Get to know the types of bets in the Roulette game

Having knowledge of the types of roulette bets will certainly make it easier for you when playing online roulette games at Official Soccer Gambling Agents .
Playing roulette is quite easy, because you only need to guess where the wheel stops. Maybe just guessing will be very difficult among the many board numbers.
In the online Roulette gamethere are 11 types of bets, and of course it will be very easy to play if you already understand how to play.
11 Types of Betting in Online Roulette Gambling
Here we explain several types of bets in online roulette games as below:
1. Straight Up
For this type of bet you only need to place one number. For example, if you want to place a bet on number 10, you simply put your chip on number 10 and click ok. If correct, then the Dealer will pay you with 35:1 or 36:1 (Capital is included).
2. Split Up
For this type of bet, you can place a bet by placing on two adjacent numbers. For example: If you want to bet your chips on the numbers 10 and 11, then you can simply click right between the numbers. The dealer will pay you 17:1, if the number you put comes out correctly.
3. Street
This bet is almost the same as split up, but this time you have to place three numbers that are close together. The Player will get paid from the Dealer of 11:1 if the number you put out comes out.
4. Corner
You must place a bet on 4 adjacent numbers. You just simply place your chip in the corner where the four numbers meet. The dealer will pay 8:1 if your bet goes out.
5. 6 Lines / 6 Lines
You simply place a bet on six numbers. To be able to place this type of bet, you only need to place your chips at the end of the two lines you want. The win you get is 5:1.
6. Column
As the name implies, you can place bets on one column you want. You simply place your chip in one of the boxes (2 or 1). 2:1 the dealer will pay you if you win.
7. Dozen / Dozen
You can place bets on all numbers marked with a dozen / dozen marks. To choose this bet type you simply place your chips at a dozen 1st (1-12)/ dozen 2nd (13-24)/ dozen 3rd (25-36). You will get a 2:1 net win of the bet value placed.
8. Red or Black / Red or Black
You are only allowed to install in one of the boxes between black or red. The dealer will pay 1 to 1 if you win the bet.
9. Odd or Even / Odd or Even
As the name implies, you only need to place on the betting table marked Odd/Odd or Even/Even. For the winning results obtained 1:1 if the number that comes out is Odd/Even.
10. Low or High / Small (1-18) or Large (19-36)
If you want to set low, you can simply install in boxes 1 to 18, and vice versa if you want to set high, you simply put in boxes 19-36. You will get a 1:1 winning result if your bet is correct.
11. Orphans
This type of bet is placed on all numbers between zero and tier where you place five chips at once. You will get various payments.
Those are some types of bets in online roulette games that you must master well before starting to play. For those of you who just want to start playing online roulette, register immediately on the Bola88 List site which provides the most complete and trusted online gambling game.

The Most Complete Online Sicbo Gambling Bet Type

This online sicbo gambling bet is a type of game originating from mainland China, which was discovered around the 20th century by Chinese nobles. And then, around 1980 the type of sic bo game began to enter casino gambling places abroad at a time when the Chinese population made immigrants on a large scale.
In doing this Sicbo gambling game, of course, it will not be separated from the guessing problem, just like in other types of gambling bets. So, if the players can guess correctly, then the victory and also the advantage the player can get. However, of course, when the player guesses incorrectly, the loss will be the player’s.
The Most Complete Online Sicbo Gambling Bet Type
This type of sicbo game is played using three dice as the main medium, and also a bowl that serves to shuffle the three dice. In an era like today, you can already play the type of sicbo bet online at an official soccer betting agent .
The following types of sicbo gambling bets that players can choose, namely:
Big / Small
bets For the first type of sicbo gambling game bets are large / small bets. Players will be able to make a choice of placing bets on the total of the three dice contained in the bowl between large and small.
Small bets are said to be based on the sum of the numbers or the value of a total of three dice consisting of 4 to 10. Big bets are said to be based on the sum of the numbers or the value of a total of three dice consisting of 11 to 17. The player will win in this type of big / small bet with a ratio of 1:1.
Odd / Even Bet
For the second type of sicbo gambling game bet is an odd / even type bet. Players can make choices in placing bets with a total odd or even value in the bowl.
Odd type bets are calculated based on the sum of the numbers or the value of a total of three dice consisting of 5,7,9,11,13,15,17. Even type bets are calculated based on the sum of the numbers or the value of a total of three dice consisting of 4,6,8,10,12,14,16. So, the Player will get a win in this odd / even bet type with a ratio of 1:1.
Three Dice Bet
Next, for the third type of sicbo gambling game bet is a total bet of three dice. This type of game places bets on the total of the three dice that will come out later, which is from a value of 4 to 17.
For winning payments, it usually depends on the odds of the website that provides this type of sicbo bet. However, generally we can say that to get a win, the players will get paid 1:6 in a value of 4 to 9, then 1:30 in a value of 10 to 16.
Single Number Bet
For the fourth type of sicbo gambling game bet is single number bet. So, players can certainly make bets on the value of the dice, which is between 1 to 6. For payment for the win of this type of bet, which is where the dice appear.
If the bet is placed on the dice or the single number is from one of the dice that comes out, then the players will get a payout of 1:1. If there are two dice 1:2, then if there are three the same dice 1:3.
Double Number Bet The
fifth type of sicbo gambling game bet is a double number bet. In this type of gambling bet, it is almost the same as a single number, but the difference is that it must have two twin dice. If in this bet the player can guess correctly, then the players will get a win with a payout of 1:5.
Bet Three Same Numbers or Twins
The sixth type of sicbo gambling game bet is a bet of the same type of three numbers or twins. In this type of gambling bet, it is almost the same as single numbers and double numbers, but the difference is that it must have three twin dice. If in this bet the player can guess correctly, then the players will get a win for a fee of 1:30.
From the umpteen points above, we hope that you will easily understand the types of bets that can be chosen. The type of online Sicbo gambling bet has a factor in determining how much profit you get. Register yourself at Bola88 List  which provides various types of online gambling bets in Indonesia.

Types of Betting in Online Baccarat Gambling Games

This time we will give a little explanation of online baccarat gambling which can be a lesson for you in the future in understanding this one gambling game. The game of baccarat can be said to be a fairly easy game and indeed very profitable if you can win bets.
This online Baccarat gambling gameuses 8 decks of cards which will be collected together in a clear box which will then be shuffled randomly. Before the dealer will distribute the cards, then you will place the bet you want to choose. After the bet is placed, the dealer will distribute the card to the player and banker.
The winner of the game is the player who has the highest card. The highest card has a value of 9. For example 1 to 9 the value will be the same, but for cards J, Q, K, and 10 will have a value of “0”.
If the value of your card has not reached the value of 6, either in the player or banker position, then a third card will be issued by the dealer from the deck to increase the value of the cards you have to reach 6 or even more.
Types of Online Baccara Bet
The first type of bet that you should know in this baccarat game is the player bet. Of course, to be able to choose this type of bet, you have to take the position of the game as a player. If the guess as a player is correct, you will get a win with a ratio of 1:1.
The most popular type of online baccarat bet and the most chosen by bettors is the banker bet type that provides huge profits and chances of winning. The ratio of the payout of this bet type is 1:1. There is a 5% tax on banker bets.
Pair is the second type of bet that has a big winning chance of 11:1. For this reason, it is only natural that players like to choose this type of bet because they can get big profits when they win the game of baccarat.
With a payout ratio of 8:1, you can get quite a large profit with this type of tie bet in online baccarat games. There are rules in this type of bet concerning the value of the banker and player cards must have the same card value.
Of the 4 types of online baccarat bets listed above, you only need to choose one of them to play. You can adjust the capital you have and knowledge in one of the four bets that you will play above.
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Getting to Know the Types of Online Blackjack Gambling Betting

In 1854 a woman named Eleanor Dumont had built a Casino in Nevada called Ving Et Un which became the first place where the Blackjack game was born which was discovered by none other than Eleanor Dumont herself
Blackjack games can be as popular as they are now thanks to the role of Eleanor Dumont who at that time was known to be very kind and friendly to his visitors, so many players came to his Casino to play Blackjack.
As proof that Eleanor is very good, there are statements from many gamblers who say it is better for him to lose playing at Eleanor’s casino than to lose elsewhere.
This is the reason why the game of Blackjack can spread throughout mainland America and is also a game that must be owned by every casino.
Blackjack Game Rules
Like every other game, this Blackjack game also has rules to play. Some of these regulations include:
1. The dealer must make the final decision.
2.The highest score in the Blackjack game is 21.
3.The party that gets a score past 21 is declared loser.
4. Players who get a total card value of 21 with Jack and Ace Spades cards are entitled to a prize of 10 x the bet value.
Value of Each Blackjack Card
The cards used in this Blackjack game are playing cards consisting of 52 cards with 2 Joker cards. However, in this game, the Joker card will not apply. The cards used are as follows:
Ace cards are worth 1 or 11
Card 2 is worth 2
Card 3 is worth 3
Card 4 is worth 4
Card 5 is worth 5
Card 6 is worth 6
Card 7 is worth 7
Card 8 is worth 8
Card 9 is worth 9
Card 10 is worth 10
Card J is worth 10
Q card is worth 10
K card is worth 10
1. Hit: This term is an action option to increase the number of cards by tapping the game table.
2. Stand: this term is an action option to defend the cards they have by waving their hands over the cards.
3. Insurance: This term is an option that can only be taken when the dealer’s first card is an ace, where you can place an additional half bet that you can win if the dealer’s next card gets a card value of 10. But if not then the game continues as usual with half of the bets placed are considered forfeited.
4. Double Down: This term is an option that you can only do to double your bet by adding 1 more card on the condition that the value of your 2 cards is worth 8 to 11.
5. Split: This term applies when you get 2 cards with the same number which you can later split into 2 different bets by adding the same bet as the previous bet.
6. Surrender: This term is for those of you who feel that your card will lose by stating surrender by getting back half the bet that has been placed.
Here are some important terms that you need to know before playing Blackjack.
Now with the development of an increasingly sophisticated era that has brought the game of Blackjack into the online world and turned into Online Blackjack. You can later play this game through an official soccer betting agent that provides the Live Casino feature .
So for those of you who are interested in playing Blackjack Online, you are required to register on the Bola88 Register to get your own user ID later.

Dragon Tiger Online Casino Bet Types

Thisdragon tiger type of online casino game is a game that is very easy to play and very easy to understand for lay people. Because this game only provides 3 choices, namely Dragon, Tie, and Tiger.
Dealer will deal one card each to dragon and tiger except tie. Then the card with the highest value wins the game.
Tie bets are not dealt cards because the tie selection will only be correct if the cards between the dragon and tiger are of the same value. The biggest card value in this game is KING and the smallest card is Ace, Ace is counted as 1.
Types of Dragon Tiger Gambling Bet
Dragon tiger game options in general are only three. But dragon tiger also provides a choice of dragon odd, dragon even, dragon red, dragon black. tiger odd, tiger even, tiger red, and tiger black. We will explain to you about the bet.
– Dragon Odd/Even (Odd/Even)
The meaning of dragon odd/odd is that the bet will be correct if the card from the dragon is odd. Likewise with dragon even / even, namely the bet will be correct if the card from the dragon the result is even.
– Dragon Red/Black (Red/Black)
After that dragon red/red, bets will be considered correct if the card that appears from the dragon is red. Vice versa for dragon black / black, bets will be considered correct if the card that appears from the dragon is black.
– Tiger Odd/Even (Odd/Even)
Next is about tiger odd/odd, bets on tigers are the same as on dragon bets. Tiger odd, that is, bets will be correct if the card from tiger is odd. Likewise with tiger even, that is, bets will be correct if the card from tiger is even.
– Tiger Red/Black (Red/Black)
After that tiger red/red, bets will be considered correct if the card that appears from the tiger is red. And vice versa tiger black / black, bets will be considered correct if the card that appears from the tiger is black.
Odds/payments received on each bet. Dragon odd (1:0.75), dragon even (1:1,05), dragon red (1:0.90), dragon black (1:0.90), dragon (1:1), tie (1 :8), tiger (1:1), tiger even (1:1,05), tiger odd (1:0,75), tiger black (1:0,90), tiger red (1:0,90) . The way to calculate it is the value of the bet multiplied by the odds of your partner.
In the dragon tiger bet, the biggest payout is the tie option. But we suggest not to be interested in the offer, because bets on the tie are very unlikely to appear. Even in 30 rounds the chance of appearing is only 1 to 3 times the tie option appears.
Join and play Dragon Tiger at the Official Soccer Gambling Agentwhich provides various types of online bets with the convenience of using one ID for all types of games. Register via Bola88 List and complete each registration column.

Guide How to Play Hi-Lo Casino Online

Hi-Lo is one of the Mini Games games provided by Live Casino. This game is one of the best-selling games in online casino mini games.
Hi-Lo games are no less popular than other Live Casino Online games. Because this Hi-Lo game is a game that is quite easy to play without having to have any special tricks to win it.
REMI cards in the Hi-Lo game have large and small values, and there are 4 types of bets on the Hi-Lo game at the Official Soccer Gambling Agent .
following, we will explain the large and small values ​​of cards in Hi-Lo games.
– Card Value
The number card 2 has the smallest value, and card A has the largest value in the Hi-Lo Card game.
– Picture Card
Value The picture card value has a different order of levels according to the leaf motif on the card. The following is the order of the cards from small value to large value.
Diamond (Red)
Curly (Black)
Heart (Red)
Shovel (Black)
Here we will discuss the menus available in the Hi-Lo Live Casino Online game. We will explain the menu when you play as below:
– Stake or Bet Amount
Determine the amount of bet you want, and according to the amount of money you bring into the game. (Example Bet value 1.00 = Rp. 1,000, – )
– Speed ​​or Speed
This menu serves to speed up the opening of cards in the game. You can speed up and slow down the game using this speed menu.
– Collect or Take
This menu is used to retrieve the wins that have been obtained in the game. We suggest that if you are in doubt about the next bet, you can take the win first. Because if you choose the wrong game in the next game, the wins in the collect menu will be forfeited.
– New Game or New Game This
menu serves to start a new game. Usually when you choose the wrong one or after you take your winnings from the collect menu. A new game menu will appear which means starting a new game.
After identifying the game menu, next we will explain the types of Hi-Lo Live Casino Games Cards bets that you can play. The types of bets available in the Hi-Lo game are:
– Hi-Lo/High-Low
Betting In playing Hi-Lo betting all you have to do is guess the cards that will come out in the closed card stack menu. The card stack menu functions to shuffle the cards on your left center screen.
– Suit Betting (Type of Card Drawing)
Suit betting is where you make a bet to guess the type of card motif that will come out after shuffling.
– Color Bet (Color Bet)
Color Bet Is a type of bet that guesses the color that will come out after the cards are shuffled.
We suggest you concentrate when playing this game. Because this game is reliable enough to give you victory. Get your account to play Hi-Lo by registering at Bola88 Registertrusted online gambling agent.

The Latest Powerful Tricks to Play Baccarat Online 2020

Baccarat is a very easy game to play because this game does not have a special strategy. However, if you play seriously in this game, it is certain that baccarat can bring in more additional money for you.
Since the beginning, baccarat has become one of the games for elite nobles because the value of the bet money for this game is large enough to become a high attraction.
Now you don’t have to worry anymore because you don’t have to be a sultan or like an old aristocrat to play baccarat . Now technology is growing rapidly in the world, especially in Indonesia.
By using an Android and IOS-based smartphone that is connected to the internet network, now all of you can play online baccarat gambling at the Official Soccer Gambling Agent at any time.
Tricks to Play Baccarat Online to Win
Bola88 List – Indeed, the game of baccarat does not have a special strategy, because usually only the luck factor is needed. However, we will provide some tricks for playing baccarat online, these tricks can be applied at land-based casinos as well.
1. Pay attention to Game Patterns
Pay attention to game patterns that often come out, be it Player or Banker. The method is quite simple, you just have to look at the game history before entering the selected baccarat shirt. This history can be our reference in choosing Player or Banker.
If in that history the Banker often wins, then we can place bets on the Player so on for up to 5 x rounds then move to the Banker position.
2. Know the Limits of Play
Everyone would want to win in any case. Well, in the game of baccarat we should not be too eager to bet if we often lose or win.
If you often lose, try to stop for a moment and pay attention to the first trick above, if you continue to win, you have to pay attention to the historical pattern again. Because usually bettors who lose or win will let their emotions play and not their logic anymore.
3. Doubling the Bet This
third trick of how to play online baccarat is effective if you often lose and have a large capital. The trick is to double the bet. Before starting this trick, first determine the bet that you will double.
If you apply this trick, then the previous defeat will be quickly paid off by folding bets in baccarat gambling. This third trick is usually done by master baccarat players.
These three short tricks can be a benchmark in playing online baccarat gambling for beginners. Indeed, the game of baccarat looks easy and simple, but it also takes patience in forming game patterns that you can later find by yourself.

The Latest Jitu Tricks to Play Sicbo Online 2020

Dice gambling or commonly called sicbo is an online gambling game that uses dice as a game tool. Sicbo online is a legendary game played by many online gambling enthusiasts.
The first thing each player needs to do is select a game table in the lobby in order to start betting where each player will be given time to place their bets.
This sicbo online gambling game is very easy to play and win if you already know the tricks and how to play it, so it is not surprising that there are many members in the Official Football Gambling Agent who make this sicbo gambling game the main choice to play online gambling.
Jitu Tricks Play Sicbo Online To Win
When You are playing this dice gambling game You cannot play with origins without accurate predictions and calculations. Anything you take for granted then it will definitely not work. Here are the precise tricks to play sicbo online to win that you can apply.
1. Predict the Numbers that Have Come Out
This step is one of your foundations to be able to guess the next output number, so your first task is to observe the numbers that have come out before. This can not be confirmed, but it can also be one of the tricks in determining how many predictions of numbers that will come out next.
2. Understand All Types of Betting
If you are still a beginner in the game, then the best way is to first understand the type of betting in the game. The more knowledge you have, the more you will understand the possibilities that occur in the game later. If you already understand then you will have a great opportunity in playing sicbo gambling online.
3. Observe the Repetition of Exit Figures
After analyzing the numbers that have come out, then the next step you have to do is to understand the rhythm of repetition of numbers. This certainly allows you to easily estimate the number of dice that will appear accurately and accurately. The more betting history you get, the more accurate and precise your predictions will be. But it must be done sequentially and not randomly.
4. Have Large Capital
If you are one of the beginner players in sicbo gambling then you must be confident when entering the game. Because in the sicbo gambling game, there are definitely many types of betting that you can place according to your own wishes. Because there are many types of betting, then you must also have a large capital so that you can install many types of betting.
5. Doubling the Number of Bets
How to play sicbo dice gambling which means that when in the game you are hockey and get a victory until repeatedly in a row, then do not you miss the opportunity and chance. You must immediately double your bet amount to the maximum limit in order for you to get an even bigger win.
6. Avoid Putting the Same Numbers
If you install on the same number continuously then it will not have a good impact for you. Because if the credit you have is very limited then it will be better if you try to use numbers that rarely appear.
7. Play With Patience and Calm
In playing sicbo gambling, many players lose patience and become emotional while losing the game. And it’s not good to continue, it’s better if you stay patient and calm as you play. Start looking for strategies to recapture your defeat.
Daftar Bola88- Here are some precise tricks that you can apply when playing sicbo online gambling. If you are a beginner in this game, it will be better if you understand and apply this precise trick. Because the more you understand about sicbo games online then it will have a good impact for you when you want to win.

Tricks to Win Playing Hi-Lo Casino Online

The Hi-Lo Cards game available at Online Casino Agents is the game that is most in demand by bettors in Indonesia because this game is very easy to play.
Before you can enter this Hi-Lo Cards game, it’s a good idea to have an ID that will take you to the Online Casino site. Because without ID then you will not be able to play this game. To get a game ID is very easy, you just need to visit the official soccer gambling agent site.
Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Hi-Lo Gambling
On this occasion we will share some tips and tricks that can increase your winning percentage in playing. Given the possibility of winning in this game is very large and so is the risk of losing. Without further ado, let’s just look at the tips and tricks that are presented below.
1. Tips on Hi-Lo . Betting Markets
In this market, you must have a strong feeling in guessing bets because the possibility of losing and winning is very large in the Hi-Lo market.
For example, if the first card that comes out is an ace like the picture above, then the probability of Lo is high enough to appear. Then you can choose Lo in this round. If the result that comes out is Jack, Queen, or King, then you can place a bet on Lo again because the chances of Lo appearing in the game are great.
2. Tips on the Color Betting Market
This type of market is the same as the Red/Black bet on Roulette. In this market you can use the 2x method of playing in Roulette or Sicbo games.
For example, if you place a bet on red in this round for IDR 100,000, – and if the result that comes out is black, then you will lose the bet of IDR 100,000.
In the next round you have to multiply your bet from the initial bet value to Rp. 200,000, – and place it on red as before.
If you lose again, then the total loss will be IDR 300,000. In the 3rd round you multiply again by Rp. 400,000, – and if in this round you win, then the winnings collected are Rp. 800,000, – and for a net win it is Rp. 100,000, -.
3. Tips on the Suit Betting Market
We know that in playing cards there are 4 types of flowers where you have to predict one of the symbol opportunities that appear in a 1:4 ratio. Of course this bet is difficult to win because the winning percentage rate is only 25%. However, the odds provided are quite high if you succeed in guessing it.
Those are our tips about Tricks to Win Playing Hi-Lo Casino Online. Hope you can understand from this explanation. For those of you who want to play it immediately, we invite you to immediately visit the Bola88 List site to get a Hi-Lo Card game ID.

Avoiding Loss in Playing Online Baccarat Gambling

Playing Baccarat gambling used to only be played offline or through land-based bookies. However, in this sophisticated era, everyone from all walks of life can play this gambling game through online casinos such as the Official Soccer Gambling Agent .
The problem is, the fact that the chances of winning in this gambling game are very small. The players who can play this gambling game will usually rely heavily on their own game strategy to be able to win.
One of the reasons why strategy is so important in online baccarat gamblingis, because the player can increase the chances of winning. Although not all players have their own game strategy, the use of strategy can at least reduce the possibility of losing.
Tips to Avoid Losing Playing Baccarat
1. Placing a Small Bet Value
In playing online baccarat gambling games, to avoid big losses, every player can anticipate by placing bets of small value. Where in bets made if you experience defeat, of course this condition will not make the player a loss even though he loses the value of a little capital.
2. Setting the Betting Time
With the many turns in gambling bets, of course you have the opportunity to get a fairly large win. However, players must also be aware of the possibility of defeat that leads to losses. Therefore, players must have a timetable for betting in order to minimize the chance of losing.
3. Not Sticking to One Table
In winning online baccarat gambling bets, of course, it must be supported by the luck factor. So it cannot be accurately ascertained that when a player can win or lose. Therefore, players can look for lucky opportunities in winning many betting rounds by targeting more game tables. Because it is undeniable that in every table there are opportunities that will result in winning bets.
Join and Play online baccarat gambling on the Bola88 List and feel the ease of playing by applying the tips we have provided above.

Tips for Playing the Latest Online Blackjack Gambling

Playing online blackjack or online roulette has indeed become an activity for many people around the world. If in some European countries allow this one card game, but in Indonesia itself this is still illegal and a legal prohibition that will ensnare every player.
However, with the presence of the Blackjack Online Gambling game, many bettors play and bet online rather than conventional gambling. The ease of accessing the game and betting is the reason for many bettors.
In addition, the safety factor and various abundant bonuses are one of the reasons that make many people decide to joinTrusted Official Soccer Gambling Agent in Indonesia.
Latest Online Blackjack Gambling 2020
Everyone would love to play this online blackjack game because it can generate huge profits. Therefore, we will provide a few tips on playing online blackjack gambling so that you can get a win when playing online casino games .
1. Cards with numbers 2 – 10 have the same nominal as the numbers on the card.
2. Ace can be used as 2 base values. Sometimes it can be 11 or even one and depending on the conditions in the player’s hand.
3. Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a value of 10 in the online blackjack gambling bet.
Actually, this online blackjack gambling game is only to approach the number 21 in the sum of the cards in each player’s hand. However, keep in mind that if a player gets a number more than 22, it means that the player is declared defeated.
Many bettors regret choosing the wrong agent, because there is no satisfaction given by the agent. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a trusted and quality agent so that you can play safely and comfortably.
With the many gambling agents available today, it will certainly make it difficult for you to choose the most appropriate one. Therefore, if you are confused about which one has the best level of security, please visit Bola88 Listto help register at a trusted gambling agent.

Advantages of Playing Indonesian Online Casino

Playing online bets has become a habit for some people. There are various types of online gambling games that have been very developed and then made us become millionaires in a short time.
One type of online bet that is widely played is Casino Online , or specifically Indonesian casino. Of course you already know this game because there are lots of Official Soccer Gambling Agent memberswho like online casino gambling games.
Making a profit from this kind of online casino game is actually very easy. Therefore, in this article we will explain about it.
The first thing, namely the right tips to get big profits in casino betting. Furthermore, it will be added by withdrawing the various bonuses available in the bet.
Tips for Profit Playing Online Casino
Playing online casino gambling is actually not a difficult thing, as well as how to get the various benefits that are in it. Because the games available are very diverse. No wonder we can get a variety of great benefits easily. Then, how to make a profit in casino betting?
First of all, make sure you know what game to play. It would be better if we did some simple research on how to win the betting game that you are going to play.
As is well known, there are various types of Indonesian online casino bets that must be tried such as Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, Slots, and many other games, of course, with different ways of playing and various wins.
Always learning from each game can also be a powerful way to win bets and get big profits from these online gambling games.
Online Casino Gambling Bet Bonus
Talking about any type of online bet, of course, you can’t get rid of the bonus. We will be able to get many bonuses in a short time if we are able to win the bet and withdraw it in our account.
Often times, many players actually get a loss when they want to withdraw the bonus, of course because there are various factors or negligence that occurred.
To cash out the casino betting bonus, it would be better if we had completed the available bets. In Indonesian casino games, there is at least one game that we must complete from start to finish on one level.
This will make our data recorded by the system so that the bonuses obtained can be accumulated easily. Don’t forget to cash out the betting bonus by paying attention to the online hours used by the bank on the betting site.
Here are some things about the advantages of playing Indonesian online casino gambling . immediately register yourself at Bola88 Register to play Online Casino Gambling.

Types of Betting on Online Roulette Games

In this day and age, who doesn’t know or know online roulette betting bets. Because this roulette gambling game is a type of gambling bet that is very popular and also popular among gamblers.
The popularity of online roulette betting is no longer in doubt, this is because almost all casino places or houses, especially Official Soccer Gambling Agents, provide this type of roulette gambling game.
In doing games online roulette will certainly not complicated and there are a variety of options on offer. Players will also get various benefits when playing on the InternetList of Bola88 .
The Most Popular Online Roulette Betting Types
1. Straight Up
This one bet is quite easy to understand even though it is actually difficult to win. In straight up bets, this bet is placed on just one number so the chances are very small. If the number comes out as a result, the profit obtained is 35 times the bet placed.
2. Split Bet
Split bets are easier than straight bets, but the odds are only slightly higher. In this bet, it is allowed to place 2 numbers at once. If one of the numbers comes out as a result, it is clear that a win can be obtained.
3. Street Bet
This one bet is also slightly easier than the two bets above. In street bets, bets can be placed on 3 numbers at once in a row. With 3 numbers at once, you can be sure the chances are getting bigger.
4. Corner Bet Corner
bet is a bet placed on 4 numbers at once with numbers side by side on the betting board. The odds of this corner bet are indeed greater than the previous bets.
5. Line Bet
If you want a bet that is quite likely but can still make a profit even if it is small, line bet is the choice. In this bet can include 6 numbers at once and side by side. That many numbers that are bets certainly provide a large enough opportunity.
6. Column Bet
This one bet may be one of the easiest because it bets 12 numbers at once. Even though that many numbers are bets, the profits are actually smaller than the previous bets.
7. Dozen Bet
In gambling betting, dozen bets are a type of game that has been provided by a game with 12 numbers installed at once. This type of dozen bets can only be placed based on 12 numbers whose positions are sequentially on the online roulette betting table.
8. Odds/Even
In this type of odd/even bet, players only need to place bets between even or odd numbers. Then, when the players get a win, then the players will get a win with 1 time of the capital installed.
9. Big/Small
In this type of big/small bet, players only need to place bets between numbers 1 to 18 which are called small, or numbers 19 to 36 are called big. Then, when the players get a win, then the players will get a win with 1 time of the capital installed.
10. Black and Red
In this type of black and red bet, players only need to place bets between black or red numbers. Then, the players will get a win with 1 time of the capital.

Rules in the Online Baccarat Gambling Game

Baccarat is a simple game because the goal is very clear to bet on the Player or Banker and expect your chosen card to be the winner.
However, if you dig deep into all aspects of this game, which is based on various player experiences, you will find that the game is more complicated than you might think.
Some players will try to predict the next outcome based on previous results, while some other players use a gambling system both logic and superstition both influence this game.
In this article, we’ll explain more about the basic card-taking rules and how to use the scoreboard. Before we start, let’s first learn the basics of playing baccarat.
Guide to Playing Real Money Online Baccarat
Playing baccarat online or offline, you will find terms that are often used in playing and found on the baccarat table, namely:
Dealer: the person in charge of dealing cards.
Deck: playing cards, totaling 52 sheets. In playing baccarat, 1 game set uses 8 decks of cards that are shuffled.
Chips: a substitute for the currency used for betting. The chip value is generally equal to the local currency.
Player: betting position that guesses the value of the Player’s card is greater than the Banker’s card.
Banker: betting position that guesses the value of the Banker card is greater than the Player’s card.
Tie: betting position that guesses the draw between the Player and Banker card values.
Player Pair: guess the first two cards from the Player’s card are cards worth twins (pair).
Banker Pair: guess the first two cards from the Banker card are a pair of cards.
Fortune Six: bet on the position of the card value on the Banker is worth 6.
Rules and How to Play Baccarat
Official Soccer Gambling Agent – In this baccarat game, 2 cards will be dealt in each player & banker box. In his calculations, the one with the highest card value wins. How to calculate the value of a baccarat card as below:
1. The highest number of card values ​​is 9.
2. Cards that have the number 10 are counted as 0.
3. Cards that have symbols K, Q, J are also worth 0.
4. Ace cards have a value of 1.
5. After adding up the cards have a value of more than 9, then 10 points must be deducted.
In baccarat games generally use two cards, but there are rules that the player & banker can get a third card if:
1. Player: If 2 player cards total 0–5, then the card must be added 1 card.
2. Banker: If 2 banker cards total 0–2, then the card must be added 1 card.
If 2 banker cards total 3-6, the banker can choose to add cards or not, depending on the amount of value the player gets.
However you use these patterns, you can immediately practice them by playing on the Bola88 List, the most complete and trusted online gambling agent site.

Tips for Winning Real Money Online Roulette Betting

Many online gambling games can now be accessed very easily. One that has many players is like online roulette. Not infrequently, of course, people who want to start playing online roulette gambling.
For those of you who want to start playing online roulette casino betting, it’s a good idea to first learn some of the tips. There are quite a few and various tips that you can apply in playing online roulette gambling . Here we explain some important tips in playing online roulette gambling.
Important Tips When Playing Online Roulette Gambling
1. Don’t get carried away by Emotions
Official Soccer Gambling Agent – One of the tips that you can apply in playing online roulette gambling bets is like for example you shouldn’t be emotional when playing. When you play online roulette, it is highly recommended to stay calm while playing.
2. Not Spending Credit
In playing online roulette casino gambling, there are some players who are usually obsessed with spending their capital immediately. This one thing is better for you to avoid, you certainly have to apply a safer strategy, especially if you are new to playing live casino gambling.
3. Reading Statistics
For the next tips, you can use the trick to read statistics where there are groups of positive numbers that according to experts have a fairly large percentage of exits. The groups of numbers include (02), (03), (04), (05), (12), (14), (15), (17), (18), (21), (25), ( 27), then (36) and (00). So you can place a bet on the row of positive groups earlier.
Studying every situation and not forgetting to identify a trusted roulette gambling site is the most important method. Register now and get the benefits of playing online roulette through

How to Read Online Baccarat Gambling Game Patterns

In this article, we will tell you how to read online baccarat gambling game patterns. Baccarat itself is a game that has been widely played online and this game uses card media.
You will later get features such as Live or live broadcasts to be like playing at the original casino. If you play on land based gambling, there will be no such thing as a pattern at the baccarat table. You can only find him in online Baccarat gambling.
This pattern aims to help players who are indecisive between choosing the player or banker who will win the next game. From this, many also do not understand how to use patterns in this baccarat gambling game. Therefore, here we will provide the correct way to read patterns in this online baccarat gambling game.
Tips for Reading Baccarat Game Patterns
Basic Patterns of Online Baccarat
Official Soccer Gambling Agents – Baccarat itself has 4 types of game patterns. i.e. there are blue and red O, Blue and red . Of all of them have different meanings for sure, this is the difference that you can understand.
O Blue: indicates the history of the player has won in the previous game.
O Red: indicates the history banker has won in the previous match.
Blue : the game is said to be a draw however, in the previous match the player has won.
Red : the game is said to be a draw however, in the previous game the banker has won.
This is a basic pattern that you must understand first when you want to play online baccarat gambling games.
Two Game Patterns
After you already know the basics about how to read patterns from the game, now you should know about 2 patterns that are commonly found in online baccarat gambling games. namely the L and Tektok patterns. Where we will give a little explanation about these 2 patterns.
Pattern L: in this gambling game, usually a team will win in a row up to 12-13 times.
Tektok pattern: this game will be won alternately between the two existing players.
In this case the tektok pattern is very helpful to bring in profits because it is very easy to guess. However, there are shortcomings in the tektok pattern, namely; You will never know when the tektok pattern you are playing will stop.
Pattern Tips in Baccarat Game
1. If later one of the player’s hands gets a high number, namely 7-9, then both hands must be immediately raised or it can be said that a hit will be made by a dealer which has become the most important part of the baccart gambling game.
2. If the cards that have been divided and the total value is below 5, then the casino or dealer will add one more card as an addition so that later bettors can get the total number of card values. However, in this case, it cannot guarantee that the total value of the card will be reduced.
3. For the banker position, you will get an additional card if the value is below 6. In this case it cannot be confirmed because the dealer has the right to add a card. This is already one of the things that are familiar why bankers are always the favorite. However, that doesn’t mean you as a player can’t have a chance to win.
4. If the two positions are the same, namely between the player and the banker with the same total value, then this bet will be considered a tie or tie. Well, in this case you will get an advantage if you do place a Tie bet.
That’s an explanation of how to read the pattern of the online baccarat gambling game that we can provide. Hopefully this article can help you in playing online baccarat gambling. Join and play online baccarat gambling on the Bola88 List which will give you lots of wins easily.

Rules in the Online Roulette Gambling Game

Today we will discuss one type of casino which is also a favorite of millions of people in the world, namely the Online Roulette game. Roulette is one of the casino games that really depends on your luck/hockey, such as in online dice games or other types of casinos, where the dealer still has the advantage in every round that occurs.
The roulette game is also quite simple, where players are invited to choose the numbers that will appear, then the dealer will throw the ball at the spinning roulette wheel, when the wheel stops and the ball falls on that number, then that’s the winner.
Types of Betting on Online Roulette Games
Official Soccer Gambling Agent – In the game Europe Roulette is more profitable for us, because both pay the same when we guess correctly on the numbers we bet. Here are the differences between European and American Roulette for the odds of winning and the payouts.
Straight Up : Bet on a single number
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 38 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 37 to 1
Payment: 35x
Split : Bet on two numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 19 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 18.5 to 1
Payment: 17x
Street Bet : Bet on three numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 12.66 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 12.33 to 1
Payment: 11x
Square bet : Bet on four numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roulette): 9.5 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 9.25 to 1
Payment: 8x
Five Numbers : Bet on five numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roulette): 7.6 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): None
Payment: 6x
Line Bet : Bet on six numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roulette): 6.33 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 6.17 to 1
Payment: 5x
Dozen Bet : Bet on 12 numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 3.17 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 3.08 to 1
Payment: 2x
Even/Odd Bet: Bet on odd and even numbers
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 2.11 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 2.05 to 1
Payment: 1x
High/Low Bet : Bet on numbers 1-18 (low) and 19-36 (high)
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 2.11 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 2.05 to 1
Payment: 1x
Red/Black Bet : Bet on color on number
Chances of winning (Am Roullete): 2.11 to 1
Chances of winning (Eu Roullete): 2.05 to 1
Payment: 1x

Bola88 List – From the list above, it appears that the city is indeed more favored for the American Roulette version.

The Latest Tips for Winning Sicbo Casino Online Gambling

Online casino gambling games are now very popular with people in Indonesia because this game is proven to be able to provide results and has also been proven to be able to realize the dreams of many people who play it.
Even now, if we want to play this game, it is very easy, because casino games can be played online through the official soccer gambling agent sitewhich provides lots of real money online gambling games.
As we know that the game of sicbo or what we know better as dice gambling is currently experiencing a significant increase in popularity because the advantages that are known to a wide audience are very easy to obtain and also how to play it is very easy.
It is not surprising that many people have made this game as one of the jobs that can fulfill their daily needs. We will share some tips and ways on how to play and earn consistently in this article.
Latest Tips Consistently Winning Sicbo Online Gambling
Register Bola88 – Indeed, to be able to win consistently in online casino gambling games is not an easy matter, it takes discipline and also perseverance and sufficient experience to achieve this. We will share some tips that can help you win in the Sicbo game.
1. Playing in Big and Small
Bets This type of bet is one of the variations of bets available in online sicbo gambling games, namely big and small bets. We recommend that when we play at least always place this bet, because the chance of winning this bet is very large even though the payout is only 1:1.
In this bet, if the number of dice numbers is below 10, it means it is a small number, on the other hand, if the dice number is above 10 then it is a big number.
2. Avoiding Triple Bets
When we want to place bets on the sicbo table, we should avoid the type of triple bets, indeed if we place this bet and we can guess correctly we will get a very large
payout of 1: 180. Just for information that this bet very rare or almost never happen. It’s better to use the money we use to place triple bets, we use to place other types of bets.
3. View Game History
The next tip is a method that is quite ancient but is still often done, that way is to see the history of the game. Even though we can’t actually use this method as a reference for placing bets, this method is enough for us to use as a reference for placing our next bet.
4. Don’t Place Too Many Bets The
mistake that is most often made by players who are new to playing sicbo is that they are too eager to place bets so that sometimes the bets they place don’t make sense or are excessive. We recommend that when playing we have to measure our ability to place bets, financial arrangements are very important in this game.

Game System in Online Blackjack Gambling

Blackjack is a simple card game that has a greater number of players than roulette, or any other casino game. To win a game of Blackjack, you not only need luck or chance, but you also need to have a strategy.
Since the beginning of the Blackjack game, only a few players have really studied and are able to consistently beat the system. Undoubtedly, Blackjack is the most popular game compared to other table games.
Learn the Value of Online Blackjack Cards
Official Soccer Gambling Agent – In the game of Blackjack, each card has its own value. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer and also prevent your card from burning where it has a total of 22 or more. Here are the values ​​of each card in the Blackjack game:
Number card: The number on the card (2 to 10) is the same as the value of the card
Royal Card: This card has a value of 10.
Aces: Aces can be worth 1 or 10 depending on their use. But usually this ace is given a value of 11.
If you have an ace with a king card or a card that has a value of 10, then you immediately get Blackjack. The hand of the ace holding the ace is called the “smooth” hand.
Learn Your Betting Options In Blackjack Gambling
Bola88 Register – Usually a casino benefits from this game by making the player the first bettor . If a player has more than 21 cards, the dealer will immediately take the player’s bet money.
And if the Dealer gets a number of cards that are more than 21 as well, then the bet money still belongs to the Dealer. The dealer has the authority to open his cards last. There are two basic choices when it’s your turn to play:
Hit: Takes another card. You can take another card until you reach the number 21.
Stand: You do not take any additional cards.
But there are a few other options you can take when it’s your turn to play, namely:
1. Insurance (Insurance): If the dealer’s card is an ace, the player may buy insurance (insurance) with a value of half the money wagered. Players are allowed to buy insurance if the player thinks the dealer’s face card is worth 10.
If it is true that the Dealer gets Blackjack, the insurance is paid 2 to 1. Conversely, if the Dealer does not get Blackjack, the insurance is lost and the game continues as usual.
2. Double Down: This applies if you want to double your bet, and you are only given the opportunity to take only one additional card. You can do this if your two cards are only worth 8-11.
3. Split: The player splits the first two cards into two separate hands, making 2 bets and doubling the bet. The two cards that are separated must be of the same value (ie a pair of 8 and 8, King and Queen etc.).
In this split condition, Aces and 10s count as “21”, instead of Blackjack. In other words, they won’t be paid 3 to 2, but still beat the Dealer’s hand that has a value of 20 or less.
4. Surrender: In many casinos, you can choose to give up half of your bet without playing. Surrender can only be done when the Dealer shows a 9-ace, and the player has a 5-7 or a 12-16 card.

The Latest Strategy for Gambling Casino Baccarat Online

For people who are already hands-on, playing Baccarat Online can be a huge source of income. This turns out to be very inversely proportional to the fears of some people who do not know more about gambling games.
Those who do not really recognize the benefits of gambling games assume that doing these activities cannot improve their living conditions for the better. In fact, if you are more open-minded and enter into discussion forums held by bettors. There you can find many people who managed to achieve success from playing gambling.
With this fact, of course, immediately broke the fear that some people had. The success of these bettors certainly cannot be obtained for free. But there is an effort that is actually not too difficult to do. Anyone can achieve the same success as other bettors.
On the condition that you must be able to apply some powerful tricks when betting. If you want to know the powerful tricks that are usually chosen by these successful bettors, please read this article which will discuss thoroughly.
Powerful Tips for Playing Online Baccarat Gambling
Using Your Own Strategy
Official Soccer Gambling Agent – In online gambling games of any type, including baccarat, each player has their own strategy. Although not infrequently the strategy used is easy for opponents to read its direction. Because the strategy used in general is already widely recognized by bettors. Maybe that’s because bettors only use information on the internet to find the most accurate playing strategy.
Players who use strategies when playing online gambling are at least a little more advanced than bettors who depend on fate alone. The players who have used playing strategies, they have thought of ways to achieve big wins.
Therefore, it is very important for you not to follow a common strategy so that it is not easy for your opponent to read. If you follow in the footsteps of these bettors, it will definitely be more difficult to find a win.
Finding a new strategy yourself or developing an old strategy so that it is more leverage is believed to be more powerful to be able to guarantee victory to bettors. Because not many bettors know the strategy you are using. So it is difficult for the opponent to know the strategy.
Focus and Stay Calm
Bola88 List- In addition to finding the latest strategies in online baccarat gambling games, online slots and so on. A trick that until now there are still many bettors who have difficulty implementing it and you must apply it. The trick is to make bets with focus and not think about anything else when you are betting because it can harm you.
When victory has been obtained, the most hidden trick that people rarely know is to immediately withdraw the winnings. Every time you win, you should immediately withdraw it to your account by making a withdrawal. Applying this method will make your bets more controlled and the profits clearer.
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