Some of the main terms in online soccer gambling!

Some of the main terms in online soccer gambling!

Some of the main terms in online soccer gambling – There are many types of bets or games in online gambling and the most famous in the world is of course soccer gambling, followed by casino gambling and finally slot games. Football betting is gambling that uses football as a betting medium with predetermined betting rules. This bet uses various markets or odds to balance the bet.

For those of you who have been in the world of online soccer gambling for a long time, you may already be familiar with the terms that exist in the online soccer betting display. However agen judi sbobet, for players who are new, they may be a little confused when playing online soccer gambling . No need to worry about that, because we will explore these terms to help you play online soccer gambling.
The following are some of the main terms in online soccer gambling. Check it out below.

Some of the main terms in online soccer gambling!

– HDP (Handicap)
So when you choose a handicap bet, then you will get this best menu. Then when you get the HDP menu, the next step is you will create an odds number. In addition to the value of the voor-vooran, the player must also determine the value of the market odds that come out.

– OU (Over under)
Betting with the Over Under – OU (Top – Bottom) market system, the winning result is seen from the total number of goals in 2X45 minutes in the match. The result of the bet will win if the player bets on Over or Under and the total goal of the final result of the match exceeds the over market or is less than the under market.

– OE (Odd Even)
In accordance with its meaning, odd even or commonly found as o/e is an odd-even bet. Odd means odd and even means even. In the o/e bet type, you must place a bet on the odd or even position, which is the total score in a match. So the number of goals from the two teams is added up, and it is seen whether the number is odd or even.

– FT (Full Time)
For all bets in the fulltime column this means also approximately the same as FH, where FT is a full match bet. So the result you see is the final result of the match.

– Mix Parlay
Having another name for multiple bets, the condition for playing this game is that you have to choose 3 teams in one bet, the parlay system if one team loses then the overall bet is considered lost.