Barcelona vs Napoli match held without spectators

Barcelona vs Napoli match held without spectators

Barcelona VS Napoli in the title without spectators Barcelona had to bear losses of up to 6 million euros or equivalent to Rp. 97 billion because the match against Napoli was held without spectators.

This was stated by the President of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu. “Of course there are economic losses.
The Catalan club has lost up to 6 million euros for the match against Napoli.
” said Bartomeu quoted from the Marca website.
“All teams will lose if the game has to be played without judi bola indonesia spectators, not only Barcelona,” Bartomeu added.

The second leg of the Champions League last 16 which will take place at the Camp Nou Stadium, on Wednesday (18/3/2020) is the Barcelona vs Napoli match.
The match was decided to be held without spectators due to the corona virus outbreak that had entered Spain.

Josep Bartomeu ensured that Barcelona would comply with any decision by the authorities regarding the Spanish League and Champions League matches.
We, the fans and football as a whole will lose if the game is played without spectators,” said Bartomeu. “However, there is a bigger problem.

Money is a secondary factor and health is the main one,” Bartomeu added.
The match was the second leg of the Champions League last 16 which had to be held without spectators due to the corona virus.

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Two other matches that have been confirmed to be held behind closed doors are Paris Saint-Germain vs Borussia Dortmund and Valencia vs Atalanta.
In the latest developments, the Barcelona vs Napoli match could be in danger of being postponed due to the case experienced by AS Roma.

On Wednesday (11/3/2020), AS Roma confirmed that they could not compete against Sevilla in the last 16 of the Europa League because they were not allowed to land in Spain.
This can not be separated from the Spanish authorities regulations that prohibit flights to and from Italy for a while. As a result, the Sevilla vs AS Roma match which is scheduled to take place Thursday (11/3/2020).

So far, it has not been decided whether it will be postponed or not.
AS Roma left the decision entirely to UEFA regarding the match.
Quoted from the BBC Sport website, Italy has so far become the European country with the highest number of positive victims of the corona virus, which is more than 10,000 cases.

As of Monday (9/3/2020), the death toll from the corona virus in Italy has reached 463. As a result, on Tuesday (10/3/2020),
the Italian government decided to postpone all sporting activities, including the Italian League, until April 3.
In Spain, La Liga as the operator of the Spanish League competition has just decided that the 28th and 29th week matches will be held without spectators until further developments.