Poker Positions: how to play from any position at the table

The positions in poker have a notable influence on the final result of the game. Divided into four general types, the positions in poker define the strategies to be followed during the games and allow you to play from different perspectives, for which it is necessary to adapt depending on the position you occupy at the gaming table. So that you know how to play from any position we have prepared the following article, in which we explain the characteristics of each one and how to face the game from different positions at a poker table.

Poker positions and their influence on games

The positions at a poker table are decisive to define the ranges of poker hands that we can play in a game. Our place at the table will define, up front, our decision before the flop.

A beginning player often makes overly simple decisions when defining hand ranges . It is not a bad base, but soon we must know the importance of the positions at the poker table and their influence on the future of the game. Delving into the question of the importance of different positions in poker will allow you not only to know more about the moves during the games, but also to increase the chances of victory.

After the blinds, the next positions at the poker table are Under The Gun (UTG) . They are the first to speak, and the ones who focus all eyes on the first bars of the game. At a 10-player table, featuring a UTG, UTG +1, and UTG +2, there are still 9 players left to speak after the first Unter The Gun, increasing the chances that one of them will have a better hand. This is especially important to know what range of poker hands to handle , as it is common to defend a quarter of the hands and this is an erratic move.

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The three positions that are placed before the  Cutoff and Dealer in the hierarchy  are the intermediate positions . At this point in the game, there will be fewer opponents left, and the  ranges of poker hands  are significantly extended. In middle positions we will raise with JJ, QQ, KK, AA and AK, in addition to TT, 99 or AQ. It should be noted that the effect is not the same if the three intermediate positions are located just before the Cutoff or just after the Under The Gun, so you must be very aware of which poker positions you are occupying before the final moments arrive. of the game. At this point there are fewer players left at the table and, in addition, they will have spoken before you. It is now that the pre-bets take place,which makes TT, 99 and AQ rule out . In case there is more than one raise, only AA and KK.

The final positions

The positions at a poker table that are in last place are those that open the ban for all types of plays . In the Cutoff there will only be three rivals, and in the Dealer only two . If we roll statistics, we will know that a 33% superior of hands are worth us in the Dealer, and a 25% in the Cutoff. We can raise very hard all the hands that we have mentioned before if the hand comes clean, although you will also have to value raising with pairs in hand or connectors if you prefer a more aggressive game in these poker positions.

However, you should keep in mind that the positions at a poker table are not a matter of pure mathematics . There are many variables that can affect the performance of the player and the profit margin regardless of the positions at the poker table that he occupies. The appearance of a weak player, the possibility of bluffing before a unique opportunity or other types of vicissitudes that you can foresee that affect the game have to be taken into account in each session. The positions in poker are not an exact science and, although it is essential to know them to have an idea of ​​what their influence on the game is, you must consider all the variables in each game.

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On the other hand, the influence of positions at a poker table is not always the same in all game modes . The positions of the poker table are merely indicative in some modalities, playing a fundamental role in the Texas Hold’em variant, which is among the most popular worldwide.

What is the best position at the table?

There is no doubt that among the best poker positions is the Button, who is the last to speak. This provides a considerable advantage to the player , since he knows all the information of the remaining players and allows him to act accordingly with all the cards on the table. The Button rotates clockwise, and if it was you in the last hand, the Button passes to the player on your left. At the end of each hand, it changes.

Among the reasons why the Button is in the top of the best positions at the poker table is the possibility of defending his position when he has a lot of chips, even if he does not have good cards or did not have anything on the flop. However, if the Button folds, it will be the Cutoff who will be the last to speak. As a general rule, if the Button folds many times, it is advisable to call to see the flop from that position. However, all these variables will be known by any beginner with experience, dedication and time.