Guide to Playing Live Casino Roulette Gambling on Android

Roulette or roulette is a type of casino category game that has a very high winning percentage. Because in this roulette game there are various types of bets that you can play. Even you will get a big profit if you win the bet.

For information, this one gambling game is indeed very popular in the world of gambling, especially roulette, including a gambling game that has existed for a very long time. At the beginning of its appearance in France, roulette was intended as a game for nobles and certain people only, but over time this game has spread throughout the world.

In well-known casino places in many countries, roulette is also the most played game. But now you don’t have to go far to go to the casino to play roulette, because you can use another option, namely by playing at bola88 gambling agents .

How to Play Roulette Online Easily

Now so that you can play online roulette gambling easily, you can read this article to the end. For the method itself, there is no difference with most online gambling games where the first step is to register yourself first on gambling sites that have roulette games.

So you have to go to the online casino site and create an account there for those who have never registered an ID on the site in question. The process for creating a new account is also very simple because you just have to select the Bola88 gambling list and then fill out the form provided.

If you already have an ID on the online casino site, please log-in first and then you can choose the roulette game. Later you and the other players will be faced with a virtual roulette board and you just have to place a bet on what number and the dealer will spin the roulette wheel until it stops.

The winner is determined from those who manage to guess at what number the ball stops and then the bets placed will be given to the winner and continue to the next round.

How to Play Roulette on Android

Playing online gambling using your own smartphone can now be done, including playing online roulette.

But there are several steps that you must do in order to be able to play roulette with real money on your Android or iOS smartphone device.
Download the Application : One of the things that must be done to be able to play roulette on this smart phone device is to download the roulette application. The application is not available on Google Play and the Apps Store, but is provided by online gambling sites that can be accessed via smartphones.
Install the Application : After you download the application, the next step, of course, is to install the application on a smartphone device. The installation method is the same as installing other applications and for Android the file is in the APK format.
If you download via PC, then move the APK file to smartphone memory and open the file so it will automatically start the installation process. After the installation is complete, enter the application and log-in if you already have an account on the site that provides the download link, then you can enter the lobby and choose a roulette game.

Well, it’s quite easy isn’t it for a guide to playing live online casino roulette on Android? For those of you who don’t have an ID, you can visit a trusted online casino site agent to make an ID.

Tips to Avoid Losing in Playing Casino Online

Playing casino gambling is a very fun thing, at least that’s what people who love online gambling games will say. Now online gambling has become a big industry with a turnover of billions per day. It’s not wrong that they can get such a big turnover, because online gambling is the most popular entertainment for everyone.

However, to get an online gambling victory is not an easy thing. Until now there are still many people who often get lost in online gambling games. What is the right way to avoid continuous losses at online gambling sites? Don’t worry, we have prepared some complete tips for you, see the tips below.

Playing on Trusted Casino Gambling Sites

List of bola88 gambling – To avoid a lot of losses when playing online gambling, one of the things you have to do is play on a trusted gambling site. There are many reasons why you should play on a trusted gambling site if you don’t want to feel a lot of defeat playing online gambling. The first is that you will get more adequate games than fake online gambling sites.

When you play online gambling on fake sites, you will get the same online gambling games as most trusted online casino gambling sites. But of course with a much different quality. Trusted gambling sites will give you a more interesting experience when playing the game. Why is that? Because on a trusted site, the game will be smoother and not easy to lag like on fake sites.

In addition, online gambling games on fake sites have usually been infiltrated by a system where real players will always lose the game, so the game will be unfair. Therefore, until now many people have complained about the difficulty of winning on fake sites. So, now also move to a trusted site if you want to get more wins in the online gambling games that you play.

Prepare Enough Capital to Play

It is undeniable that capital is a mandatory thing that must be prepared when you want to play on online casino gambling sites. Sufficient capital will give you a greater chance to win. Moreover, you already have quite a lot of experience in online gambling games and playing on trusted sites, of course it would be better for you to play with enough capital.

Sufficient capital, not too much and not too little, you will always have to take with you when playing online gambling. Don’t use too much capital, because too much capital will only make you think more about how to play, not to win. Use sufficient capital, so that your motivation will be greater to get online gambling wins.

Well, that’s a little advice from us on tips to avoid defeat in playing online casinos. Hopefully this article can maximize your winnings when playing at the European Cup 2020 gambling agent .

Choosing a Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Agent

In playing online roulette gambling, the first thing that must be done is to choose a trusted online roulette gambling agent in Indonesia.

Basically, it is not a difficult thing to find an online roulette gambling agent. However, to find a trusted online gambling agent, you are required to be extra careful.

The online roulette gambling game is basically very easy and simple. Those who are new to the 88 soccer betting list agent will certainly understand it immediately. Apart from the strategy and ease of playing, there are many things you need to pay attention to, including choosing a trusted online roulette gambling agent.

For those of you who want to choose a gambling agent, there are several things you should pay attention to. The following is a review of how to choose a trusted roulette gambling agent in Indonesia.

Tricks for Choosing a Trusted Online Gambling Agent

In choosing an online gambling agent, of course, various considerations for choosing an online gambling site must be considered carefully. Don’t let you be fooled and trapped by an online gambling agent that is wrong and detrimental.

Playing at the right online gambling agent will give you big profits. Here are some tricks for choosing a trusted online roulette gambling agent that you must know so you don’t choose the wrong one.

1. Have an Official License
It is very important to choose an online gambling site that is officially licensed. An online gambling agent that already has an official license means that it has received recognition that the agent is qualified and professional.
2. Guaranteed Security
When you are going to join an online gambling site, you must first make sure in terms of security, especially the security of your data. Euro 2020 betting agent will use a security system that cannot be abused by irresponsible parties.
3. 24-hour Customer Service
Choose an online gambling agent that has a service (Customer Service) that is ready to serve well and respond quickly. Trusted gambling agents will usually be ready to serve 24 hours a day in the live chat feature.
4. Be Clear in Giving Bonuses
Choose an online gambling agent that offers tempting promos but still in a reasonable count, and certainly attractive to players so that the profits that players will get are even greater.
5. Have a Good Reputation
The number of online gambling agents today, not all of them have a good reputation. Not even a few online gambling agents have very bad reputations due to their services or fake sites. As a reference, you can ask colleagues or friends who have already played on the site.
Things about choosing an online roulette gambling agent site are very important to understand well. Playing will be safer and more comfortable if you choose the right online gambling agent.

Tips for Overcoming Loss in Online Casino Gambling Betting

When playing online games, especially online gambling games, there must be such a thing as winning or losing. As players, we will definitely become emotional and desperate when we lose. But defeat in online gambling can be caused by several factors such as being too forced to play and not mastering the game.

If you understand well how this gambling game works, you should be prepared for the consequences. The Euro 2020 betting agent can be said to be a fast, high-risk investment, so don’t be surprised if gambling players can be rich and poor in a matter of hours.

Most Indonesian players don’t understand this well, so they lose too much. On this occasion we try to provide the latest sbobet alternative links and tips to overcome your defeat as an online gambling player in the type of game you play:

1.Experiencing consecutive defeats
This is not uncommon, but some people must have experienced something like whether it was their unlucky day or something was wrong with their style of play. Most players don’t realize this losing streak, because playing gambling games through online gambling sites makes the rounds of money quite fast and difficult to realize. The first step you have to make is to set a playing time, set an alarm on your gadget or your alarm clock when playing.
So in the time lag you make, you can be aware of your credit limit and know if you were playing well at that time or not. This losing streak is usually difficult to realize because the duration of the game on online gambling sites is too fast. So you don’t have time to make a good decision because the game will start running again soon.
2. Out of Capital
The thing most often experienced by most Indonesian gambling players, instead of looking for a little profit in gambling games, they spend money. For this to return to you as a player in it, the bankroll or gambling capital that you use yourself must be determined properly. For example you have a bankroll of 200 thousand, you can play it today for 50 thousand, tomorrow 50 thousand and so on so your capital runs out in that one day.
If on that day it turns out that you have spent 50 thousand capital, you can stop for a moment and try again tomorrow. Maybe today luck is not on your side so your defeat is quite deep. Bankroll itself, we recommend that you save first so that the bankroll you make is big enough. A large bankroll makes you more free to determine the type of game you want to play and the bet amount is easier to adjust.
3. Hard to Win
This could be due to the type of game you are playing, but you are not good at it. The strategy or prediction you make to describe the match or game you are betting on is always wrong. If that’s the case, you have to change something either from the type of game or the strategy you use when playing. To regenerate your game, it’s a good idea to read articles related to the game you are betting on.
4. Trying Other Types of Games
If you’ve done everything and you’re still losing, maybe your luck isn’t in the game you’re playing. You can try other types of games, if you read gambling articles there are several games that you can try by taking advantage of big mathematical opportunities. Maybe you will be a bit bothered to learn it from the beginning and adjust to the strategy you are going to do.
5. Don’t focus on getting lots of wins
There are so many players who are too focused on getting so many wins. This is actually okay, but you should make a withdrawal of funds and leave your playing capital every time you win. Because so that you can feel every victory you get from playing online gambling. If the chips you win continue to be played until you lose again, then you will feel that you have never won.
In gambling games, winning or losing is normal, but expert gamblers can turn their losses into wins with the strategies they have prepared. Thus our brief review for tips on overcoming defeat in online casino gambling , I wish you luck.

Online Baccarat Gambling Original Indonesian Money

Online Baccarat Gambling Gameis a type of card game in a live casino that has many devotees, because the ease of playing and the high payout value makes baccarat gambling increasingly popular among gamblers.

With increasingly sophisticated technology today, the game of baccarat has also developed and can be played easily and comfortably using Android smartphones and iPhones where you only need to be connected to the internet network.

Of course, for those of you who want to also be able to play real money baccarat, then you can register for bola88 gambling which offers live baccarat gambling fans to get an account for free.

Where registration is quite easy to do, you only need to fill in the complete personal data of prospective members, through a register form available on the bola88 gambling agent website or directly contacting customer service.

For how to play it is quite easy, both the Player and the Banker are only needed to get the highest card or value from the cards on the table.

Online Baccarat Gambling Original Indonesian Money
When the Banker and Player get 2 cards, the value on cards 10, J, Q, K is 0 and the ace has a value of 1 and the other cards have a value according to the numbers listed on the card.
If the two cards owned by the Banker and Player are pure cards, a third card will not be given.
If the card obtained by the PLAYER is 0-5 then a 3rd card will be dealt. If you get a 6-7 card then there will be no additional 3rd card.
If the card obtained by the Banker is 0-2, then a 3rd card will be dealt. If you get a 3-6 card, the banker may decide to add or not. And if you get a 7 card, the banker does not need to add a card.
Tips for Playing Baccarat Online Understanding How and Rules to Play Before starting the online baccarat game you must understand all the existing rules first, if you really understand the rules and how to play this game is very easy to play. Then each player is invited to make bets on player, banker or tie and there are still other types of bets in it. Then the dealer will distribute cards to the player and banker which between the player and banker must have the highest value, which is a value of 9. And in the final result if the banker has a value of 9 and the player has a value of 7 then the winner is the Banker. Then the system will make payments according to your bet in Indonesian Online Baccarat.

How to Win Playing Sicbo Online Gambling

To win bets in online dice games is actually very easy as long as we understand how to play and understand how to play.

Online dice games or online sicbo are one of the games that have a lot of fans, because sicbo has a lot of combinations of bets and many strategies that can be used.

Sicbo game is a game that uses 3 dice as a means of playing, which was first introduced from China and finally entered Indonesia and became one of the most popular games in official soccer gambling agents today.

How to Win Playing Sicbo Online Gambling

To be able to win bets, of course, you have to understand tips and tricks on how to win playing sicbo online, this time we will share a few tips and tricks to win after doing many surveys from various online gambling sites.

Here are tips and tricks to win Sicbo online:
Reading the History Board: You should read the history board of numbers that came out in the previous round, that way you will understand what strategy to apply.
Place Bet Type Big or Small: Placing bets with this type is the most profitable type of bet, because it has the largest percentage of wins.
Avoid Triple Bet: You should avoid this type of bet, because it really takes luck to win the bet.
Double the Bet Value: If in several rounds you always win the bet, you should double the value of the bet you place so that you can maximize the winnings.
Switch Tables: If in a few rounds you lose, immediately change tables and look for luck at another table.
By understanding all the explanations above, we are sure that we will increase your winning percentage in making bets on the bola88 gambling list . By playing often and applying all the strategies above, you can find the best playing pattern.

Hopefully this article on how to win playing Sicbo online can help add your insight and can provide solutions for you in this game.

Tips on How to Guess the Dragon Tiger Card Online

How to guess the best online dragon tiger card quickly is not impossible, if you can understand and also pay attention to all the reviews about the dragon tiger game from us this time.

However, in order to be able to apply the strategy of how to guess this dragon tiger card, of course you also have to understand and learn how to play and what types of bets are in this dragon tiger game.

Of all the available casino games, the dragon tiger game is one type of casino game that is fairly easy to learn and play even for beginners.

In addition, you can also play this dragon tiger game online through a trusted online casino agent, in this case we highly recommend one of the largest online gambling sites in Indonesia today, the bola88 gambling agent .

Now we will start to discuss tips on how to guess dragon tiger cards effectively, which you can try to apply when playing later.

Tips on How to Guess Dragon Tiger Cards Online

Here below are some tips for playing dragon tiger online:
Make sure you have prepared your capital and winning targets before playing, because these two things are very important to be able to achieve big profits in the online dragon tiger game.
Before playing and placing bets, it’s a good idea for you to see the previous game through the history board on the table or room occupied, so you can more easily predict the possibilities that will come out later.
After you have a prediction that feels right, then try playing with small bets first to be more sure that you really have high luck at the game table.
If you lose in 1 round, then you can try to multiply the bet in the next round, because if you win, the payment of the winnings obtained can cover losses due to defeat in the first round.
Continue to study the situation and conditions of the ongoing game, if the dragon manages to come out as a winner 3 or 4 times then the possibility of the tiger to come out as the winner is wide open.
Try to stay calm and focused while playing, don’t be careless and greedy in placing bets because calm is the main key to being able to win in this dragon tiger game.
If you feel unlucky or have lost 2 or 3 times at the game table that is being occupied, it would be nice to try playing at another table.
Don’t get your hopes up on the Tie bet type, even though it has a high winning payout value, but to be able to get it, high luck is also needed.
Increase your playing time and also your experience in online dragon tiger games, because this can make it easier for you to play and determine what steps to take in every situation.
It’s not easy to guess the number of cards that will come out in the dragon tiger game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make predictions correctly through all the tips on how to guess dragon tiger cards online as described above.

For those of you who want to immediately try playing the dragon tiger game online on the official bola88 gambling list site , don’t wait anymore, register yourself immediately.

Tips to Avoid Losing Playing Roulette Online

One of the most profitable online casino games can be tried on online roulette type games. Roulette is a type of online casino game that is often played by bettors to get big profits in it.

Of course, before trying to play online casino roulette, it would be better to first learn about the right way to play and mature tactics. Because this one gambling game does provide a lot of potential for such large profits.

In playing gambling, all players must always expect a win, no one wants to experience defeat, even for a small loss, they feel disappointed when playing online gambling for real money bets.

This will not be experienced for a bettor who is already a pro of course, but what about beginners who are still trying to explore the game of roulette but end up losing continuously. So that almost makes those who often experience defeat want to stop trying again.

If you are losing, of course, many bad things can happen to roulette gambling players. Not only roulette gambling, even other types of online gambling are also worth considering. Don’t let your money just go to waste without getting the slightest profit.

This time the bola88 gambling agent will provide tips for you to avoid defeat or at least minimize your losses, so you can be enthusiastic again to cultivate victory from your previous defeat.

Tips to Avoid Losing Online Roulette

Taking a Betting

Break Taking a betting break can reduce a losing streak. Most people who always find defeat will always be curious. Well, this curiosity sometimes makes people worse off. Do not continue the game first if you experience 3 defeats. Because if you continue betting continuously you will be carried away by lust and will find defeat until the capital brought to the table will run out.

Continuing Betting Tomorrow

Don’t be too insistent and eager to make bets that you can’t necessarily win completely. Pausing for a while or resuming betting the next day can reset your luck. So this method can provide its own spirit and on average this method is effective to avoid some defeats. If you are calm and don’t get carried away by the emotions of yesterday’s defeat, you can continue betting on the list of trusted betting agents.

Not Easy Emotions

Emotions sometimes make us crazy in playing online roulette gambling. Starting from lack of focus, careless in determining bets and so on. Stop when you feel lost in your emotions. It could be that this is what has made you less fortunate in online roulette betting.

Changing Betting Tables

If you keep losing at the same betting table, we recommend switching to a new betting table. Don’t play at the betting table for too long, because there are still many online roulette betting tables available and can provide a higher chance of winning.

If in playing online roulette bets you only pursue big wins without a strategy, then the results of the game can of course be in vain. Therefore, this way of playing must be avoided so as not to cause unwanted losses.

Online Casino Baccarat Listing Site

Online Baccarat is one type of online casino card gambling game that has been a prima donna in online gambling games since it was first launched. How to play Baccarat online is very easy to understand. The players only have to choose bets on the PLAYER or BANKER which has the highest card. In the Baccarat Online gambling game the highest value is 9.

In addition to guessing who has the highest card, players can also guess TIE (SERI), PP (Player Pair and BP (Banker Pair). In this game there are many betting options that can be enjoyed by players. , because the turnover of profits is very fast.

Online Casino Baccarat Register Site

To be able to play Baccarat on a trusted online gambling site, of course you have to be a member on the site. You can register for Bola88 Gambling at the Bola88 Gambling Agent . The process of registering for Baccarat Online is very easy.

Most people who want to play have a hard time getting good service from a trusted baccarat gambling agent. But with us you will get the best service that is not obtained from other Online Baccarat Agents.

How to Register an Online Baccarat Account

The first thing you have to do is to fill out the registration form completely. Next, you will get an id and password sent via Livechat, Whatsapp or Email that you registered.

Once you are able to login to our site, you can already play online baccarat gambling games. Only with a minimum deposit of 25 thousand, you can enjoy all types of games provided by us.

Thus our explanation of the online casino baccarat list site . For those of you who are still confused about finding a trusted online gambling agent, immediately register with our agent and play various games that will definitely make you not want to go to other online gambling agents.

Trusted Real Money Online Roulette Gambling Agent

Online Roulette is one type of online casino gambling game that is much favored by online gambling players. This game is played by using a small ball that will spin on a spinning wheel. The main goal of this game is to predict where the ball will stop. Of course if you guess the right place to stop, then you will get a prize.
In this game there are 37 numbers or small squares marked with the numbers 0-36. Basically the numbers will be divided into 3 colors, namely Black, Red and Green. You can place your bets on a board that has been provided which has been distinguished based on the colors and numbers on the Real Money Online Roulette table.
Trusted Real Money Online Roulette Gambling Agent Online
roulette gambling is a game that is much favored by lovers of online casino games in Indonesia. In this game, you don’t need any special skills to win. The winnings that you will get when you guess correctly will be very large depending on the type of your bet.
Of course, by choosing a Bola88 Gambling Agent you can realize this victory. The method is very easy, you just need to register for Bola88 Gambling on the form we have provided with complete personal data. After completing registration, you can also enjoy other casino games with that account.
With so many fans of roulette gambling, many Online Roulette Sites provide this very fun game. The site of course provides Live Casino Roulette service which means you can enjoy the game directly.
Not only that, with the advancement of technology today, you can play Roulette Online via your favorite smartphone. Playing with the mobile version is of course very helpful for you because you can play anywhere and anytime you want to play Roulette Online Gambling .
How to play this game is very easy. You simply place your bet on a board that we have explained briefly above with a predetermined time. When this time is up, the player cannot place any more bets.
The dealer will spin the wheel until it finally stops. The winner of this game will be determined from the location of the ball that stops on the Roulette wheel.

How to Play Real Money Online Casino Gambling

Currently, there are many gambling agents that have sprung up to offer games that can generate profits. The games in question are none other than online gambling games such as soccer betting, live casino, slots and online poker.
Interestingly, there are several agents who dare to offer special promotions and bonuses for members who want to join with the aim of attracting more members. Unfortunately, there are now many prospective members who can be said to be smarter in choosing gambling sites.
Well, this article will explain to you how to play online gambling, especially real money, which is safer on the internet.
How to Play Real Money Online Casino Gambling
The first step you have to do first is to determine the gambling game you want to play. If you have determined the type of game, the next step is to register at the Bola88 Gambling Agent .
For the registration process, you just need to fill in your complete data in the Bola88 Gambling Register form . Then our Customer Service will process your ID creation. No more than 3 minutes you have got your own ID and are able to play all types of games provided.
The next preparation you have to do is to make a deposit to be able to play. After your deposit is processed, you can immediately play by entering the game you want to play.
That’s a little information that we can share with you about how to play real money online gambling. We hope that this article will help you understand the first steps to playing Indonesian online casino gambling.

Mistakes Playing Indonesian Real Money Online Slots

Slot machines are one type of game that is already familiar in the world of gambling, because it has long been played by gamblers through the casino.
Slot machine games are indeed very popular and liked by many players, because the way to play is not difficult to understand. Where players can get a lot of convenience to play this bet.
This is because slot machine games have gotten a lot of development by utilizing advanced technology, which is widely used by gambling at this time.
So to play slot gambling, you only need an internet connection that can be connected to the gadget that will be used later. Therefore, victory is easier to obtain with the convenience of playing.
Mistakes to Play Trusted Real Money Online Slots
1. Not checking the Playing Rules of
the Official Soccer Gambling Agent – Not checking the rules and guidelines for playing slot gambling games first. Every online gambling agent site that is trusted and has quality services, including those that serve online slot gambling games, must have their own rules and policies.
This is so that bettors who play gambling through these agents are more assured of comfort and safety. Therefore, you really shouldn’t forget to learn and understand the rules of the game that apply well to the agent you are going to play.
2. Too pushy
Making up for defeat in playing online gambling, including online slots, of course, must be done by returning to playing gambling. However, you need to know, in a gambling game there will be times when you will win and lose.
All bettors certainly want to be able to get back the lost bet money when they lose, but it’s a good idea to consider carefully before forcing yourself to return to playing slot gambling even though you have lost several times in a row.
If it’s like that you should decide to stop for a moment and continue the next day, if not then your risk of experiencing defeat and loss becomes even greater.
3. Don’t Learn From Bola88’s Mistakes
– If you want to be successful in playing gambling, including online slot gambling, then you must be willing to learn the game, especially things related to the mistakes you made before when playing slot gambling games . Things like that will make you more alert and not repeat the same mistakes.

How to Play Blackjack Online, Indonesian Real Money

On this occasion we will discuss how to play online blackjack gambling for real money. However, before we discuss the guide on how to play, we must first know the value of the card in the blackjack game itself, namely:
1. Cards numbered 2 to 9 have the same value as the numbers on the card.
2. Ace can have 2 values. Can be a value of 1 or 11 and can approach the number 21.
3. Each card 10, King, Queen and Jack has a value of 10
After knowing the card values ​​in the blackjack game then we will enter the rules that exist in the blackjack gambling game .
If we look at the name of the game itself, namely blackjack, it means a high-level card game with a maximum value of 21 which combines an ace card in pairs with 10, Jack, Queen, and King cards.
Official Football Gambling Agent – If at the beginning of the game you have got a pair of cards with a blackjack value then you will immediately be declared a winner, but if the game continues with the distribution of the next third or fourth card then your chances of winning will be even smaller.
There are several terms in the Blackjack game as explained below:
Even Money
This even money means that when the dealer gets an ace card and the player gets a blackjack card, there will be several possibilities that occur in this even money bet.
If the player places even money, the dealer’s condition is not blackjack, then the winning odds are only 1x.
If the player does not place even money, then the dealer’s condition is not blackjack then the winning odds are 1.5x.
If the player places even money, then the dealer’s condition is blackjack, then the odds of winning are 1x.
If the player does not participate in even money, then the dealer’s condition is blackjack then the bet will be considered a draw.
means if the player continues to add cards and the value of all player cards exceeds 21, it will be declared immediately lost without seeing the value of the dealer’s card again.
In this case you can double the pair of players while playing and you will receive 1 card and can add to your bet credit.
Hit or Stand
Is an order to add cards or not to add more cards, the choice will be given when your next card has been issued and the dealer must follow the current card rules.
Insurance (Insurance)
Is an insurance term that will be offered if the dealer’s initial card gets an AS card, the cost of this insurance is half of your bet credit.
If you believe that the dealer will win by getting the next card is a value of 10, then when you choose insurance and it happens, your main bet will lose but your bet on insurance will win so the point is a tie because you don’t win and don’t lose.
But if the dealer’s card does not get a card with a value of 10 or blackjack then your insurance bet will lose, then your main bet will depend on each card value which is greater than the dealer or not.
It is an option if you get two bad cards at the beginning of the game, then you can choose this Surrender which means you give up and your bet will be returned half of the initial bet.
Is if you get twin cards on two cards at the beginning of the game, then you can do a Split or divide the card into two additional sides then you can also place a bet on the card you split earlier and you can add a menu to the split card with Hit , Stands and Doubles.
But if you don’t use this Split menu option at the beginning of the game, the game will run normally.
Also pay attention to the existing Split rules because each site that provides this blackjack gambling game has different rules so that you don’t make a mistake in doing so, we advise you to re-read the rules at the official soccer gambling agent.
Twenty One
Is a game where the number of cards is three or more pieces with a total value of your card getting a value of 21.
That’s the information about this guide on how to play blackjack online for real Indonesian money. Hopefully it can inspire you to register for Bola88 . See you in our next article.

Mistakes in Playing Online Baccarat Gambling

Playing gambling is one of the hobbies for some people who certainly has many challenges. In gambling games, each player is required to make bets with money or with valuable items. There are so many types of gambling games so that most ordinary people still feel confused in choosing an existing game.
In Indonesia, casinos are very difficult to find because playing gambling in Indonesia is a violation of the law. But not in today, most people actually can play online gambling games, all types of gambling games found in the casino can be played online Agen Bola Judi Official .
Indonesian Online Baccarat Gambling Agent
Baccarat is a game that uses playing cards where the players must bet and choose between player, banker, tie, pair player and pair banker. How to play this one game only with a large number of card values. The highest card value in this game is 9 and the lowest is 0.
If both parties get the same value, the tie will come out. For a winning value in the game of baccarat, among others, as follows.
Tie 1:8
Player Win 1:1
Banker Win 1:1
Player Pair 1:11
Banker Pair 1:11
It is highly recommended not to place a tie or pair bet too often, because these bets usually only come out a few times and also don’t appear often. Although the payoff for the win for the pair is very large, this type of play is not recommended.
Some Mistakes to Look For
Play Rush
Often Indonesian baccarat players make a very fatal mistake in playing baccarat, which is often betting with too many bets and playing not relaxed. Actually this one game is easy to play as long as you play at a relaxed tempo and observe the cards that will be dealt.
Playing In An Emotional State
Emotions also play a very big role, if players are provoked by emotions, players will usually bet all the money they have. Ambition is also very difficult for players to win. If the player has won in the game of baccarat, then the ambition that the player has is getting worse. Often players who have won a lot actually lose all their money because of their own ambitions.
Not Preparing Playing Strategy
Before playing the game of baccarat, the player must develop a strategy that is mature enough so that later the player will not be confused in starting the game of baccarat, most people do not have a strategy that is mature enough to play the game of baccarat online, as a result the player will usually lose in the middle of the road.
Too much hope in luck
It is very true that luck is an absolute key and also not owned by all players who make bets on online baccarat gambling . So for players who are still beginners, it’s best to do strategies and tricks that you can predict by observing the rules of the game carefully.
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Trusted Indonesian Online Baccarat Gambling Agent

Baccarat is a card gambling game that is one of the most favored bets by players. Where this live baccarat bet compares the 2 cards in the hands of the Player and the Banker.
The position with the highest cards or points (9) is the winner. This game runs 4 types of bets at once using the value of the cards that have been dealt, the types of bets are Player – Banker, Tie, Player Pair – Banker Pair and Fortune Six.
All players have the same opportunity and will be given a choice of bets that you set yourself without any coercion. And players can also play all available bets in the same round at once.
The main purpose of this bet is to place a bet on the position between the player or banker that you believe will have the highest value (9). on this occasion we will explain in full how to play online baccarat gambling.
How to Play Baccarat Online The
game of baccarat begins with a dealer who will distribute cards to the Player and Banker positions. The first round of cards will be dealt 2 cards in both positions. There is an addition of a third card but according to the rules that have been determined and will be explained below.
Just like playing blackjack, the jack, queen, king and 10 cards will be counted 0, and the ace card will be counted as 1. And if the card value exceeds 10 such as 18 then it will be calculated by subtracting the value of 10.
Example of card count:
9 + 7 = 16 means 6
5 + 5 + 7 = 17 means 7
10 + 9 = 19 means pure 9
If the player or banker position gets the same total value then it is called TIE. All credits that have been installed in the player banker will be returned without any deductions. Only the TIE position will be counted. If on the first two cards one of the positions has a value of 8 or 9 (pure) then there is no additional third card.
Rules for Adding a Third Card in Baccarat The
first 2 cards at the banker:
0-2 Must add.
3-6 Can be added and not added (free).
7 No add card.
The first 2 cards in the player:
0-5 Must add.
6-7 No added cards.
How to Calculate Online Baccarat Wins
Indonesian online baccarat has 4 types of bets that you can play. Each of these types of bets has a different calculation of how to win until the payment of the winning money to the winning member. For that, so that you understand better before you start, then read to the end the rules and how to calculate wins below:
Player Banker
Bets on the player banker type are the most frequently played bets. You can choose to install in the player or banker position which is believed to get a greater value. If you win, you will be paid 1:1 according to the credit value posted. And on the Banker position will be subject to a 5% discount. Example: install a banker of IDR 100,000, it will be deducted by 5% to IDR 95,000.
Tie (series)
Bets on the TIE type are the types that get a fairly large payout, namely you will be paid 1:8. There is no discount on TIE bets, and those who place on the player banker will be returned according to the credits placed. Example: install TIE for IDR 100,000, you will be paid IDR 800,000.
Player Pair / Banker Pair
Baccarat bets on Player Pair or Banker Pair have the highest payouts in live baccarat bets. You will be paid 1:11 if the first two cards dealt are of the same value and the similarity of the cards generated by the third card will not count. Example: pair Player pair or Banker pair with IDR 100,000, then IDR 1,100,000 will be paid.
Fortune Six
Betting on the Fortune Six type is a type of bet that was recently provided by casino companies in the world. You will be paid 1:22 and not all online baccarat sites provide this type of bet. Example: install a fortune six of Rp. 100,000, then you will be paid Rp. 2,200,000.
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How to Play Indonesian Online Baccarat

Baccarat gambling game is an easy game to play because this game does not have a special strategy. However, if you are serious about this game, the game of baccarat can bring more additional income, of course very tempting right?
Baccarat from the beginning became one of the games for the nobles because the betting value of this game was large enough that it became the attraction of the ancient sultans.
Now you don’t have to worry anymore, you can also play online baccarat gambling. Now technology is growing rapidly and the internet is everywhere. By using Android and iOS smartphones, you can now play online baccarat anywhere and anytime.
Online baccarat is the fairest and most popular game to date. This game is served live (directly) with a female dealer (card dealer) who will accompany you while playing.
Baccarat is a game that has existed for a long time and is very popular with its audience, even though the players are far from land-based casinos.
Some Tips for Playing Baccarat Online
Strategy Tips for Playing Baccarat Online
Official Soccer Gambling Agents – In playing baccarat gambling there is no special strategy that promises bettors to win. But there are only special strategies that increase your winning percentage to be greater.
The most important thing in playing all bets at the casino is patience and adept at managing your finances when playing. Here below are 6 strategies for playing online baccarat betting.
Reduce bets on TIE positions.
Player pair and banker pair bets are better placed on both sides.
Prioritize placing bets in the Banker position.
Install multiples (maximum 3 times) if you lose and are in the same position.
Don’t move around the table too often.
Choosing a Trusted Online Baccarat Agent
Bola88 List – In playing online gambling, of course, what everyone wants is fun and victory. But unfortunately, many people forget a few things to get the fun out of it.
Many members forget and are not careful in choosing a gambling agent, so that it can result in loss of time and money. Find an agent who can truly be responsible for providing the best service to all members.
That’s our explanation. Hopefully this article on how to play Indonesian online baccarat is useful for all of you, if you win with this trick, please share it with friends and other bettors. Don’t forget to visit our next article.

Powerful Tricks to Play Blackjack Casino Online

The blackjack game itself is a casino game that has been played for a long time, using playing cards as the game medium so that it is easy to understand. Online casino blackjack gamesare in great demand by gambling players, especially those in Indonesia.
Not only that, you can also play blackjack games online using only 50 thousand capital, you can get the opportunity to play with the Official Soccer Gambling Agent .
Furthermore, to get an advantage in playing online casino blackjack gambling, you can listen to the explanation below.
Explanation of how to play blackjack online
In playing blackjack online we try to get the number 21 in order to get a win. At the beginning of the distribution of cards, each player will get 2 cards which are dealt by the dealer who is in charge of distributing cards.
If the card obtained is still far from the number 21, then the player can get the 3rd card and add up the values. If the 3 cards are lower than the dealer’s card, the player will lose.
Some terms in online blackjack games:
1. Hit
With this option the player can add 1 card, provided that the first 2 cards are still far from the number 21. But you need to be careful, if the addition of the card exceeds the number 21 then you will be declared lost .
2. Stand
If you are sure of the card you get and don’t want to add a card, the player can choose the stand option and the card will be immediately reported to the dealer’s card.
3. Double Down
In this option the player can add 1 card, with a note that your bet will increase 2x from before. However, after adding cards in the previous round you cannot add cards again.
4. Split
This option can be used by players when getting 2 of the same card or twins, by choosing this split option, the card will be divided into 2 bets on each card.
5. Insurance
Insurance option which means insurance, players can insure their cards when the dealer gets an ace first while playing. The fee is half of your bet, but if the dealer gets a 10 card and blackjack then you get 2x the insurance.
Tricks to Win Playing Blackjack Online
The following are some powerful tricks for playing online casino blackjack:
1. If you get an ace first, we suggest being more careful in choosing the next step so you don’t turn around and lose.
2. Try to buy insurance when the dealer gets an ace, because the possibility of the dealer getting blackjack is very high. Of course, to reduce expenses, it is better to use insurance options.
3. Be careful choosing bets in blackjack games, pay close attention to the conditions of the game and the situation that is happening at the table.
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Trusted Indonesian Online Casino Gambling Agent

Online casino gambling is currently at the peak of its popularity, this is of course from the support of technology that anyone and from any circle can play in it. This is the reason online casino gambling is increasingly popular as it is now.
Starting from land casinos, now there are many casinos that have been presented online, one of which is well known, Starbet99. So you don’t have to bother going to Las Vegas or Macau just to play gambling.
Every Official Soccer Gambling Agentcompete with each other to be the biggest and the best. Of course, Starbet99 always prioritizes the latest and most advanced systems it has and experienced services. Not only that, there are many bonuses and offers given to all Starbet99 loyal members.
Online Casino lovers can also benefit by finding as many relatives or friends as possible to join Starbet99 and of course there will be prizes or bonuses given.
Several Types of Online Casino Gambling Games
1. Online Baccarat The
game of baccarat begins with the Dealer in charge of distributing cards, before the cards are distributed the bettors must first place a bet between two choices, namely Player and Banker, TIE and Pair. What’s interesting about this type of baccarat is the game between Player and Banker, because one of them will beat each other with the aim of getting big numbers, namely cards with numbers (9).
If you choose a position that has a greater value then it is considered a winner and will be paid according to your bet. In fact, this game is very simple, that’s why this type of Baccarat game is very appropriate for a beginner gambler.
2. Roulette Online
Roulette gambling is one of the most popular Indonesian online casino games from the past until now. Where the bettor places a bet on the numbers 0-36. When the roulette is played and the small ball in it stops and is right on the number you put, then you will be the winner and get paid.
This type of online roulette game does not require special skills that require you to fight with other players, but a right guess and luck that will help you win the bet. It is not difficult to play and there are also other types of bets in Roulette such as guess colors (Black and Red), Odd Even (ODD & EVEN) and other types of bets.
3. Online Slot Games
Slot games are very simple and easy to understand games, where this game plays a series of images or symbols and aims to get the same combination of images or symbols in the game. You can also play this game and there is a huge jackpot bonus.
4. Dragon Tiger
Dragon Tiger is a card game that is quite easy to play. You simply choose which bet will get the higher card value. Then a card game that compares the card value between the Dragon and Tiger sides with the highest card value. If the tie (Tie) then the bookie will be declared a winner but only 50% or half of the bet that has been placed as a dealer commission.
5. Sic Bo / Dice Online
The following game is Sic Bo or Online Dice which is a game that has been around for a long time. This game only guesses the number of dice that comes out of the three dice that will be shaken by the dealer (banker).
6. Shoot Fish Online The
games provided by the Starbet99 agent are indeed very numerous and will make you never bored. One of them is included with this one Indonesian Online Casino game, namely Shoot Fish, in Indonesia itself many have played it.
Players or bettors can play this fish shooting gambling game on a Smartphone or PC computer. How to play is quite easy, just shoot the fish with the best value as much as possible in order to get big points too. That way you can get a big profit.
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Tips for Winning Playing Online Roulette Gambling

Roulette gambling is one of the easiest online casino games to play. This is because this game is one of the most popular games.
The game of roulette is played using a wheel with numbers on it. A white ball and a table with stakes. That way players will play by guessing according to the bets on the betting table.
To determine their own victory, the players must successfully guess the number that will be played with the white ball. Where the existing white ball will be thrown into the wheel. And the number where the white ball stops will be the winning number in that round. That way, if the player guesses correctly, they will get paid.
With a very interesting and profitable game. Of course the players love to play this game. Of course there are several ways for players to win this game easily.
Maximizing the Chance of Winning Roulette Gambling
When playing roulette, the first thing that players pay attention to is the opportunity to win. With the main game, which is guessing the 37 numbers, the chance of winning is quite difficult. So of course players must know how to increase the chances of winning the existing players.
By playing online roulette , players can place more bets to predict the numbers that will come out. Players will increase their chances of winning even though the existing odds will be cut, but players will still get big profits.
Maximizing the Winning Prize
In the roulette gambling game, besides being able to maximize the chance of winning, players also have the opportunity to win prizes. This of course has its own way and will use the types of bets that exist. These types of bets include straight, split, corner, street and others.
The way to maximize bets is for players to bet with adjacent numbers. By placing the chips together, players just need to determine how many numbers they want to choose.
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Tricks to Win Playing the Latest Online Blackjack 2020

You’ve probably played blackjack before, either online or in a casino. However, the game of blackjack is significantly different when you are playing as a dealer and not as one of the players.
The basic rules of playing blackjack are quite simple. Players try to get close to 21 or reach 21. Unlike poker, where players compete against each other, blackjack is a one-on-one game between each player and the dealer.
Cards 2 to 10 are worth according to the number of cards. Aces have a value of 1 or 11, depending on their use in your hand. However, the advanced rules for playing blackjack are slightly different. Since the dealer is responsible for paying the bet, they obviously can’t take out insurance.
The Right Trick to Win Blackjack Online
1. Prepare Sufficient Funds
In starting the game and increasing the potential for victory, of course players must prepare sufficient capital. At least what is used is enough to enjoy the game in the next 10 rounds. Based on that capital, players will be more flexible in observing the game and reading all the opportunities that exist at the gambling table.
2. Start with the Smallest Bet There are
quite a number of game variations offered in Online Blackjack betting. To carry out an analysis of the game being played, you can start from the smallest bet value. Thus, every game that is followed will not have a big risk of defeat. Betting in small amounts will make the game run for a longer time.
3. Using the Playing Strategy The
victory achieved by the bettor is definitely based on the tactics applied. Use some tactics to memorize the cards and research all the possibilities. The right tactics in counting cards will open up a much greater potential for victory than playing normally.
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