Quad aces: the most emblematic hand in poker

Although it is not the most powerful hand (contrary to what many people think), quad aces is the most popular combination among the fans of this card game. The necessary combination to perform it and its location in the ranking of the most powerful hands during a poker game is something we are going to try to reveal in the next lines, so that you know what exactly is a quad aces and the probability of victory that it gives to the player who possesses it.

What is a four of a kind or quad aces, and what is its meaning

Unless you like poker, you’ll soon hear about quad aces and the magnificence of a hand that, just by name, seems unbeatable. We don’t want to cut you off, but the truth is that it is not the most powerful hand you can get in a poker game. But, if it is not the most powerful hand, what beats a quad aces hand?

Despite being the hand that gives name to the game, the truth is that a quad aces hand is the third most powerful hand you can get in a game. An ace poker is a combination of four cards of the same suit (four kings, four queens, four aces), being the most powerful, in increasing order, the jack (J), the queen, (Q), the king (K) and the ace (A). Throughout a game you can get a poker of different elements, being the quad aces the most powerful poker combination of all.

However, as we mentioned before, this quad will be the most popular hand, but not the most powerful one. If you want to know what beats a four of a kind hand, continue reading, we will reveal it right away.

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The flushes, the great enemies of quads in poker

Indeed, as you may have guessed from the title, what beats a quad aces is a straight flush. This is always the highest hand, although, depending on the cards that make up the straight, you can get a straight flush, made up of the five highest cards of the suit without counting kings or jacks, or a royal flush, made up of the ace, king, queen, soybean and the 10 of the corresponding one (of diamonds, clubs, spades or hearts, but it must be homogeneous, otherwise the straight flush is not valid). They are, because of their complexity and probabilities in comparison with the cards that make up the deck, a type of hand that is really difficult to achieve.

A royal flush is, therefore, not only the hand that beats an aces poker: it is the highest of all the hands that can be obtained during a poker game.

The influence of the cards on the formation of the flushes

We have already explained to you what a quad aces is and what it means, and you will have learned that even with a quad aces, you might lose a hand. This fact can be shocking for the beginners, since it is normal to associate the meaning of quad aces with victory and unbeatability, since they are the most powerful cards of each suit.

Playing or not with the jokers, does not influence at all when changing the hierarchy of the winning hands. The royal flush will remain at the top, followed by the straight flush and the quad aces. However, the introduction of jokers can alter the probability of obtaining certain hands that, without their presence, would be almost impossible to obtain. For example, a hand of three aces and two kings would be a full house of aces kings, but if we substitute one of the kings for a Joker, we can be talking about a full house of aces kings… or a quad aces, modifying substantially the resolution of the game. The same happens with the formation of the straight flush, since a joker will allow to supply the remaining card and obtain a straight flush more easily. The introduction of these cards in the game or not is something that we leave to the choice of each player, although the most purists are more and more reluctant to eliminate from the equation these cards that can end up decompensating the balance in favor of a player with a hand, a priori, worse than the rest.

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The relevance of quad aces in popular culture

Poker is a card game with long years of tradition behind it. However, at a time when the digitalization of the sector brings together a large part of the income and benefits from gambling, the presence of poker seems to be more widespread than ever. In the popular culture, poker can be found in many formats and supports, with a really high daily presence: from lighters or clothing accessories to tattoos, paintings or car stickers, poker is a recognizable game that has presence not only in the gambling rooms of thousands of casinos and betting halls, but it is deeply rooted in the world of culture, television and dozens of objects of our day to day.

Even though it is not the most powerful hand (contrary to what many people believe), even in the media, poker has a notorious presence not only in terms of advertising, something that the next regulation will try to modify, but in expressions and phrases made of enormous depth among society. It is usual to talk about aces poker in stock market and macroeconomic contexts, or to resort to “a bad hand playing cards” to justify a bad streak we are going through at that moment. The presence of poker is notorious and very extensive in different areas, which gives good faith of how far the tradition of this game of cards has permeated through generations.