuring the bonus value can be received by a player, all the bettor can feel the satisfaction in determining the agent. That is why a player has to go through a lot of processes who want to make sure all bonus values ​​can be received more completely.

2. Maximizing All Playing Processes and Predictions
playing soccer betting online must rely on all predictions more fully. In the end, the technique of playing and getting big wins can show how to get a more definite profit. For this reason, you need to try how predictions and playing capital can be maximized to choose the best and most trusted agent for novice or professional players.

It is not enough to try all the features of the SBOBET online agent in full. But players also need references on the right ways to see how the new stages need to be presented as the main step in examining important means of playing online soccer betting. Pay attention to all the innovations in the SBOBET gambling agent that have been put forward as the best basis for trying all new capital options.

Tours in East Jakarta You Really Must Visit

Tours in East Jakarta You Really Must Visit . East Jakarta is a city or regency located in East Java Province, Java Island. Before discussing the beauty of tourism in the city of East Jakarta, we must first understand the history of the name of the city of East Jakarta.

History of the city or region of East Jakarta. East Jakarta Administrative City is the name of an administrative city in the eastern part of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. The seat of government is in Cogan. East Jakarta is one of 5 administrative cities and 1 administrative district of DKI with its motto, Bambu Apus-Sri Dunting.

Until the late 1990s, the East Jakarta Mayor’s Office was located at Jalan Jatinegara. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the mayor’s office was moved to the Penggilingan area in the Kogan district. The mayor’s office address is Dr. factory. Soemarno No. Cagon 1. If you have heard of East Jakarta, this city is synonymous with East Jakarta, and represents the beauty of East Jakarta. In fact, the beauty of tourism in East Jakarta is able to attract celebrities to visit the beauty of East Jakarta tourism which has been exposed at home and abroad. It can be said that the natural atmosphere in the eastern city of Jakarta has not been fully explored by experts, so there are still many hidden natural resources.

Those who want to enjoy popular attractions while taking a leisurely stroll in East Jakarta, this is a new tourist destination in East Jakarta. Interestingly, this village feels like a truly remote village in the archipelago. Travelers can also communicate directly with local residents, craftsmen and traditional musicians. The good news is that everything from the past to the future is packed in historical chronology. Therefore, I am proud of Indonesian people who are rich in culture. This seems to remind us that if Indonesia dares to develop its own culture it will develop rapidly.

We should be grateful for the beauty of natural tourism in East Jakarta, which is located between clear water and fresh, uncontaminated air, which can relieve fatigue after busy activities. This is a city tour of East Jakarta that we must protect and maintain its beauty.

1. Lake Arwana Cibubur (TAC)

Arwana Cibubur (TAC) Tourism in East Jakarta DKI Jakarta is a tourist spot that you must visit because its beauty is second to none. Local residents in East Jakarta are also very friendly with local and foreign tourists. The city of East Jakarta is also known for a tour at Arwana Cibubur (TAC) in DKI Jakarta, East Jakarta.

In a big city like Jakarta, it is almost impossible to find a rural atmosphere that is still beautiful. Even if there is, maybe not many people know the existence of this tourist spot. With the concept of open nature, this place is very suitable as a family vacation destination, especially for parents who want to take their children on vacation.

Various facilities can provide children with educational and entertainment trips. There are swimming pools, ATVs, motorbikes, water parks, bungee jumping beds, children’s toy huts, rice fields, medicinal gardens, mud pools, rice cultivation, rice plows with buffaloes, fishing ponds, paintball, and a 150 meter long flying fox. .

2. Beautiful Indonesian Miniature Park (TMII)

DKI Jakarta Timur Jakarta Wisata Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in Cipayung is the most popular tourist spot in East Jakarta. TMII has an area of ​​about 150 hectares and is a tourist spot with the theme of Indonesian culture in East Jakarta. Apart from that, you can also see traditional costumes and dances. At TMII, there are miniatures of Indonesia and various interesting museums.

For example, a transportation museum, a sports museum, an electric power museum, an insect museum, etc. If you want a different atmosphere, TMII also provides entertainment facilities, such as the Indonesian Children’s Palace, Hangar, Keong Theater, Snowbay Water Park, etc. TMII also has various types of gardens, ranging from cactus gardens, orchid gardens, bird gardens to Chinese cultural parks.

You can see a small lake similar to the Indonesian archipelago from Sabang to Merauke. In every province in Indonesia, you can still find many unique cultures here, from traditional clothing, traditional dances, chapels, museums, etc. In this regional pavilion, you can find the cultures of 34 provinces in Indonesia.

3. Asmat Museum

East Jakarta Asmat Cipayung Museum Tour is located in the Golden Keong Flower Park in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta. With the blessing of Mrs. Tien Suharto, the Asmat Museum Building was built on February 20, 1986 and opened on April 20, 1986. You can enter the 6,500 square meter museum from the north through Keong Emas Flower Park or through the freshwater aquarium park from the east.

The exterior of the Asmat Museum building imitates the Karwari House which is a church of the Tobati-Enggros tribe who are the original inhabitants of Lake Sentani Papua, but the interior decoration is modern. The three main buildings in the permanent showroom and the two connected buildings in the Asmart Museum are fan-shaped. The top is covered with conical leaves as high as 25 m. Asmat’s signature decorations can be found in various parts of the building, in red, white and black.

The Asmat cultural objects on display are arranged according to the theme. The first building has the theme of humans and the environment, featuring various traditional clothes and jewelery, dioramas, ancestral spirit boats (ulamong), ancestral statues (Mbis poles) and decorations that represent the phenomena of life. Craft tools, hunting tools, traditional Asmat weapons, artifacts and rituals.

4. Naniura Sushi Bar

Wisata Naniura Sushi Bar in Kalimalang, East Jakarta DKI Jakarta is a must-visit tourist spot because its beauty is second to none. Local residents in the eastern part of Jakarta are also very friendly with local and foreign tourists. The city of East Jakarta is also famous for its Naniura Sushi Bar Tour in East Jakarta, Kalimalang DKI.

Naniura is Batak food, but why sushi? Interested! First of all, a little surprise. The interior is cute! There are many cool abstract paintings on the walls of the room. Then you can choose to sit on a chair or sit cross-legged on the tatami. The room is very spacious, and a waiter also explained that sushi is raw food produced in Japan, and the Batak people themselves have sashimi, this sashimi is cooked with spices and not cooked.

The owner of this restaurant is a Batak, so the name Naniura Pun Diusung is the name of this restaurant. There is also a new menu called Flame Dragon. So this is sushi where the prawns are rolled into aluminum foil so that they burn on the table. Apart from sushi, you can also order other foods such as chicken cordon bleu, teriyaki, udon noodles, etc.

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5. Indonesian Children’s Palace

Tikur DKI Jakarta is a palace tour for Indonesian children in Cipayung in the form of a palace-shaped building similar to a cinderella fairy tale, this palace can be used as a place to learn and entertain children. The main palace building named Graha Widya Tama consists of four floors, with open spaces on the second floor. The building has two wings and towering towers, symbolizing the solidarity of boys and girls and their extraordinary accomplishments.

President Soeharto signed the inauguration of this building on April 20, 1986. In this room there is an exhibition of wayang golek and various traditional children’s games. This palace is equipped with props, including: science and technology props, two-tone and penta-music instruments, a healthy and educational sports field, as well as other visual aids that stimulate the public’s desire to gain more knowledge.

It is a regular or regular program that aims to expand children’s knowledge and skills, including games, arts, science and other activities. Children who are interested in dance, music, gamelan and wayang can take part in art education and training activities.

6. Bale Halim Bengong

During this Bale Halim Bengong Jakarta Timur DKI Jakarta tour in Jakarta, you can enjoy a variety of delicious culinary delights provided by seafood which tastes addicting. Apart from the famous seafood food, this restaurant also has a cool atmosphere which is rare in Jakarta. In this place children can play some games, so if you visit East Jakarta, this restaurant is one of the recommended places.

Shrimp, honey sauce prawns, mayonnaise prawns and salted egg fried prawns. From the outside, the prawns were very fat. In terms of taste, the shrimp is fresh (tasteless), clean, crispy and salty. Salted Egg Sauce: The sauce tongue is very soft. Original taste of high quality salted egg. The simple seasoning also helps bring out the original flavor of the eggs.

Honey sauce: sweet honey cake. The taste is not too sweet and still leaves a smell of honey. There is also a squid menu there. Sperm are soft and filled with patong sauce seasoning, turning bright red at once. Apart from the sambal padang, the grilled squid is also delicious. The taste and aroma is very distinctive. The five fish menus ordered all have fresh and tasteless fish flavors.

7. Jatinegara Struggle Monument

Jatinegara Struggle Monument Tour, DKI Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta) Jakarta is a must-visit tourist spot because its beauty is second to none. Local residents in the eastern part of Jakarta are also very friendly with local and foreign tourists. East Jakarta City (East Jakarta City) is also famous for the Jatinegara Struggle Monument Tour in Jatinegara in Jakarta DKI Jakarta, East Jakarta.

The monument was initiated by the Governor of KDKI Jakarta Ali Sadikin and will be built around Viaduk Jatinegara, but it was canceled due to the inappropriate location. The making of this statue took 2.5 years until it was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Tjokropranolo on June 7, 1982.

Haryadi commissioned the statue to be made. These statues were made of concrete and plaster, and the casting was completed in Yogyakarta. The National Teak People’s Struggle Monument is a series of people’s struggles in a series of people’s struggles to commemorate the struggle for independence in the East Jakarta region, especially the Jati State region.

8. Pasar Batu Rawa clear

DKI Jakarta’s Batu Rawabening Market Tour in Jakarta, East Jakarta East Jakarta Jakarta is Jel from Jatinegara Regency, Jakarta, Jakarta, the capital of East Jakarta, Indonesia. West Bekasi, one of the tourist attractions in Rawa Bunga Village. Wisata Pasar Batu Rawabening DKI Jakarta Timur in Jakarta, Jakarta is a busy tourist destination on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and can give a different feeling from our daily activities.

Batu Rawa Bening Market Tour, East Jakarta DKI Jakarta has a very interesting and beautiful spot. If you are not in East Jakarta, it would be a shame not to visit the Batu Rawabening market tour in Jakarta DKI Jakarta Jatinegara DKI Jakarta.

Batu Rawabening Market Tour in East Jakarta DKI Jakarta Jatinegara is perfect for your holiday activities, especially during long holidays such as national holidays or other holidays. The Beauty of Pasar Batu Rawa Bening, East Jakarta DKI Jakarta is very suitable for tourists both near and long distances to visit Batu Rawabening Market, East Jakarta City.

Trusted Football Gambling Agents Are Well-Known To Provide The Best Service

Trusted Football Gambling Agents Are Well-Known To Provide The Best Service – There are many things that you should pay attention to when deciding to play this online soccer gambling. One of them is the agent you play with. Of course, later you have to be able to join a trusted soccer gambling agent. You must do this so that later when you do all the playing process easily. Because this trusted agent will provide many types of the best services that you can feel while playing in it.

The Best Range of Services in a Trusted Football Gambling Agent.

Indeed, this trusted soccer gambling agent will provide a variety of the best services. And all existing services aim to make it easier for you to play. And if you want to know all types of best services available in this trusted agent. Then you have to listen to what the admin will say in the following review:

1. Game Services

The best type of service that you can feel later in playing at a trusted soccer gambling agent is game service Where in this service you will be able to get many types of bets that you can play. As you know in this online soccer gambling game, there will be many types of bets that you can play. In this case it is recommended that you later choose the type of bet that is easy for you to play. Because then you will be able to get victory easily. In this trusted soccer gambling agent, the existing game will apply the fairplay system. Where the system will make it easier for you to win. Because you will be kept away from cheating in this online soccer gambling game.

2. Transaction Services

The best service that you can get next is transaction services. Where will you be when playing online soccer gambling, you will always pass the transaction. As in making the deposit and withdrawal process. Therefore, you should always pay attention to this in playing. And of course you want to find it easy to do it. In this trusted soccer gambling agent, you will be able to get all the conveniences later. Because in you process the transaction later you will be able to find many existing methods. Like you can later do it using the media of bank accounts, pulses and e-payment accounts. You just have to choose a method that you think is easy to do. If you use a bank account in the transaction process. So at this trusted soccer gambling agent, you will be able to get many local banks that you can use. Like bni, bni, mandiri, cimb niaga, and others.

3. Assistance Services

In doing this online soccer gambling game you will also likely experience problems or problems in playing. And if you join a trusted soccer gambling agent. Then you will find all the solutions easily later. Because there is a support service that you can feel the best. By contacting existing contacts. Or with the live chat feature. Then you will be connected to customer service to ask for all the solutions to the problem or problem you are experiencing.

Some of the best services available in a trusted soccer gambling agent have been conveyed by the admin in the review. If you want to get all of these services. So the thing you have to do is join in.

Skills that must be owned in soccer gambling

Skills that must be possessed in soccer gambling – In an effort to win a soccer gambling, of course there are many important aspects that must be considered and carried out by the bettor. Skill and ability to play are important aspects that must be possessed well. In this case the bettor must be smart to choose the right ball market so that he can win easily and the bet is fully an advantage.

Maybe so far many have underestimated this market thing even though in fact this is very good and it is very important for you to consider it carefully. Do not let you make a big mistake which will then lead to losses. So far, there is a lot of evidence that the wrong choice of the market can have fatal consequences.

Various Skills That Must Be Owned In Soccer Gambling

So maybe so far many don’t understand and don’t know what soccer gambling skills are actually needed. If indeed there are many who don’t understand what skills, then here will explain some of the explanations properly. For those of you who like online soccer betting and want to get bigger profits, then consider and take into account the techniques and methods of placing bets. Avoid the habit of betting by relying on luck and guesswork.

1. Good Analytical Skills

One of the skills needed to make online soccer betting is good analysis. Why is this very important in an online soccer game betting? Of course it is very important because if you can do the analysis well, of course you can predict accurately and the bet is of course very accurate.

2. Bankroll Management

Furthermore, bankroll management must also be considered carefully because this determines the benefits you will get. This bet money management is a basic skill to get all the benefits. This capital management must be done well and the most important thing is to be wise. If you can do everything wisely, then you will benefit a lot.

3. Understanding the Right Time

In placing bets, it takes a good understanding of the right time to place bets. Do not just place a bet that is at risk of loss. This basic skill is very important to always get big profits in soccer gambling. Timing as well as selecting matches is a very good part and it is very important for you to run and rely on it because then we can profit and win more and be bigger and more promising.

The basic skill or ability in online soccer betting really determines the benefits you can get for every bet on several soccer markets. Make sure that you understand the skills above in playing soccer gambling.

Proposals For New Regulations And Regulations For The Gambling Industry In Russia

Proposals for Regulations and New Regulations for the Gambling Industry in Russia – Changes in regulations are something that is normal and common. The regulations have been changed to ensure that the regulations will work more efficiently and in accordance with the current era and conditions. In this day and age, we know that the world is grieving and is trying our best to survive the Covid 19 outbreak which is truly severe.

One of the countries that is currently conducting regulations for their country is Russia. Russia is trying to impose several new regulations for several aspects of its country. And one of the aspects that are being presented with the latest proposals is none other than the gambling industry. Several politicians in Russia are trying to come up with new regulatory filings for the gambling industry in Russia.

Submission of New Regulations And Regulations For The Gambling Industry In Russia

Based on information. The two politicians who proposed the new regulations and regulations were Viktor Deriabkin and also Igor Stankevic. Both are party representatives who made this submission. This submission itself is expected to be made before the end of 2020. but even so, there are some things that are quite interesting to discuss.

The submission of this new regulation includes several important things. That is where they want the tax for the gambling industry to be increased and also really have to be supervised by a special body established by the state. This agency will later receive taxes which will later be included in the ministry’s agency in the field of culture and also in the field of sports.

The monitoring of the gambling industry is carried out in order to detect illegal gambling operations that could occur. In addition, based on the submission of proposals for the new regulation. In the future, this gambling supervisory agency can also cooperate with other bodies to provide oversight in the Russian gambling industry as a whole.

Quite Controversial Tax Hike

Even though it seems that it is very beneficial for the country, when we look back at this new proposal it is quite burdensome for entrepreneurs in the gambling industry. The tax increase of up to 1% turnover for all bets is really burdensome and quite high. Not to mention the number of stakes that exist throughout Russia. This will really have a big impact on the profits or profits of the gambling industry.

Impact of Submission of New Regulations and Regulations in the Future

The submission of new regulations and regulations sounds very profitable and is also regular. But going forward, this new regulation will actually destroy the gambling industry as a whole. Taxes that are too large will make people lazy to gamble and that means reducing interest and also the inclusion of the bet amount. This is truly something that the gambling industry entrepreneurs are most afraid of. Not to mention that during this pandemic, there were not many people gambling.

Not only are there fewer people who will gamble, but there will also be fewer sponsors of gambling sponsorships because they don’t have big profits. This means that sports betting companies will revoke sponsorships which will have an impact on the sports world which does not have sponsors. What is quite interesting to discuss is that the two party politicians who submitted this proposal, namely Viktor Deriabkin and also Igor Stankevic, were deemed to have no experience in the field of gambling as a whole and were deemed inappropriate to submit this new regulatory proposal.

Some Failures When Playing Online Football Gambling That Should Be Avoided

Some Failures When Playing Online Football Gambling That Should Be Avoided – For those of you who currently keep getting failures when playing online soccer gambling, then you have to stop first. Because you have to think about how much money you have spent just playing soccer gambling. If you haven’t won yet even though you have played as well as possible, maybe what’s wrong is the soccer gambling site you are using. Because sites that don’t make it easy for players to win are untrusted sites. You should be able to avoid sites like this and then look for sites that have a much greater winning rate.

In addition, if you don’t want to fail repeatedly when playing online soccer gambling, it is important for you to control your attitude well. Not a few soccer gambling players have suffered huge losses because they could not maintain their attitude properly. For that, you should avoid yourself so you don’t get more losses just because you are too eager to win bets on the games you play. Actually losing and winning are common problems in the world of soccer betting. So if several times you bet all you get is defeat, then you can stop first then find time to play tomorrow so that you don’t get more losses.

Not only that, failures that occur repeatedly can also occur because the bettor cannot take lessons from the failures he has experienced. So if those of you who bet have often lost, take the lesson and find out what things keep you experiencing what is called losing. You can correct yourself beforehand whether maybe the defeat happened because you haven’t mastered the game well or it could be because the defeat happened because you bet too hastily. All of this could be one of the causes of failure that you have had so far.

And finally, the cause of failure that usually occurs is because players don’t know when to stop playing. For example, they are too tired to play so that their focus and concentration decrease. But they continued to bet which made him even take the wrong step. In fact, besides requiring hockey, online soccer gambling games also need something called focus and high concentration. So if you want to win, of course you have to play fit and you are still focused on the bets you are making. All of this is the best way for those of you who don’t want to fail repeatedly when betting. And all of this is also the most appropriate way if you want to win and get a lot of profit.

GVC Changed And Tidy Its Online Gambling Market

GVC Changes And Tidy Up Its Online Gambling Market – Technology has a tremendous impact on every sector and industry in the world. In addition, technology also changes humans in living their lives, because it makes human movement easier. The online gambling industry has also felt the great impact of technology. Not a few online gambling companies have found new ways to entertain their members.

Therefore, GVC is currently innovating and tidying up the online gambling market by adding more responsive platforms. Organizing online games that are more sophisticated and can reach all people. With these conditions, let’s take a look at the future of online gambling in this world.
1. Online Casinos Look Real
A few years ago, playing casinos was simply by looking at computerized displays. You will only see a set of cards being dealt or the roulette wheel spinning. However, the future of gambling predicts that this kind of thing will no longer exist. You will no longer just sit looking at the computer screen and waiting for the game to be played.

With the development of technology in this era, playing casino can be felt in real terms. You can see as if the cards are being dealt and communicate with the dealer directly. This certainly provides its own sensation in playing and sitting at the casino table. No less interesting, all of this can be enjoyed without leaving the house. You can bring the casino into your house. Currently, one of the software developers is developing this innovation. In the future, there will be many people who can enjoy live casino games from home. This is really interesting, right?

2. Smart Phone Technology
Since ten years ago, humans have been drowning along with their smart phones. Smart phone technology has made it easy for people to communicate, shop, and even play online gambling. Therefore, online casinos will continue to develop their gaming innovations through applications that can be accessed via smart phones.
Today, many smartphone users choose to open applications to play online gambling instead of entering online gambling sites. By using a football agent application they can play a variety of online gambling games without being complicated. With innovations that will be provided by online casino developers, online gambling can be a source of human comfort.

3. Slot Machines Get More Sophisticated
Slots of old consisted of three reels, twenty paylines, and one button to spin or stop. More than 10 years later, slot machines have gotten more and more sophisticated using graphics, bonus rounds, and much more. This change in slot machines proves that online casinos are getting more creative and interactive.

As you already know, many innovations have been made by online casino platform developers. This proves that they don’t want to be left behind in order not to lose their target market.

This is how the two La Liga giants cooperate in the soccer gambling business

This is how the two La Liga giants cooperate with the football gambling business – the La Liga Santander football performance is not only thick with its riveting game scheme. However, there are important factors associated with it until now. One of them is the online soccer gambling business. Where two giant clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid are involved in the cooperation process with well-known football betting companies.

If examined further, Barcelona and Real Madrid did not include the name of the football betting company on the club jersey. Currently, Barcelona is establishing a partnership with a Japanese online business company, Rakuten. Meanwhile, Real Madrid partnered with an airline from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Even so, both of them appear to be involved in business affairs with some of the largest and most well-known betting house companies in history. This is because collaboration with the company is the soul in every match and the long-term survival of the club.

According to the notes of the President of La Liga, Javier Tebas, conducting the collaboration process with a number of soccer gambling companies is the most important thing in being involved in the world of world football. Therefore, no club can go bankrupt when the financial crisis hits.

For example, during the corona virus pandemic which is still ongoing. It was noted that almost all of Europe’s best clubs were affected by the epidemic. Financial income at each club began to decline due to postponement of matches and the continuation of the remaining matches without spectators.

Tebas said, the bad impact that occurred during the pandemic was very detrimental to all parties, especially in the sport of football. Some clubs have lost more than hundreds of US dollars in revenue.

“This figure is a very risky problem for the club. In total, many clubs must be willing to give up their finances for free – only up to thousands of trillions of rupiah, “said Tebas.

Furthermore, Tebas revealed that La Liga has a Sportium which has attracted the interest of two giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Where both of them have officially made a partnership between the biggest soccer gambling companies to be used as a financial strengthener.

Both have different ways of addressing the real money soccer betting scene. Currently a game that is widely known by bettors is the Sportsbook. This game is clearly very attractive to everyone because it is easy to play and also to win. There are not many rules that must be obeyed while the betting process is in progress.

Most recently, the Spanish government has confirmed that the cooperation process between online football betting companies will be terminated at the end of next season. That means that the betting age of La Liga will only last 1 season.

Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon said that the transition period with a number of soccer betting houses must be decided immediately. Even so, there will be new regulations regarding the partnership between betting exchanges after the end of the season.

Tebas concluded that this was a common thing. However, the two giants will still try hard to keep collaborating on the betting market. Because of course, the rhythm of playing football will never run as smoothly as usual without interference from the world of online gambling.

Recently, Barcelona and Real Madrid are in negotiations with an Italian football betting company which is said to provide extraordinary prospects for the future. Of course, the football public and reliable bettors will really get a more phenomenal betting market sensation than the previous betting event.

Deposit of 25 thousand Can Play Maxbet Agent Football Gambling?

Since ancient times, betting games have become a habit for most people. The excitement of betting has made this activity even more popular today. Many people around the world participate in gambling. However, because now technology has advanced and is equipped with an increasingly fast internet connection, gambling games that were previously only done directly in gambling places have now also been moved to the virtual world so that gambling players can now play online gambling.

The types of online gambling games, like gambling games in general, exist in the real world, which are very many. Starting from card gambling, roulette, agile, cockfighting, poker games, even sports betting games. For sports betting itself, this category has a lot of choices provided by the official soccer bookies on the SBOBET and Maxbet sites. Some of them are online soccer gambling games, basketball game gambling, to betting on horse racing matches. Of all these sports gambling, online soccer gambling is the gambling game most often played by bettors.

Seeing the proliferation of football fans who also gamble online, playing online soccer gambling is considered a common practice. In fact, many online soccer gambling players at the official StarBet99 Maxbet agent say that these activities are part of daily activities that not only make them happy, but also provide very profitable results. Therefore, a lot of Maxbet agents compete to promote their online soccer gambling site. However, only StarBet99 is a trusted Maxbet agent that allows online soccer gambling players to register by placing the cheapest deposit, which is only IDR 25 thousand.

Chance to win soccer gambling at a trusted Maxbet agent

As many online soccer gambling players know, soccer matches take place almost every day. The match was not only enlivened by hundreds of foreign clubs, but also by mainstay domestic football clubs. Therefore, watching football matches is a must. The same is the case with playing online soccer gambling at the official StarBet99 Maxbet agent. Only by registering with a trusted agent, you can enjoy various types of soccer gambling provided on online soccer gambling sites. In short, every time a soccer match takes place, online soccer gambling players will certainly get lots of opportunities to win in online soccer gambling games. You don’t have to worry if you lose today,

Deposit of 25 thousand at the Maxbet Indonesia agent

Playing soccer bets online and winning is common. But being able to play online soccer gambling, win, and get attractive bonuses is an unusual thing. This is an additional advantage that StarBet99 offers to all online soccer gambling players who are part of the best Maxbet agent site .

Only by spending a small capital of IDR 25 thousand, online soccer gambling players can use online gambling accounts at will and visit online gambling sites provided by StarBet99 . Besides that, you can also try playing a variety of the most popular and newest online gambling games in the world of gambling.

By placing a deposit of IDR 25 thousand on StarBet99 , you can play online gambling games that you are really interested in. However, by placing IDR 25 thousand at this trusted Maxbet agent, you are guaranteed to get a very big opportunity to get bigger profits from the deposit money. Because, you will be given a bonus of 5 percent every day. Not only that, new StarBet99 members will also be given a bonus of 15 percent. All members of the trusted Maxbet agent will even be given a cashback of 5 percent every week. So, immediately register to get an attractive bonus at a Maxbet agent with a cheap deposit, only IDR 25 thousand.

Cheap and Reliable SBOBET Deposit Alternative Link

Cheap and Reliable SBOBET Alternative Deposit Links -because now the game or gambling practice has been banned by the government, therefore nowadays gambling has followed the times by being able to play online without having to play in a casino anymore nowadays, because now casinos are no longer in Indonesia, so You can only play gambling games in neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia which are the closest. You can play gambling wherever and whenever you want without fear that things you don’t want will happen because you can be sure and guarantee that if you play online you will be safe. so you can only play gambling games in neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia which are the closest. You can play gambling wherever and whenever you want without fear that things you don’t want will happen because you can be sure and guarantee that if you play online you will be safe. so you can only play gambling games in neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia which are the closest. You can play gambling wherever and whenever you want without fear that things you don’t want will happen because you can be sure and guarantee that if you play online you will be safe.

The game that is most often played right now is the game of soccer gambling and nowadays people play the most soccer gambling at SBOBET, many nowadays are SBOBET Alternative Linkscirculating in the internet world, so you have to be smart about which site you will register yourself later to play the SBOBET game, if you want to play SBOBET then here I will introduce the only SBOBET Alternative Link which is a recommendation for all gambling players in Indonesia, the site is the DepoBos site, there are already thousands of SBOBET players who play with DepoBos who and win with DepoBos , because this site is a site that has a winrate of 90% which can be said to be a large number, so chances are you will win if you play SBOBET with the DepoBos website. You can visit it on the DepoBos (dot) org site.

Looking for Trusted SBOBET Alternative Links

You as a player certainly don’t want to be tricked by the agent you are playing with, you can avoid this by choosing the most appropriate SBOBET Alternative Link, namely DepoBos to play SBOBET games, because now many SBOBET Alternative Links are cheating on you by luring lure you to win and also a big bonus even though it all aims to deceive you, but you don’t worry and hesitate about DepoBos , because DepoBos has the principle that members or players are everything that must be maintained and served as well as possible.

With these advantages, now the SBOBET Alternative Link, DepoBos is the number 1 official SBOBET agent in Indonesia which makes DepoBos have thousands of active members and thousands of members have also felt the victory of playing with DepoBos . DepoBos has now become a recommendation for SBOBET soccer gambling players or players throughout Indonesia and even in Asia, so you don’t need to doubt this SBOBET DepoBos Alternative Link.

Register on the Biggest SBOBET Alternative Link

Now, the next step you have to do is register yourself by preparing your personal data and of course with valid data that will make it easier for you to register yourself later. On the SBOBET Alternative Link DepoBos you can register yourself directly to the DepoBos (dot) org site or you can ask customer service to help you and DepoBos customer service will help you register yourself and be ready to serve you for a full 7×24 hours and you can ask questions about with games and you can also confirm your deposit and withdrawal to customer service, and don’t forget that a deposit on DepoBos with only a minimum of 50 thousand rupiahs you can win and bring up to millions of rupees and will be paid regardless of your winnings. yourself right now, because registering on DepoBos is FREE and is free of charge

The e-Casino game on JOKER123

E-Casino games at JOKER123 – You as a gambling player certainly know very well the games in a casino in general, the games in a casino usually have baccarat, sicbo, roulette and other games that you can play, now to play gambling games. You no longer need to play at a land casino, because as we know today land casino games no longer exist in Indonesia because of government regulations that prohibit all of these and make gambling practice illegal. Now what is legal you can do is play online, now you can play gambling games online, you can play anywhere and anytime you want,JOKER123 , JOKER123 offers games, shooting fish, slots and also e-casino games, here we will discuss the e-casino games offered by JOKER123, the e-casino on JOKER123 has several games such as dragon tiger, carcass, baccarat, hulu, and sicbo. For the games that have been mentioned, we will discuss in more detail about the game play.

How to Play e-Casino at JOKER

The first game that we will discuss is the dragon tiger game, this game is a game that is well-known in the Cambodian country, because this game can be said to be the simplest game in JOKER123 , in this game you only have to guess whose card is the bigger one among them. dragon or tiger, one card will be distributed at the table where the value of the card is AS is the smallest card value, which is one, and KING with the greatest value is 13, apart from bets on the dragon and tiger sides there is a bet called a tie, if the cards between dragon and tiger have the same value then the result is a tie, and if you place on a tie then your bet will be paid 8 times your bet.

The second game is the game of carcass, this game is a game that uses dice which only has 4 sides depicting shrimp, carcass (king crab), fish, and sunflower. In this game the dice can be rolled because in the middle of the dice there is 1 stick that can be rolled to roll the dice, after that the dice will be closed then you can bet and you have to guess what image appears on the top side of the dice. The biggest betting choice is the one that has odds of 3.90, which means that if you bet 100 thousand rupiah and your guess is correct, you will be paid 100.00 x 3.90 = 390,000.

The third game is the baccarat game, this game is almost the same as the dragon tiger game, only in this game the cards that can be issued for each side are a maximum of three cards depending on the value that comes out. The two sides that are bet on are called the player side and the banker side.

The fourth game is the upstream game, if the carcass uses 1 dice that has 4 sides of the image, then in this upstream game it is played using 3 dice that has 6 sides of the picture, here just like before we have to guess what image will come out but here there is a choice of betting variations such as we guess there will be 2 twin dice, 3 twin dice, 3 different images, and if you can successfully and correctly guess the results that come out then you will get paid many times over.

The last game is the sicbo game, this game is a game that is almost the same as the upstream game, but sicbo here uses dice that are generally dice with 6 numbers on each side, the stakes are almost the same as the upstream game, but here there are additional bets such as whether the value that will come out will be smaller or bigger.

Register JOKER123

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The Influence of Playing in a Trusted Football Gambling Agent

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Pre flop, flop, turn and river: essential parts of poker

The poker glossary is full of terminology that can be difficult for the most novice to assimilate. In poker, one of the most important moments is when the dealer, traditionally known as the croupier , makes the initial deal of cards.

During the course of games, it is common to hear how the cards are discussed pre-flop, how the flop develops, what card comes on the turn, and how important the river is to the resolution of the game. Those less experienced in poker will pick up on what is happening more or less at the table, but they will have no idea what it means . Pre-flop in poker, what exactly is it? And what is the flop in poker? We will tell you everything about these fundamental parts in the development of a poker game.

Understanding the concepts of poker: pre flop, flop, turn and river

When you had no idea about poker and you watched a tournament televised out of curiosity, you probably didn’t understand anything when they started to mention concepts like the flop, the turn or the river . What is the preflop thing in poker? What is a flop in poker and why aren’t the same cards always dealt?

We are going to explain how a poker game is structured in its Texas Hold’Em variant, the most common. The dealer initially deals two hole cards to each player . This is the pre-flop, the moment before the game in which only that pair of cards is received and the game does not open. When the deal is over, the flop automatically starts.

What is a flop in poker? Very simple: the dealer, by dealing two cards to each player and closing the preflop, begins to deal community cards, this time uncovered. First, three of the five that make up this series of community cards are dealt . This is the answer to the recurring question of what is a flop in poker, and indicates when the game opens. From here, each player will try to study the rivals based on their bets, their gestures and their way of reacting to try to identify the player profile of each one (from Loose Passive to Tight Aggressive).

At the end of the round, the turn begins. On the turn, the dealer adds a single face-up card to the community cards , and the betting round is repeated where each player is free to check, bet or raise. At the end of the bets, we go to the river. What is the river in poker? It is the extra card, the last one , that the dealer adds to the community cards.

Is the flop or river more important in poker?

Although many players insist that the preflop in poker is the most important thing, it actually happens that it is the river in poker that is the most decisive of all. And the river is closely related to the concept of draw poker , which refers to the possibility of making a straight or even a straight flush, the highest hand.

However, many players wonder what the river is in poker exactly because it is a confusing term. Normally, in the Omaha or Texas Hold’Em variants it is the term that designates the fifth and last community card, although some also use this term to refer to Seven Card Stud . In Texas Hold’Em and Omaha, the river can be the fifth community card or the fourth round of betting.

How to play the river in poker

Despite how important the flop is in poker, since it is the moment in which the game of each opponent begins to be discovered and classified, the general feeling is that the strategies on the river are decisive because it is the previous moment to the showdown .

The game changes significantly in this section of the game . During the preflop and the flop, the strategies are mainly based on making use of hands with greater room for improvement and accumulating more pot if the hand we have is good enough, doing what is known as “value bets”. But, at this point, the game changes and the data collected in the previous rounds must be taken into account.

The importance of the river is that it is the last attempt to understand the dynamics of the rivals’ game before the final confrontation. That is why many say that the river in poker is the most important phase.

At the moment we have not very strong plays, we must check the strength of the rivals by putting them in one hand. If they prove to be strong, don’t try to bluff yourself . On the contrary, if we are the ones who show strength and detect that they believed us to be weak, then we can bluff. But be careful about the pot: the size of the final bet will be decisive in determining whether our bluff ends up going well or badly.

Therefore, the idea is to bet the best hands and resign when we see that we do not have a strong enough hand. The lanterns should be reserved only when we see that they can be effective , and for very few occasions in which we are totally sure that it can go well.

All in poker: when to go all out in poker

Considered by many to be the magic word or expression in poker, an all-in in poker means betting everything, with the risks involved in going all-in at poker. As soon as you know the fundamentals of poker, you will understand why this play is so spectacular and movie, and that is that betting everything is a movement with no return. To understand the scope of this movement and understand what an all-in means in poker, it is convenient to go back to its origins and the moment when it began to become popular.

A move born in online poker games

The use of the expression “all in” in poker has its origin in the online games of the Texas Hold’Em mode without limit, obvious on the other hand: in other variants, going all-in in poker only occurred when one of the players saw how their rest were not even able to cover the minimum bets of the hand.

With the rise of online poker and the popularization of No Limit Texas Hold’Em , all-in poker has become the cornerstone of many of the poker games played online today. But, what exactly motivates the appearance of the so-called olin in poker?

In classical poker, a player could remain in the hand even if at that moment there was no money on the table that could cover the bet. However, the so-called “all-in poker rule” states that no player may be forced to lose a poker hand by not having enough chips to pay the bet .

In this way, by going all-out in poker you guarantee that that difference is covered and you aspire to win the part of the pot equivalent to the total amount of chips you have put on the table. Of course, the complexity of the olin in poker is remarkable when there are several players who decide to go with everything, since secondary pots are generated that vary depending on the amounts involved .

The complexity of the all-in rule

As is always the case in poker, an all-in hides much more than meets the eye and this move can be played in many ways to get much more benefit from it- For example, when to all-in or when to call our opponent’s It can greatly influence the chances of victory for one or another player. One factor that takes center stage at this point is “pot odds”, a concept that refers to the pot odds . But what exactly are the jackpot odds?

The expression pot odds refers to the ratio between the size of the pot and the bet that we are forced to make to continue in the hand. When the pot odds are higher than the odds, then we must call the bet or the all-in if this has occurred.

This is just a sample of how complex the rules of the game can be in all-in and poker, with multiple variations and calculations to do. As beneficial as an entry olin is, playing it masterfully requires experience in middle concepts and the calculus of probabilities.

Basic tips for going all in during a poker game

Any player can make an all-in and there are two contexts in which it can occur: when the player simply decides to bet all his chips or when another player has made a bet equal to or greater than your chip stack (remember that, if for example the bet is 1,000 and you only have 800, you would have to bet the 800 to keep the bet and the remaining 200 would accumulate in a parallel pot for which you would no longer play).

Making an olin in poker is much more than playing the one-handed type : it carries a series of connotations from which other players can also benefit or lose out. In all-in and poker, the rules must be clear to get the most out of the play, but the profit that players get from winning differs depending on the moment and the money on the table.

Let’s look at an example of a dual all-in so you can see exactly what it means to all-in in poker. Suppose there is a 200-euro pot and that you only have 50 left. Your rival bets everything, the 200 euros, and you, in order not to get off the bet, must go with everything. To call, you put your last 50 euros in the pot. The difference that you have not been able to match is the one that your opponent takes first.

Even if you already know what an olin is in poker, you must manage other variables besides the differences and the surpluses of the bets. As we mentioned before, one of the keys is in the secondary pots and in the pot oods .

When three or more players are in the hand, it is common to get confused, especially when there is one main pot and three side pot. In addition, as it is much more common to all-in in online poker and the rules are quite clear in this regard , there are players who tend to trust each other and do not pay attention to what happens at the table.

Therefore, when we say that it is an olin the play that in poker can put your possible victory in check the most, it is true: since there are several secondary pots and not all players can opt for it, the final winnings of the rivals they can be altered and have nothing to do with the initial forecasts, which requires having the mind awake in all the bars of the game, as much as we like to enjoy a game of online poker from the sofa in our house with a soft drink in the hand.

Aces poker: what it is and how to play it

Despite what many people believe, aces poker is not the most powerful hand. On the other hand, it is one of the most famous hands in the world and has enjoyed enormous popularity in different formats, with movies and television leading the way. But what exactly is an ace poker? What cards are needed to get it? What is the best way to play it? All these questions related to aces poker are going to be discussed in the following post.

What is aces poker and how should it be played?

Every poker fan will have heard of aces poker. It is one of the most iconic hands, but its role in the hierarchy of hands is not entirely clear among the most inexperienced poker players. Although it looks fancy to say that you have an ace poker hand at a poker table, the truth is that you can get a very unfriendly look on your face if you are dealt a straight.

But let’s get to the point: what is ace poker A poker is obtained when you get four cards of the same number. A sevens poker is four cards of sevens, each of a suit. Since the ace is the most powerful card, the poker of aces (i.e., the four aces) is a powerful hand that can help you get out of a tight situation.

But be under the right illusions: although the meaning of poker aces is usually associated with victory, it is the straight, both the flush and the royal flush, that can beat an ace poker. In big movie clashes it is common to see how two players go head to head: aces vs. royal flushes. It’s all very pretty on the big screen, but it takes a bit of dedication and luck to pull it off.

Aces vs. royal flush poker

Although many think that aces poker is the unbeatable hand because it is the one that gives the game its title, straight flushes are superior hands because, statistically speaking, they are hands that are even less likely to be obtained. For that reason, they are in the top of the most powerful hands in poker.

Is it true that aces poker takes on a special meaning? Yes, and that is because getting all four aces in a hand is very complicated. In the dominant modality, Texas Hold’Em, the aces poker is obtained most of the times when the player has a pair of aces in his hand pre-flop.

The pair of aces in poker is an excellent way to start, since, if they are dealt during the pre-flop, they give the player a wide range of possibilities to play. During the flop, turn or river, if the dealer draws an ace, your chances will increase, something that is perfectly possible as the game develops.

In popular culture, the meaning of the 4 poker aces is closely associated with victory, good luck and even fortune and providence. It is common to find them on tattoos or on objects of special value, such as lighters, casings, decorative elements of the vehicle… the meaning of poker aces is understood even by those less inspired by this card game.

Ladders are the great enemies of poker. Understood as a hand, not as a game. It is quite a spectacle to witness a duel between a poker aces vs. a royal flush, something worth seeing. However, just how underpowered an aces poker is against straight flushes doesn’t mean it’s a bad hand. In fact, quite the opposite. Starting the game with a pair of aces in poker is little short of a blessing, as it will allow you to dream of forming an ace poker. The meaning that will have that game if you get it will be brutal, a morale boost that should encourage you to continue improving your game and become a professional poker player.

Aces poker in popular cultural heritage

As one of the most powerful hands that it is, poker aces have a very notable influence both at the game tables and outside of them. In fact, you have already seen that the significance of poker aces is so intense that they are present all around us in a multitude of environments.

The enormous tradition that agglutinates poker has made the meaning of poker aces has permeated very deep in the collective imagination. And this is precisely what leads to confusion for those less familiar with poker, confusing the hierarchy of hands and erring when asked about the winner in a definitive showdown: aces vs. royal flush. You can take the test if you like to see to what extent the perception of victory and the association with success are linked to the multiple pair of aces in poker.

In actuality, the significance of the 4 aces in poker is more linked to success in general, beyond liking the game or knowing the basics of poker. However, you must be clear, especially if it is your first contact with poker, that the straight polishes any chance of victory if you play it with a poker aces or any other hand.

Poker of aces: what is it and how to play it

Despite what many people believe, aces poker is not the most powerful hand. On the other hand, it is one of the most famous worldwide and has enjoyed enormous popularity in different formats, with film and television at the fore. But what exactly is aces poker? What cards do you need to get it? What is the best way to play it? We will deal with all these questions related to the poker of aces in the next post.

What is poker of aces and how should it be played?

Every fan of poker will have heard of the poker of aces. It is one of the most iconic hands , but its role in the hierarchy of hands is not entirely clear among the most inexperienced in poker. Although it is a luxury to say that you have a poker of aces at a poker table, the truth is that you can look like few friends if you get a straight.

But let’s get to the point: what is poker of aces? A poker is obtained when the four cards of the same number are obtained . A poker of sevens is four cards of sevens, each one suit. As the ace is the most powerful card, the poker of aces (that is, the four aces) is a powerful hand that can help you get out of a difficult situation.

But get the right illusions: although the meaning of poker aces is usually closely associated with victory, it is the straight, both the color and the real one, that can beat a poker of aces. In big movie confrontations it is common to see how two players go head-to-head : poker of aces vs royal flush. Very nice everything on the big screen, but it takes a bit of dedication and luck to achieve it.

Poker of aces vs royal flush

Although many think that Aces poker is the unbeatable hand because it is the one that gives the game the title, the straights are superior hands because, according to the statistics, they are even less likely hands to get. For that reason, they are among the top of the most powerful hands in poker.

Is it true that ace poker takes on a special meaning? Yes, and it is that gathering the four aces in one hand is very complicated. In the dominant game, Texas Hold’Em, aces poker is most often won when the player has a pair of aces in hand pre-flop.

The pair of aces in poker is an excellent way to start, since, if they are dealt pre-flop, they give the player a wide range of possibilities to play . During the flop, turn or river, if the dealer draws an ace, his chances will increase, something that is perfectly possible as the game unfolds.

In popular culture, the meaning of the 4 aces of poker is closely associated with victory , good luck and even fortune and providence. It is common to find them in tattoos or in objects of special value, such as lighters, casings, decorative elements of the vehicle … the meaning of the poker aces is understood even by the least inspired by this card game.

Stairs are the great enemies of poker. Understood as a hand, not as a game. It is quite a spectacle to witness a duel between a poker of aces vs a royal flush, something to see. However, the weakness of aces poker against straight does not mean that it is a bad hand . In fact, quite the opposite. Starting the game with a pair of aces in poker is nothing short of a blessing, as it will allow you to dream of forming a poker of aces. The meaning that that game will have if you succeed will be brutal, a whole boost of morale that should encourage you to continue improving your game and become a professional poker player.

The poker of aces in popular cultural heritage

As one of the most powerful hands it is, aces poker has a very noticeable influence both at the table and off the table . In fact, you have already seen that the meaning of poker aces is so intense that they are present around us in a multitude of environments.

The enormous tradition that brings together poker has made the meaning of the poker aces have penetrated very deep in the collective imagination. And this is precisely what confuses those less familiar with poker , confusing the hierarchy of hands and erring when asked about the winner in a definitive showdown : poker of aces vs royal flush. You can take the test if you want to see to what extent the perception of victory and the association with success are linked to the multiple pair of aces in poker.

Today, the meaning of the 4 aces of poker is more linked to success in general, beyond the love of the game or knowing the fundamentals of poker. However, you should be clear, especially if it is your first contact with poker, that the stairs polish any victory option if you play it with a poker of aces or with any other hand.

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