Proposals For New Regulations And Regulations For The Gambling Industry In Russia

Proposals for Regulations and New Regulations for the Gambling Industry in Russia – Changes in regulations are something that is normal and common. The regulations have been changed to ensure that the regulations will work more efficiently and in accordance with the current era and conditions. In this day and age, we know that the is grieving and is trying our best to survive the Covid 19 outbreak which is truly severe.

One of the countries that is currently conducting regulations for their country is Russia. Russia is trying to impose several new regulations for several aspects of its country. And one of the aspects that are being presented with the latest proposals is none other than the gambling industry. Several politicians in Russia are trying to come up with new regulatory filings for the gambling industry in Russia.

Submission of New Regulations And Regulations For The Gambling Industry In Russia

Based on information. The two politicians who proposed the new regulations and regulations were Viktor Deriabkin and also Igor Stankevic. Both are party representatives who made this submission. This submission itself is expected to be made before the end of 2020. but even so, there are some things that are quite interesting to discuss.

The submission of this new regulation includes several important things. That is where they want the tax for the gambling industry to be increased and also really have to be supervised by a special body established by the state. This agency will later receive taxes which will later be included in the ministry’s agency in the field of culture and also in the field of sports.

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The monitoring of the gambling industry is carried out in order to detect illegal gambling operations that could In addition, based on the submission of proposals for the new regulation. In the future, this gambling supervisory agency can also cooperate with other bodies to provide oversight in the Russian gambling industry as a whole.

Quite Controversial Tax Hike

Even though it seems that it is very beneficial for the country, when we look back at this new proposal it is quite burdensome for entrepreneurs in the gambling industry. The tax increase of up to 1% turnover for all bets is really burdensome and quite high. Not to mention the number of stakes that exist throughout Russia. This will really have a big impact on the profits or profits of the gambling industry.

Impact of Submission of New Regulations and Regulations in the Future

The submission of new regulations and regulations sounds very profitable and is also regular. But going forward, this new regulation will actually destroy the gambling industry as a whole. Taxes that are too large will make people lazy to gamble and that means reducing interest and also the inclusion of the bet amount. This is truly something that the gambling industry entrepreneurs are most afraid of. Not to mention that during this pandemic, there were not many people gambling.

Not only are there fewer people who will gamble, but there will also be fewer sponsors of gambling sponsorships because they don’t have big profits. This means that sports betting companies will revoke sponsorships which will have an impact on the sports world which does not have sponsors. What is quite interesting to discuss is that the two party politicians who submitted this proposal, namely Viktor Deriabkin and also Igor Stankevic, were deemed to have no experience in the field of gambling as a whole and were deemed inappropriate to submit this new regulatory proposal.

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