How to achieve the best multitabling poker strategy

If you’re one of those people who can’t stop and are easily bored, you’re probably already thinking about expanding your online poker possibilities and moving to multitabling. This possibility gives us the opportunity to improve our hourly winnings -by expanding the tables we are playing at-, as well as to be more focused -especially in the case of people who are bored playing in a single table- and to release the bonuses at a higher speed.

However, to get started in multitabling you must take into account a series of tips with which to devise your strategy, because if you start opening tables without limit you will end up making a mess and the result will be much worse than expected. Here are some keys to devise the best strategy multitabling in poker and to get your to increase higher.

Reduce difficult decisions

If you already have a well-defined strategy in poker, you are usually able to make difficult decisions based on your experience. However, when you switch to multitabling, you should reduce as much as possible the situations in which you have to make difficult decisions. The reason is clear, the accuracy of your moves will be lower when you play at several tables at the same time. You’ll have to watch out for more opponents.

Use multitabling software

In poker the numbers are crucial. If you want to make good use of your poker strategy, you will have to pay attention to the statistics of the game in order to make your decisions. The problem, however, is that when you have so many opponents, it is very difficult to keep track of everything, so it is best to use multitabling software. This is the best way to identify your opponents at a glance. Some of these software are: TableTamer, StackAndTitle, TableNinja, TableOptimizer, TableDroid and SessionLord, among others.

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Open tables by poker mode

Depending on the type of poker you are used to, it is advisable to open more or fewer tables so that you have more to think and make decisions clearly without wasting time and so that the blind do not stress you out too much. As a guide, keep these references in mind:

  • Cash (Full Ring): It is best to open 6-12 tables as the rounds are longer when competing against 10 players.
    Shorthanded: In this case, the most advisable is 4 to 5 tables since the game goes faster when competing against 6 players and the moves must be more elaborated due to the way the game works.

The number of tables you open, at the end, should be according to the type of game and your skills to process all the information. In general, many of the professional players only play at three or four tables in order to carry out their strategies properly and to expand their profits.

Set the stage

Another thing you have to do is prepare the ground. There are poker pages that allow you to play with up to 24 tables simultaneously. This option is certainly not the most advisable -not at all-. However, to be able to keep an eye on all the tables and have the statistics at a glance, it is advisable to equip yourself with at least two screens. This way you can see the moves much more clearly and highlight those that interest you the most.

You should also set up the game to have as few distractions as possible. To do this, activate the decks with four coloured cards, deactivate the different table chats, as well as the animations and try to find a simple and clear table design.

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Don’t waste your moves

Although poker is a game of chance, we often play hands we shouldn’t out of boredom or desperation. One of the advantages of playing poker at several tables simultaneously is that this type of play is reduced, since the game does not become so monotonous and we can afford to pass.