Spin & Go Poker tournaments: what they are like and why to play them

Spin & Go Poker tournaments are one of the most attractive forms of poker for regular and recreational players . It is not difficult to understand this if you look at the ease of play, the low buy-in and, of course, the juicy prizes for each player who participates in this type of hyper turbo tournaments with jackpots of up to 1,000,000 euros .

Do you want to know more about Spin & Go Poker? Pay attention to this post and become a master of this type of poker

What are Spin & Go Poker tournaments?

Spin & Go Poker tournaments have a hyper-turbo format in which a total of 3 players participate and it is one of the most profitable poker modalities that exist. And, regardless of the buy-in with which you participate, the prizes are still extremely attractive.

How do Spin & Go Poker tournaments work?

In Spin & Go Poker tournaments, players have starting stacks of 500 chips . Depending on the game mode – if it is Spin & Go: Omaha, Stars Rewards Spin & Go, Spin & Go Hold’em … – the rules of the game may vary slightly from each other For example, in the case of Omaha each player receives four hole cards and must use a total of two in order to form his poker hand. Now, in any case, the initial buy-in ranges from 0.25 cents to 250 euros , depending on the amount that each player wants to invest. Everything will be in proportion to the amount that can be won according to the multiplier of the prize pool ( from 2 to 12,000 times the initial value of the buy-in ).

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In this way, an investment of 0.25 cents could generate a profit of 0.50 cents (if multiplied by 2) and up to 2,500 euros, if multiplied by 12,000.

When deciding how much to multiply the buy-in, the odds of the game or the frequency will be taken into account . Frequency is something we must pay attention to when participating in any of the Spin & Go Poker modalities, since each version establishes its own values ​​in the game’s algorithm. We recommend that you look at the lowest frequencies , since the highest 5 are always the same, regardless of the modality.

We give you an example so that you can understand it in a simpler way:

Imagine you start a tournament in Spin & Go for a buy-in of 5 euros. The multiplier of the prize pool gives a frequency of 464,888 among a million that our 5 euros are multiplied by 2. If it is multiplied by 25, for example, the possibilities are 1,000 in a million and as the value increases prize pool multiplier, the frequency is lower.

Distribution of accumulated prizes and multiplier of the prize pool in Spin & Go Poker

It is generated randomly, according to the algorithm of the game. The multiplier of the prize pool in any modality is always the same. Here we show you the figures by which the buy-in is multiplied randomly:

Prize Pool Multiplier
* 10x
* 25x
* 120x
* 240x
* 12,000x

In the last 5 levels, the prizes are divided among the three players, the champion player being the one who takes the most and the rest 10% of the total . However, in the rest of the levels, the winnings are full for the winner.

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Duration of blind levels in Spin & Go Poker

One of the common rules in any form of Spin & Go Poker is the duration of the blind levels. These depend on the multiplier of the prize pool, which is initially known as the jackpot. Thus, depending on the multiplier, we find the following times:

Prize Pool Multiplier Blind level minutes
two two
From 3 to 5 3
From 10 to 25 4
More than 120 5

Reasons to play Spin & Go Poker

  • You can win up to 1,000,000 : It is a long shot, but it exists.
  • Small investments : The initial buy-in is highly variable, ranging from 0.25 to 250 euros. The prizes are very attractive.
  • Recreational Players : This form of poker attracts a large number of recreational players.
  • Chips are not taken into account : The odds of winning are not based on the chips, but on who finishes the tournament as champion.