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Get to know important points in real money online slot gambling

Online slots are the newest way to access online slot gambling games comfortably, safely and comfortably. For bettors, they can access the whole game flexibly. Each installer can take advantage of the website and application to be able to access the game. This game is very interesting, because each player does not need to involve training or making special tips and tricks. Each installation can rely on only one account that is registered on the website and then pay a deposit to be able to enjoy. Online slot games are easy, investors can get started easily. Without training and the process is very fast by entering capital by pressing the lever and the application.

Placing bets in progressive slots, relying on machines players can get wins very easily. Be aware of the very common slot machines with jackpots, progressive gaming has a common with a number of bonuses that have many bonuses. If the player puts up more in this one menu, the amount of income that can be achieved is very large. There are several types of machines that can be used as a source of profit, players can get a very large number of wins every day. For example in a progressive machine with a minimum capital of 1000, players must increase their capital gradually to get more wins.

These are the Success Points in Online Slot Gambling Games Without Distraction

Important points and keys to success when playing online slot gambling and mastering all types of machines and preparing a larger amount of credit so that players can be smarter when starting the game. Players can take advantage of free spins to increase wins very easily, installers can take advantage of various services to enrich through bonuses and free jackpots that are displayed. The capital needed to play slot machines every day with a minimum bet from 2000 to 5000 rupiah. And there are 2 types of machines that can be used, namely multi payline machines and progressive machines.

In this machine game, each installation cannot be arbitrary because you have to be careful with determining the capital to be installed. If players have played slots physically, they can certainly adjust when installing into a modern machine, install it on a machine that is rarely played so that the installer has a higher chance when compared to many games. Even though it doesn’t take practice to play this, every player must be looked at by rotating with modes and buttons to find out the right combination value. The online slot machine rotates automatically after the player presses the spin button, the players can stop the machine manually, after the machine stops, see the results of the image stop according to the spin results.

Know the right time to place online slot gambling bets, time can increase the chances of getting a bonus. Playing at the end can open up your opportunity to get more bonuses than cashback or referrals. Slot machine games can generate quite a lot of profits. If you run out of capital there are rolling bonuses, cashback, referrals and progressives. If you want to double the free spin click credit, the machine will spin automatically to be able to provide large capital to you. Earn more big bonuses to you.

Tips for playing and winning in online casinos

Of the many games that exist today, of course online casino is one that is very popular with bettors. Even now there are many casino sites that can be easily accessed by bettors when making bets. The odds and percentage of casino betting profits are of course very tempting for those of you who can play in the right way.

To be able to win continuously at online casinos, of course, there are many important ways that bettors can do it well. If the bet is done well, there will likely be a lot of advantages and great opportunities that can be achieved. Even in this case the profit is multiplied into a pleasant one.

Just understand the proper play procedures and the key concept of winning with multiple benefits. If everything is well understood then of course all the advantages in betting will indeed be very easy to achieve with a percentage that is considered very profitable in betting.

Check out tips for playing and winning at online casinos

In order to win continuously playing at online casinos, of course, there are many important aspects that bettors need to understand well. With the right steps and procedures for playing, it is possible that the bettor will win easily and a huge profit in betting.

Well, here are some tricks to win over and over again in online casino bets that need attention!

  1. Master All Games

Make sure that you master all types of games that will be played. If you understand and master the game, you will easily win and get lots of benefits. Even in this case the profit and continuous winnings will be won easily. This is a very important basis for bettors to pay attention to in betting at online casinos.

  • Choose a game that you understand

If other games are not well understood, then you should prioritize playing in games that you really understand well. That way, you will win easily every time you make an online casino bet.

  • Play From Easy Level

Do the game gradually and slowly starting from a level that is easy to play. By playing gradually starting from an easy level, chances are you will win the game very easily and get a variety of very interesting benefits.

Check out tips for playing and winning at online casinos

  • Play in different places

Don’t just play in one place because it will be difficult to win. Try playing the game in many different places. This is one of the best ways to win continuously with huge profits. It is even more common to win multiple times the bet you make in all online casino games.

Those are some steps and the right way that bettors should pay attention to in order to win and gain in playing online casino continuously. By winning many times, there will be a lot of benefits that can be achieved. This is a casino one of the game categories that provides enormous benefits so that you can get a lot of big profits later. Get the game right!

Playing Online Togel Gambling Is More Satisfying With Complete Services

Today’s gamblers can enjoy various gambling games. Online gambling games are the best solution when gamblers feel anxious about various gambling risks. Many things can happen when a gambler exposes his gambling to various parties such as being ostracized by his family or even friends, and affects his environment which can also make him mentally weak, especially when involved in legal cases that can lead him to prison. To avoid these various things, gamblers are now implementing real money betting games online.

The online method that is done with this gadget makes gamblers feel safer, and this is one of the advantages that players can feel. Of course, gamblers can enjoy all kinds of real money betting games that not only come from Indonesia but also from various other countries. As connoisseurs of this online gambling game, players can also get benefits that are far greater than the usual amount they earn offline. Because online sites are able to provide multiple benefits and provide various bonuses and attractive promos which certainly accelerate a gambler to become rich.

This online gambling does have its pros and cons. There are gamblers who are not satisfied with the online method, but it all depends on the gambling site you are following. Because currently there are many fake sites, fraudulent sites or those who are not responsible for providing unsatisfactory service and this can be detrimental to gamblers. Therefore, choosing this site is important and should not be underestimated so that it will provide satisfying service to you and encourage you to get bigger wins and profits.

Complete Togel Gambling Services With Greater Chances of Winning

Of course, by getting a more complete and reliable service, it can make bettors win easily. You can run this lottery game service in an easier way so that it can make it easier for you to bet and you can win easily. Various complete lottery gambling services that can make you satisfied playing include:

  • Guide service on how to play lottery gambling with all the terms beginners can learn.
  • Various lottery markets available, for example, are Singapore lottery market, Cambodia lottery, French lottery, Dubay lottery, Hong Kong lottery and also Sydney lottery and others.
  • Providing 2D lottery gambling, 3D lottery and 4D lottery gambling services with different benefits according to the level of difficulty.
  • Provides complete lottery bets such as accurate plug-in lottery, free plug-in, macau plug and dragon plug-in lottery, as well as basic lottery, homo cross lottery, deflated flower lottery and middle edge lottery.
  • Give various benefits that are up to 3000 times more and even provide additional bonuses such as deposit bonuses, weekly commissions, referral bonuses and certain cashbacks.
  • Providing a more accurate and complete lottery number spending data service for today and previous days.
  • Providing services such as online dream interpretation books, data for lottery numbers leaks, zodiac number data and others.
  • Provide more exciting services for prestigious lottery gambling games with quality features that are easy to understand.

You can get this complete service with a trusted site.

This is How to Quickly Succeed in Online Slot Games

Online slots are games that use fruit icons to poker, this game is very popular as a money-making machine. The place where this game used to be provided by casinos but in the end the existence of slot machines was more popular than casinos. Because this game can be accessed anywhere and anytime while you have free time. This game usually consists of 3 to 5 rounds, the player only presses the lever or panel on the screen to turn the machine. Currently very well-known machines can be accessed via both Android and iOS applications. Enjoying bets that make you happy does not require huge capital. The following are ways you can play real money slot gambling games.

This game can be said to be a money-making machine by fishing with coins, in a progressive machine the more you install, the more luck you get. The unique thing about machine games is that the jackpot you get has a high value, the higher the fun it is to play this game. In winning these games, play well and make a capital plan that will be used.

If you are a new player or are often called a beginner, if you want to be lucky, try practicing on a slot machine for free. That way you can recognize the level of difficulty and ease of playing slots. Please install the application through the Playstore or Appstore to make your game easier when accessing it. Because this game does not require high skills and also a good strategy in each installation, you can start by investing and then turning the engine. Luck is the main factor that makes bettors gain profits. Especially for beginners, you should start playing with the cheapest capital, for example, put in 5000 capital and then the next day 10,000 to find out the opportunities of the machine that has been selected.

Things Players Need To Do For Real Money Online Slots

Instead of just being busy with how to master the game, and playing strategy. It would be nice for players to immediately place bets because the machine doesn’t force you to play with high skills. Playing carefully can make it easier for you to play. Having a high level of focus in playing is a good potential to win this game. Look for the best sites to focus on when playing slot machine bets online. However, if after succeeding in making a profit, avoid being too greedy and ambitious to be a winner which can lead to high-value losses. Please start betting comfortably with real money bets and later the right decision by starting with a free guarantee and buffring.

You can make a machine like a payline as a source of income with a high winning value. Meanwhile, if you succeed with a very high winning value. Meanwhile, if you run out of capital players can rely on free spins to increase a lot of capital. This machine is widely used by players with high minimal capital. Don’t waste all the potential you have in gambling.

So, that’s an explanation of how to quickly succeed in online slot games, hopefully the reviews above can increase your knowledge.

Winning moves to play online Sic Bo gambling routinely

Description: In playing the Sic Bo Online gambling game, of course we must be able to apply various forms of winning moves that can be generated regularly.

Winning moves to play online Sic Bo gambling routinely

Of course, every time we want to play a variety of online games
toge l Singapore, which are very good and diverse, we can just choose the form of online games that can produce quality entertainment and can indeed generate a very large and routine income potential. One of them is in the form of the Sic Bo Online gambling game which is very much favored by many people.

The existence of the Real Money Online Sic Bo gambling game currently has a lot of fans from various circles. This is indeed not a form of mere figment because basically this form of online gambling will be able to produce exciting entertainment even though the Sic Bo game that utilizes dice will be very simple to be played by anyone from various circles who plays it.

With the presence of the Best Sic Bo Online gambling game, we will indeed be able to get a very large form of success and will also be able to get unlimited income and income that we can reach like gambling players who have been successful in this form of game. The existence of this form of game also attracts novice players as well as casual players who want fun entertainment.

Of course, in pursuing success and also victory in this Trusted Online Sic Bo gambling game, we must be able to learn various strategies that are commonly used in every sic bo online game session for professional players. There are various forms of winning streaks in this sic bo game that we can apply very well and must be done consistently and with full discipline, including:

Choosing the Right Online Sic Bo Gambling Agent

When we as Sic Bo Online gambling players want to start this form of online gambling, we need to wisely choose an online gambling agent so that we will be able to maximize profits when playing in this form of game. The selection of the right sic bo gambling agent, of course, we have to first look at the reputation of the agent, which must be very good, then we must also be able to test various forms of facilities at the agent.

Ensure that customer service facilities in an agent are a form of customer service that can be relied on and can be accessed easily. In addition, we also need to pay attention to bonus offers that will be able to generate large profits and also unlimited income. Conversely, with the presence of a form of agent selection carelessly, we will be able to produce a bad agent selection.

Play with Measurable Stakes

One form of tricks and tips carried out by professional Sic Bo Online gambling players is that when we play online gambling, indeed we must be able to bet with a measurable amount of bets. With this controllable amount, we will indeed be able to generate very good winning potential and there are also many forms of large losses that we can indeed prevent.

Whereas the form of betting in the Sic Bo Online gambling game that is carried out carelessly will indeed result in a variety of very serious problems. Especially when we don’t pay attention to the health of our capital against the bets made, it can result in bankruptcy.

By carrying out the various forms of moves above, we can achieve success in playing Sic Bo Online regularly.

Winning Online Gambling Games

Description: winning online gambling games can be fun because receiving satisfying money with things that make winning such as games and tactics are right to be played.

Winning Online Gambling Games

Of course, playing online gambling is what every player really hopes is victory, because by getting a gambling victory, of course you will be able to receive a lot of income that you can enjoy.

That way, it is very important for you to do everything you can so that you can always win the
Singapore lottery online gambling game every time you play. So that by doing so, requires you to make sure you can always understand the various ways that can always help you to be able to win bets.

That way, you can apply these methods so you can win every time you play gambling. Now that way, if you play using various methods that can help it become easier to win, then of course you have to run these various methods so that you can win each type of online gambling.

Winning fun online gambling games

When you play an online gambling game, of course, in order to win the game of all kinds, of course it is a must for you to be able to win by all means. If you want to feel all the fun every time you play an online gambling game, of course one of them should be able to win in the various types of gambling games that are played.

Because you do this so that you can always feel very happy so that you don’t feel disappointed when playing online gambling if you have to lose. So that, of course, makes you definitely have to win online gambling games so you can always feel fun when playing.

Moreover, winning online gambling can be very enjoyable for you, so you will feel a lot of fun playing. Check out the following to win a fun online gambling game:

  • Receive income

Your pleasure in winning online gambling games will of course allow you to receive income from any type of online gambling game that is played, with that it can make you always feel at home playing gambling even making you won’t feel disappointed every time you play with the wins you get. .

  • Get satisfaction

Of course, winning in online gambling can make you feel satisfied that it is fun to play, because you have succeeded in conquering the type of online gambling game you are playing.

Moreover, it will be very satisfied for those of you who are able to get rid of all the challenges at the betting table that make your path to victory easier to get.

Things for winning online gambling games

Of course, the victory of playing online gambling games cannot be easily obtained if you are just waiting for luck, so it is important for you to know everything that can make you win.

You have to know how you can do to win so that online gambling games can really be won. Check out the following things to win online gambling games:

  • The right game

Of course, it is very important for you to know that not all types of games are right for you to play, so you have to pay attention to the right games to win.

  • The right tactic

Of course, playing the right tactics will also allow you to win online gambling games, so don’t be careless in issuing playing tactics.

Of course, to be able to win online gambling games, you definitely have to use all the methods that you can properly run. That way, it will make it easier to win.

Mentally Train Playing Online Gambling

Description: mentally training to play online gambling is a must in order to make it harder for pressure and always be confident with the factors to train it so you don’t lose easily and so you can face pressure.

Mentally Train Playing Online Gambling

To run online gambling, of course there are many psychological abilities that you should be involved in so that you can be more precise in determining step by step the gambling game. That way, it is very important for you to mentally train playing online gambling so that it is easy to play.

Now with that, you can make all the steps you decide when playing Singapore lottery will be more precise, now with that, it will be easier, of course, for you to win the game. Therefore, make sure you can always play online gambling games that you can always train mentally.

So that it can make it better mentally to run the online gambling game, that way, it can make it easier for you to make a profit.

The need to mentally train to play online gambling

Of course, there are many things that are mandatory for you to be able to play every type of online gambling game easily, especially if you are always mentally involved in running it. Then it will definitely make your game easier.

Now with that, it is imperative for you to always be able to mentally train to be able to play online gambling with all the conveniences you can feel if you can play with good mentality. Because if you play with a good mentality, it will definitely make your game easier.

So it does require you to mentally train in playing to make it easier for bets. Check out the following requirements to mentally train playing online gambling:

  • Make it hard for the pressure to come on

In running online gambling games, of course there will always be resistance in the game, so that if you play without using mentally, it will definitely make you lose courage in continuing the game.

Therefore, it is very important for you to always train yourself mentally so that you can make it difficult for the pressure to come to you. Now with that being the case, of course it will make the gambling game you play easier to run.

  • Always confident

There are also many things that can make you less confident in running bets, so if you play with a strong level of confidence, the more you make bets you will always be able to run. With that, you still have to improve your mentality so that you can always strengthen your self-confidence.

The factor of mentally training to play online gambling

Of course, if you want it to be easier to play, then you should always train mentally to be able to always play online gambling games with all the conveniences that don’t make it easy for you to give up in the game. Check out the following factors for mentally training to play online gambling:

  • So that you don’t lose easily

Where is the factor you have to be able to train your mentality because you have to be able to play the game which makes it not easy for you to experience defeat in the game.

  • In order to deal with pressure

Certainly a strong mentality will make you able to face any pressure without having to give up so that it is also a factor so that you always train mentally for you.

Now with that, it will definitely make you have to know how you can mentally train playing online gambling. So that you can apply it in gambling games that make the game easier to play.

How to win and make online gambling a source of income

Choosing to play at trusted online gambling is an obligation. When playing at a trusted gambling agent, therefore, of course there will be many advantages of playing advantages that will be achieved by some bettors. There will be many advantages that are achieved by some bettors as well as playing more comfortably.

To get wins and profit benefits when playing at a trusted gambling agent, of course, there are many things that some bettors need to understand. Choosing a game and applying betting tricks are important things to pay attention to all the bettors who want to achieve and get some benefits when playing that will be moved.

In essence, it is not difficult to play and score big wins in play, but it is likely that many bettors do not understand well about playing tricks that fit that can lead to big wins. Even though it is actually really easy to get everything done if you understand the betting idea well.

This is the Secret to Success in Playing at Trusted Online Gambling

In order to achieve and get many advantages in online gambling betting, of course, there are many ideas that need to be studied and prepared properly. The bettor must always have the right play idea so that he will get a big win on the bet. So, what needs to be done about the secrets to success at trusted online gambling? Read below method below!

Capital Management is an Important Part

Control or capital management is an important point to get wins and profits in playing online gambling. It can be called this to be one of the sides of success when playing and playing. With a good capital management idea, you will definitely get success in online betting.

Choose the Right Online Gambling Game

Furthermore, the secret of the next success is by betting on the right game. By playing the right game, you will definitely get success and profit from the bet.

Don’t Forget to Apply Different Strategies

The next way is to have the right techniques and tactics and variations. Why does this need to be done? The point is, of course, so that you can win Taurhan easily and avoid losing in every game.

Take advantage of the bonus provided

Getting big profits, of course, must be carried out with the right steps in taking advantage of each bonus and the advantages of online gambling games. Use every bonus offered by the agent to make it easier to get a variety of benefits every time the bet is made. Thus there is certainly a chance to get more success or profit.

The idea of ​​doing trusted online gambling should indeed be an important concern. Approximately having a high stakes target must have the right tricks, ideas and playing techniques. If everything is done well, there are certain advantages and higher bonuses that can be obtained.

The bettor must have an idea, calculation and accuracy in the bets that are carried out. Only then do several kinds of advantages and the convenience of playing become one of the things that will be achieved really easily. Know the ideas and steps for playing and selecting the right idea. This thing really really needs to be done.

Series of Ways to Win Online Gambling Games

Winning when playing online gambling games is of course a desire for all players. It is with the following winning desires that many gamblers feel a great advantage. Gamblers can make a profit that is not small in value and is many times the amount deposited. Surely this will provide benefits and of course make gamblers feel happy because the capital that is spent is only a little.

So that you can help you produce big wins in the online gambling games you play. Therefore there are many things that are important for you to pay attention to so that you can realize your desire to win on a large scale. Here’s that:

By paying attention and making sure the number of bets you place on each round of play.
Do an excuse by looking at the amount of funds available so you can find out the value that you will place in the game. Therefore, with this step you can easily predict the exact bet value so you don’t spend the money.

Master the game and see a high chance of winning. Surely if you have mastered the direction of the game properly, it can be emphasized that you can still win in every round.

Try to avoid some attitudes such as lust and wasteful when making bets. Because if you often use money and don’t pay attention to the chances of winning, then you will lose a lot and can experience setbacks.

Types of online gambling games suitable for beginners

Short description: There are three kinds of online gambling games that are easy to play and win, namely sports betting, online casino betting and card betting.

Types of online gambling games suitable for beginners

If you are asked, how difficult is it to win an online gambling game ? Some people answer that the games on online gambling are quite difficult, even so difficult that they can’t win them. But some of them also think that online gambling games are not that difficult.

Assumptions about winning in online gambling games

There are some players who think that the games in online gambling have been arranged in such a way even though they are played live. It turns out that what has happened so far is not as long as the online gambling players think. There are indeed some online gambling games that are difficult to win. However, the difficulty was not because the game was difficult, but because the player’s experience in playing was quite lacking. Well, thus, there are indeed several online gambling games that are suitable for beginners so that they seem like they are easy to win.

Game- Game won Gambling Online Reservations

As previously explained, in online gambling there are no difficult games, only players with more experience will find it easier to win the bet. However, based on surveys and experience, below are some online gambling games that are relatively easy to win, especially for beginners who don’t have much experience playing online gambling.

1 . Sports Betting or Sportsbook

This type of sports betting is an online gambling betting game which is the most popular among bettors in the world. The fan factor in various types of sports is what triggers the number of gambling players and their fans will try to place bets on one of the teams or players in the Sportsbook Online Gambling Game .

The types of sports available in this Sportsbook bet vary, but the most fans are online soccer gambling. With 2 teams competing in a match, the betting options can be further reduced to 2 parts, which you can choose as your bet which has a 50:50 chance of winning.

2 . Online Casino Betting

The second online gambling game that is also easy to win is an online casino game that can spoil its bettors with a luxurious place and atmosphere. Not only that, the dealers are also very beautiful so that it can attract the players even more. The kinds of games provided have their own excitement.

You have to choose a casino game that offers 2 betting options so that the probability of winning the bet you are in is the same percentage. Some Online Gambling Games from online casinos that are easy to win like Baccarat which come with banker and player sides, then there are Dragon Tiger with Dragon and Tiger sides that you can choose through your bet analysis and also Sicbo with its big and small bet options.

3. Card Gambling Betting

Betting using card media is also one of the online gambling games that is easy to win even by beginners. The longer this game seems to be showing more and more drastic improvements. This is because of its popularity which is very worldwide as well. Online card games that you can try include DominoQQ, BandarQ, Online Poker, Capsa Susun and Bandar Ceme. Of the three categories of online gambling bets that have been mentioned above, which online gambling games are currently attracting attention? Just try playing it because even though you are still a beginner, it is not difficult to play the games mentioned above.

10 Poker Hands you Shouldn’t Play

In Texas Hold’em like all poker games there are good and bad hands. There are some that it is really better not to play. Here are the worst starting hands you can have that are best to drop:

1) 4-7, 4-8, 5-8, 3-6… .:
All these hands still win quite rarely, especially if they are not of the same suit. Throw them away! Still in the small blind. If you’re in the big blind you can see the flop with them, but only if it doesn’t cost you more.

2) 2-6:
If the board gives you a miracle flop of 3-4-5, you will get a straight. But someone with 6-7 will win you over. If you get a straight flush, someone will probably be a higher flush. So this is a hand to be dismissed.

3) 7.2:
2-7 is considered the worst hand in Texas Hold’em. This is the smallest hand you can have. You cannot hope for a straight because there are four cards between the 2 and the 7. Even if you get two pair with it will be two small pair and therefore weak. Only hope the color but your color will not be high either. This hand is called the hammer the hammer in English, because with this hand you are sure to receive a sledgehammer.

4) 2-8:
This hand has the same problem as the one on it. The only difference is that you have an 8 instead of a 7. But that’s still a weak card. Whether the two cards are the same suit or not, it’s weak and to be discarded anyway.

5) Ace + low card
Another mistake common to beginners is to throw themselves headlong into the game as soon as they have an ace in their hands. Again, this hand will probably win sometimes but unless you call yourself Doyle Brunson you better be extra careful or drop.

6) a picture + a weak card
Same observation as for the hand above, do not go for it because you have a king or a queen. Associated with a low card example king and 3 these hands are most of the time losing hands, so we fold …

7) 5-9:
we call this hand Dolly Parton, it is in reference to a movie, it is a bad hand statistically

8) 2-10:
This hand is legendary because Doyle Brunson won two World Series with it. But it’s not a good hand. Doyle Brunson is Doyle Brunson, the poker man we wish you to become but before playing like him….

9) 3-8 and 3-7:
3-8 and 3-7 bad hands that should not be played; 3-8 you can’t even hope for a sequel with….

10) 2-9, 3-9 and 4-9:
Three combinations, all three as bad as each other The only positive thing that can be found in these three hands is 9. If you have a pair of 9s, then you will be sitting on an average pair. But she can still be beaten by someone with a pair of tens, jacks, queens, kings or aces.


Different Types of Poker Playersa

Whether playing online or at real tables, you will meet many players whose secrets and strategies you will have to try very quickly.

It is good to know the different profiles that you meet most often, to be ready when you meet them.

Maybe you’ve heard of tight, loose, or other players, here are some profiles that will surely help you.

1) The tight or loose game

This term will define the number of hands in which a player will enter

a tight player will play very few hands and only premium hands, that is, hands that have a good chance of winning.

a loose player on the contrary will tend to play a lot more hands, not hesitating high stakes, on premium hands but also on much weaker hands.


2) Aggressive play and passive play

These terms will more define the type of raise and bet players will make, how they will bet on each betting round, passively or aggressively.

An aggressive player will often bet or raise, and he will do so with large bets or raises. A passive player will be more likely to check and call, and will more rarely bet or raise on an opponent. (In passive English)

By combining these four terms we can therefore manage to define a style of play, we will therefore obtain four different styles of play and when we play we can therefore attach a style of play to each player.

For example a player who bets more rarely and who plays only a few hands will be a tight-passive player.

What is it used for ? well in terms of strategy we will not apply the same depending on the opponent we are dealing with.

Typical playing styles assigned to players are:

  • Tight-Aggressive (TAG)
  • Loose-Aggressive (GAL)
  • Tight-Passive
  • Loose-Passive

Freeroll Poker Game Strategy to Adopt

Many poker sites (Bwin or even PokerStars) offer free tournaments daily. On winamax, you will even find 12 freerolls per day, but not with large prizes. PMU sometimes offers very interesting ones, you can find them on But, how do you best play these freerolls?

In fact, most of the poker strategies that can be read right or left don’t apply to freerolls, for one simple reason: the data is totally different.

Freeroll Poker Game Strategy to Adopt

If in the final stages of a tournament the strategies to be applied are exactly the same as in a classic tournament, in the first stages it is totally different.

Which strategies to adopt during a freeroll?
In the early stages and especially during the first hour of a freeroll tournament, a large number of players will take risks and move all-in recklessly. Simply because they do not play with their personal money, they therefore have no reserve strategy, they are totally indecipherable players.

On the other hand, you will have to be patient and only play strong hands like a pair of aces, or two kings, ace king and choose your spots wisely. The key word is patience, crazy players will kill themselves.

Second step, already many players will have left the tournament, you will be able to start playing on weaker hands with small pairs. Keep an eye on each player’s chip stack. Players with a weak stack will start to despair. You can bluff low-chip players and play it safe with richer players, it will pay off.

Step Three You are now in the middle of the tournament and half the players have already been knocked out, your goal now is to rack up as many chips as possible while limiting the risks before the blinds increase. You can take more risks, but don’t play weak hands at the start. The objective is to reach the “square” of players who are going to be paid. But beware of players with few chips, you have to face them with good cards because they are just waiting for a chance to go all-in.

The strategy for the final stages of a freeroll:
Remain the final stages where the strategy will be the same as in any classic tournament, and there your experience and your talent will speak.

In summary, we can say that in a freeroll tournament you have to let the storm of the first 10 to 15 hands pass and be content to limit the damage, because even with a good game at the start you risk quickly running into many players who are there above all to have fun and will push all-in all the way.


Why Go All-in in Poker

The all-in or the all-in is when you play it all on one hand, forcing the opponent to either fold or call a pot of the sizeable fact. It is sometimes a strategy that can be interesting to play but only wisely because there is no draft. It’s the end of the tournament for you if you lose.

So it is therefore a strong playing strategy and action that must be approached with great care. There are several reasons that can lead you to go all-in, a great hand that means an almost assured victory, a big bluff, or a need to redo and therefore a more aggressive game with risk taking.

All-in on the super hand

You can never be sure of winning 100% at poker, but there are some hands that you cannot help but play double or double. You have an ace flush, a square, or a full house, it is clear that it is a hand to defend, your objective will therefore be to take as much as possible and not to go all-in too early but to arrive nevertheless that one of your opponents follows you.

Bluff all-in

Especially at the start of the tournament, your opponents have not yet been able to read your game, or to spot a few tells, going all-in can pay off in many ways.

If you go all-in this implies for the players who will follow you to risk leaving this tournament very quickly if they lose, which many hesitate to do, we come to play a tournament is not to risk leaving at the end of the third hand (for example).

On the other hand, a player who shoves it all in has a bit of a theatrical side and it’s always impressive, it can be a way of asserting yourself at the table as a strong value, difficult to analyze. And having an ascendant is always interesting.

Gambling at risk

When you have a weakening stack, with the blinds increasing, it is going to be difficult for you to get to the final without taking a minimum of risk. In this case playing all-in can be a solution to try to get over it and do not hesitate if from the distribution you have a decent game go all-in.

Going all-in can therefore be an aggressive or a rescue strategy, but used properly it has saved more than one player from a quick elimination.


How to Play Poker Like a Pro

Those little poker tips that all make the difference between pros and amateurs … try adopting pros attitudes and mindsets you will only play better. Some tips…

How to Play Poker Like a Pro

Be confident. Confidence is a huge factor that all the pros have. Too many players are already losing themselves and sitting at the table defeatist…. “If I get in the top 50 I’ll be happy” … no you’re here to win and to win the tournament, not to make up. all of your opponents at your table should feel the confidence you have in you, it is always more intimidating to be up against a winner than against a loser.

Try to know your opponents to learn as much as possible about them. Before the dealer starts observe them, what their attitude is, which ones seem aggressive, or passive, the way they are going to talk to each other can tell you a lot about their state of mind.

During the game it is essential for you to know the amount of the pot, but also to know how many chips you have in your stack and the same for all the other players at the table.

Know how to stay humble and keep your head on your shoulders. One of the most common and costly mistakes made by amateurs is keeping a hand that you think is unbeatable but on second thought is outdated. An example you have in hand king + ace of the same suit, everything starts well, you bet accordingly, the flop comes out 6-7-8 in another suit, although you have a good starting hand it is very likely that you have been beaten, you must accept the fact and not stay in your initial positions.

Knowing when to bet in poker is probably the hardest part to learn. Let’s say you’re playing a six-person game and the blinds are 2-4. You want to raise before the flop, but you don’t know by how much. If you bet too little everyone will call. If you bet too much, no one will call. The most suitable bet would be 16, try to bet three to four times the big blind. This will ward off weak hands, but leave you with callers of a pair.

Body Language Player in Poker

In English and in the poker world they are called the Tells, that is to say, the signs, tics or manners that you will show throughout the game. Your opponents will try to read you and will notice each change in attitude depending on the game you have.

A tell is a habit, a physical reaction, a behavior that will give your opponents clues about your hand. Often times you don’t even realize it. Top professional players sometimes give false tells to mislead their opponents.

Look at the eyes

Eyes rarely lie, which is why more and more players in tournaments are seen wearing sunglasses. Look at the eyes of your opponents, for example a player who is going to covet the pot can look on his left at the other players who are talking after him and see how they have looked at their cards, this can give him some indication as to the intentions they have to lie down or not. When you ask one of your opponents if the hand they have is very strong, watch their eyes carefully, it is difficult to lie while keeping the other’s gaze.

Look at the faces

A face can be very expressive, we see more and more poker players with a hooded t-shirt, or even wearing a cap. The less you reveal your body, the less visible the emotions you can betray. Your opponents will scrutinize you, look for that sign that will betray you every time you have a weak hand, or on the contrary the self-confidence that you will show because you have a strong hand. It is not uncommon for beginners to play the other way around … they will display obvious confidence when in reality they have nothing, or they will be disinterested when they have a hand in hell.

Try to analyze all of everyone’s actions, hands can betray emotions, some players after the flop will instinctively look at the number of chips they have, so we can deduce that they have a correct hand and that ‘they are ready to defend it. The way each player stacks their chips can also give you clues, loose it will be more of a loose player, very meticulously arranged a tight player.

The whole body can betray a game. When we are ready to fight we go forward we enlarge the chest and the bomb, someone in this posture will betray a strong hand that he is in a position to defend .


Poker Strategy Big Blind vs Small Blind

Playing in a Big Blind position during a cash game is the least profitable position in the long run. Even if you are the last to call pre-flop, you still have to post your big blind and are out of position for all other pre-flop betting rounds. As everyone knows, your position is one of the most important factors in poker. Without understanding the importance of position and how to use it to your advantage, you are not a complete player.

Poker Strategy Big Blind vs Small Blind

There’s only one time you’re in position when you’re in BB, and that’s when everyone has folded and you’re facing the small blind. It is a situation that very few players know how to exploit, it pushes me to devote an article to it.

Of course, these kinds of situations don’t always happen, but this article will help you negotiate this kind of moment in the best possible way. When you play against SB, we can differentiate two distinct situations. The first situation is to play against a player who limps in SB, and then we will study how to play against a player who raises his SB.

Limping into the pot is always a sign of weakness unless you have a good player read. So unless you see your opponent limping with a big hand, we will assume that they have a weak hand. Therefore, we will say that our opponent has a marginal hand such as {k-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds} or {8-Clubs} {9-Hearts}. In this kind of situation, it is not important to know what type of hand he has since we rely primarily on the weakness of his hand. So, it is not important to have a certain range of hands since we will be raising with all hands.

Usually a 5BB raise is the best option here, with a big stack go 6-8BB. There are different reasons why we do this. Since we are putting our opponent on a fairly weak hand, we want to put pressure on him. If he folds pre-flop that’s fine, however we’re still going to create a big pot because of our raise. This reduces any possibility of bluffing or playing a draw.

After the flop, the strategy is quite simple. If he checks the flop, we’ll attack the shot with a continuation bet. If he decides to attack first, then we’ll take a look at our hand and the texture of the flop. But we’ll look at this case later. So we will raise after the flop on any flop. If after that, your opponent has not folded, we will have to take other parameters into account.

A raise of the players in SB

Whether he calls or raises, there are a few things to consider. If you know that the SB player very rarely raises before the flop and is a tight player, there is very little point in trying to win anything from him. The only thing you can do is find out if your hand is worth playing. However, if you know that the player has raised a lot pre-flop, we can tell ourselves that he is doing this with marginal hands that will fail their flop most of the time. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to call his raise but we need to be sure to call with a hand with potential. Putting our opponent on a certain type of hand is quite difficult, but {9-Hearts} {10-Spades} or {q-Clubs} {7-Clubs} are payable hands.

Flop texture

One thing is for sure, we have to attack the blow on any type of flop. The best flop texture you can hit and to hit a dry flop with very few draws, like: {k-Clubs} {7-Spades} {2-Hearts}. The main reason for doing this is that we want to fold our opponent. If we are in a situation where we have a hand like {7-Clubs} {8-Spades} and our opponent flops {a-Spades} {k-Spades} {j-Hearts}, there is no no harm in throwing out his hand. Look at the board and think about the consequences that a move can have in this kind of case. If you want to bluff on a board that has a lot of draw possibilities, you will have to bluff the turn and the river.


When you find yourself in a blind battle, you will have a lot of variance, not only in these kinds of situations, but in your game in general. We must keep in mind the effects that this kind of “move” can have on your image. We will talk about the image a little later. From time to time, you will find yourself in a situation where your opponent will have set a trap for you by owning the nuts. These kinds of hands will seriously affect your image at the table, so your opponents will respect you a little less and call your raises a lot more times.

Ability to read your opponent

One of the minor factors that we must mention is your ability to read your opponent. Opponents often follow a certain course of action and especially those who play low limit. Betting up to the pot can give you an indication of the strength of your opponent’s hand. A pot-level check / raise can be both a sign of strength and a sign of weakness. So if you can read your opponent and know what their bet size means, these kinds of blind battles will be much easier for you to play.

Always be aware of the image you give to the table. If you got caught a full bluff, the other players at the table will register this information and call you a lot more, so minimize your bluffs until you have a better picture. On the other hand, having a tight player image will allow you to steal a few shots.

In conclusion, we can say that all of these situations are often ignored by players while it is a good way to earn some chips. As in all cases, practice is the only way to improve your game. Since many players try to avoid this kind of confrontation, you will be even more respected at the table if you practice this kind of game.


The Limp in Poker Online

What is limp? It is the act of completing the big blind to see the flop, without raising. This is clearly a losing stock in the long run. We will find out why. It can happen that at the end of the tournament it is justified to limp, if you know that your opponents are rather passive … or to trap with a strong hand (limp / call with KK / AA for example). The following rules apply when you have stacks over 20bb.

When we say that it is not recommended to limp, it means that you should never be the first to enter the pot by limping, that is to say by simply calling the big blind. There may be times when it is justified to top the blind if one or more players have completed it before you. Here’s the basic rule:

It is not limping which is the evil, but open limp.

You limp, you show a weak hand. Would you limp with, or? No. As soon as you limp, your opponents know that you don’t have the Top 5% (TT + / AQ +) hands. Not only do they understand that you have an average hand, but they can quite easily determine what type of hands you have.

By limping you expose yourself to aggressive players

You limp. An aggressive player raises. What are you doing ? Paying is often not profitable. But suppose you pay. Isn’t it ridiculous to invest so much when you have shown weakness and you leave the initiative to the opponent? Wasn’t it better to raise first?

You miss an opportunity to steal the blinds

By limping, you miss the opportunity to take the blinds. If you don’t raise you can’t win the blow before the flop.

You encourage other players to join in

By limping, you keep the big blind in the game and encourage other players to come in, because you are offering good pot odds. If you limp at the cut off, the button must invest 1 blind to try to win a pot that is already 2.5bb.

And think of the special case of the small blind. The small blind is going to be strongly encouraged to come in. Because the small blind player has 1/2bb to put in to play a 2.5bb pot. The player in the small blind can therefore come into play with a wide range of hands. In addition, he will have many surprising hands and it will be very difficult for you to locate his hand. All of these are negative for profitable play.

Your hand warrants a limp, it warrants a raise

Always ask yourself the question, “Is my hand good enough to be raised?” If so, relaunch. Otherwise, lay her down. Are you hesitating? Raise or fold your hand but don’t limp it.

Limping out of position, a big source of losses

When you limp out of position, you are vulnerable to a raise. You have neither the position nor the advantage of the cards nor the initiative. Playing with an average hand without the initiative out of position is the best way to lose money fast in poker.

The special case of the small blind

The small blind position is special. Because if you limp, it only costs you a half-blind to enter and only one player has to speak after you. This is a situation that may seem conducive to limp. It is indeed, provided your opponent is passive. Because an aggressive player will immediately understand your range of hands, which will certainly be low. He’ll often raise to put pressure on you, steal your blind or steal the post-flop shot.

The big blind often throws its hands

You can raise 100% of your hands in the small blind, as long as the opponent does not adjust. If he calls he has a strong hand and is in position. Drop the shot after the flop if you haven’t hit anything.

The big blind player is passive but sticky
You can potentially limp with potential hands if you know you’re going to be able to see a flop the vast majority of the time.

Big blind player plays standard or aggressive

The vast majority of the time, choose between raise and pass. The small blind is one of the most difficult positions not to lose money. You have to accept that the big blind has a decisive advantage over you thanks to its position. The small blind is the worst position in poker because you are the first to speak after the flop. Limit your losses by not limping in the small blind, it won’t be that bad already.

Signs that you are limping in your tracker

If you limp often, you’ll have a big difference between your VPIP (% of the time you put money into the pot voluntarily) and your PFR (% of the time you raise). Ideally, your PFR is never less than 70% of your VPIP. For example, a 6-max player might be 15/13, 24/21 … but never 30/18 or 45/5.

So here are the reasons not to limp. Never open limp in Cash Game (except in small blind) and never in tournament as long as you have a stack of more than 20 blinds. In a future article, we’ll see how to best react to limping opponents.


When to Complete the Small Blind in Poker

The small blind is a tricky position to play. You’re wet for a half bet, and you almost always see a favorable odds. The problem is also that you are out of position. So do the pros outweigh the cons? Or is this half-price blind just another way to lose money?

The small blind is a double-edged sword – you’re in for half a regular bet, but you’re also guaranteed to play the rest of the hand out of position. Many players believe that the pot odds outweigh this positional disadvantage, and choose to top up with any two cards dealt to them.

These are the same players who bleed money when their hand flops something weak and they still take it to the showdown. Pot odds are both a gift and a curse; playing minds like to take bets when the odds are in their favor, but calling too wide from the small blind can be a substantial loophole.

In un-raised pots with multiple limpers, you will often be left with overwhelming pot odds for your call, but in reality this is just a fly-trap situation. While the odds can be good, more often than not you will find yourself in tricky post-flop situations with marginal hands. In fact, you should hardly ever complete the small blind as often as you might initially think.

Before deciding whether or not to take advantage of these alluring pot odds, ask yourself what types of hands produce good in multiway (multiplayer) pots. Your goal is to make “big pot” hands, straights and flushes. Pot odds don’t turn ugly hands into gold. If your hand is trash against one player, it will always be trash against multiple players.

Weak hands produce dominated hands

The problem with completing too wide in the small blind is that it will often leave you out of position, with no clue as to where you are.

Initially you may think that completing with J ♣ 4 ♣ is OK because you have 4.5 to 1 odds and you are suited, but in reality you are not going to hit that color as often as you imagine (only 6 , 4% of the time).

Most of the time you will either miss completely or make a pair with one of your cards, in the process making a weak hand to a pair.

Weak pairs are a new player’s worst nightmare. These are reverse implied odds hands: while your hand may be good right now, if you want to make sure it can end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Heads-Up, the very end of a poker tournament

If you get there, don’t produce dominated hands! Even good pot odds cannot make weak hands profitable. You are going to flush very rarely, and the rest of the time you will either miss out or find yourself in a tricky reverse implied odds situation!

Pot odds are not nirvana; they cannot turn your lead into gold. A trash can remains a trash can; playing it out of position will simply cost you money.

Be yourself in the small blind

The types of hands you can profitably complete with are not much different from the normal list of good hands. Just keep in mind to prefer hands that are good in the family pot and have “big pot potential”, and avoid those boring, potentially dominated hands, as they will only cost you money.

Creating the exact range of cards that should be played in addition to the blind is a difficult task. This can vary from game to game and depend on the tendencies of other players at the table.

If your opponents are wide-passive and bad, you can liberally complete a lot more often because you will rarely be faced with difficult post-flop decisions. Likewise, if you happen to hit your hand, this type of opponent is more likely to call you.

A Very Large Pot Won in Poker

You want hands that have “big pot potential”. However, if your opponents are decent tight-aggressive players, you should aim to complete with a much tighter range, as you are more likely to be in a complex situation after the flop, and when you hit your hand. tight players are less likely to pay you.

The hands that are worth completing in the small blind are hands that are not sufficient.

strong enough to warrant a raise for value out of position, but still have some value to see the flop. Something like: A-T, A-xs, K-Q, K-Js-K-9s, JT-89 matched or not, 45s +, and 57s +.

Of course, this fan is not set in stone; the more players there are in the pot, the larger it may be to supplement. Just don’t go crazy, keep your goal in mind. You want to make big pot hands, not potentially dominated hands.

The Tip on The Small Blind

If you treat the small blind just like any other position with just better pot odds then you shouldn’t have a problem. It may seem that with such good odds you can’t go wrong, but the reverse is true.

Completing too often with weak dominated hands and believing that your pot odds can outweigh your positional disadvantage is a real loophole, one that far too many players have.

The small blind is a position that will always prove to be a losing money position in the long run; it is just a part of the game. But if you keep in mind what makes the top up to the blind profitable, you will lessen the effect it will have on your win rate and make you a better player in general.

How to Win at the Slot Casino

This article in the How to win at the casino series deals with the different types of slot machines, it reveals tips and tricks to put all the odds in your favor and maybe hope to win the jackpot…

Slot Machines

It is in this category that we find the most diversity, but the latter is only purely factual because all or almost all work in the same way. The problem with these machines, which at first glance seem attractive, is that to hit the jackpot you often have to play several dozen chips at each bet (see more than 100 chips), multiplied by the cost of a chip (from 1 cent to 5€) this can quickly become very expensive.

The 3 main categories of slot machines :

  • From 1 to 3 paylines (reels)
  • More than 3 gain lines (digital)
  • Video Poker

Roller Machines (1 To 3 Lines)

On this type of machine, which is generally the most expensive, you play 1 to 3 win lines simultaneously, their price is generally between 0.20 € to 5 € . They offer the biggest jackpots but also the least chance of winning, they are most often used by people with large means because they are very expensive in the long run. If you cannot afford your ambitions, go to the second part of the article.

Play on these machines with the maximum bet because this is your only chance to hope to hit the jackpot, you must be able to play at least 100 spins with your starting bet if you want to have a real chance of hitting a nice jackpot that will make you come away a winner.

Example: You have a budget of € 200, you should choose a 1-line machine at € 2 per bet or a 3-line machine at € 0.50 per bet. In the first case you will be able to play at least 100 times and in the second you will have 133 chances of knocking the jackpot (not counting the spins you will win with each small gain).

The technique is therefore to try the big jackpot which is your only chance to win a nice win, but for that make sure that you have the kidneys strong enough to make enough tries.

Multi-Line Digital Machines

Very diverse and attractive these machines can turn out to be a real money pit if you don’t know how to get the most out of them. Their cost is between 1 cent and 50 centimes in general but multiplied by 20 to 300 playable coins in each game, do the math and you will understand that each spin of the wheel can be very expensive…

Fortunately on these series of machines there are generally several jackpot levels: for 1,2 or 3 coin bets played on each potential payline. If you are on a tight budget play on a 1 to 5 cent machine with one coin per line and, most importantly, always play all possible lines.

Because the secret lies in the ability that you will have to unlock bonuses and free spins which are the best way to make you win a jackpot , apart from these free spins and other bonuses only unlock and are useful if you play all the lines.

Example: You have a budget of € 50, choose a machine with around 20 paylines and 2 euro cents. Play one coin per available line, for a total of € 0.40 per game, so you can claim to unlock the free games and bonuses which generally yield the most chips and are essential. You will be able to play a minimum of 125 times in a row but will actually play much longer, enough to really increase your chances of hitting the jackpot corresponding to 1 coin per line.

Once a nice jackpot has been reached (several hundred coins), do not hesitate to change machines and try to knock down a new jackpot with this same technique.

The technique therefore consists in choosing the right slot machine which must offer a maximum of free and bonus games, playing all the lines is imperative even if you only have to play one coin per win line. You will thus have the best chances of obtaining a gain of several hundred coins or more than 1000 if luck is on your side…

General Tips :

Check the machine before you sit there if the last win counter is at 0, if it is more than 500 chips won you have every interest in finding another machine …
On each machine must be indicated its redistribution rate, the higher the percentage, the more the machine is likely to make you gain (in general the machines run between 90 and 95% of redistribution).
Do not hesitate to ask the nice granny sitting next to you when you arrive, she knows if the person before you won big or not … crucial information!
Slot machines, like all cash games with the exception of traditional lotteries, lotteries and raffles, are prohibited for those under the age of 18.

Video Poker

This category of machines considered as slot machine has nothing to do with its sisters, it is not governed by the same rules. Here you have to use the stats to be a winner , it’s all in your ability to make the most profitable decision on each game.

The prices of these machines are generally between 0.50 € and 5 € , the goal being to achieve the most profitable combination of cards possible. A double pair pays you back your bet while a rare straight flush will make you rich, between these two extremes is established a scale of potential winnings between three of a kind and four.

So you have to use the same stats that table poker players do on these machines, decide if you hit the jackpot every time or if you are going to be winning over the long haul. It will undoubtedly be more profitable in the end to try a flush or a straight than each time going for a hypothetical full or square .

This subject is complex and requires knowing the basic statistics and techniques of poker, don’t worry, poker being my specialty you will find on this page everything you need to learn the basics of poker.


Advice To Win at Poker

In the emails that we receive from our readers, we often find the same question which is the following: “how to win at the casino? And if there was a miracle recipe that would make you win for sure, believe us we would be the first to reveal it to you.

In our articles, you have a strategy section for each game, it is important that you use it as much as possible when you tackle a new game because a lot of advice is updated, the techniques mentioned are often very profitable like the comments players who have tried them show it.

But we have one ultimate piece of advice that we wanted to develop a little more in a dedicated article, and that is stake management. It may not be clear to you at the moment but after reading this article you will see that everything will clear up!

Stake management

Whatever the game, when you play at the online casino, you are going to deposit money and the goal is to win it, but also not to lose it. It is true that luck is an important factor in winning large sums of money, it cannot be denied, but the correct management of your bets can greatly contribute to your enrichment.

To be more clear, the technique that we are going to reveal to you right away will allow you to always end your playing time, your game, in a positive way. Awesome isn’t it? Do you say to yourself that it is impossible? So take a look!

The technique in seconds

The first thing you will have to do is think about your gaming habits. Indeed, for this to work, you absolutely need to know exactly how many times you play per month, for how long, and set a budget. that you will respect.

Imagine that you play twice a week and that each session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, that you play slot machines most of the time and that your budget per month is 300 €, which is already a very high budget, that we tell ourselves.

Our technique therefore consists in calculating the average stake you can make to reach 0 at the end of the month: 4 weeks x (2 sessions of 1h30) = 12 hours of play per month. Then, 300 € / 12h = 25 € per hour, so 25 € / 60 minutes = 0.41 €, say 0.40 € to round up per minute. Per minute, we estimate that you are going to make 3 bets, one every 20 seconds, so you do the following calculation: 0.40 € / 3 bets = 0.13 €, so let’s say 0.10 € per bet.

Our calculation highlights the following reality: if you bet € 0.10 each time you play, you will end up at € 0 at the end of the month.

Taking into account your earnings

Yes, but we told you that you would always end up positive at the end of the month, whereas we just told you that you would be at 0 € at the end of the month. Yes, that is exactly it, but in this calculation we hypothesized that you would lose all the hits you did, and that is impossible, you can imagine it. You will of course make winning moves, some of which will bring you a lot of money and it is therefore thanks to these winning moves that you will always end up positive every month, with some months, some nice surprises, we are sure.


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