The 5 best online poker tournaments

Are you a person interested in poker who wants to join the online poker circuit? So you are very lucky, because we wanted to bring you this post to get you closer to the best online poker tournaments and we will explain them to you one by one, so that you have a reference if you choose to play in them.

In contrast to cash games , poker tournaments start with the event ticket purchased at a fixed price and making sure that all players have the same number of chips. These players will be eliminated when they lose all the chips.

Since the great Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003, people’s interest in online poker tournaments been on the rise . In just three years apart, the same event reached 8,773 players, making it the largest live poker tournament with a prize pool of $ 12 million. That’s what makes these types of tournaments so appealing, knowing that with just one chip, one seat, and a great deal of luck, you can become a millionaire.

If you are interested in knowing more about online poker tournaments, here we tell you which are the best rooms and we will talk about the best poker strategy so that success is always on your side. Here we go!

Multi-table online poker tournaments

They are the most common in online poker. As we discussed earlier, you need to buy an entry ticket in exchange for a stack of chips, and once you lose those chips, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

The most important part of these types of online poker tournaments is the fact that they take place across multiple tables with a specific number of players per table, making the starting time designated from the beginning until the table is closed. break (when players start to leave the table and the number of players is odd), at which point the players will be redistributed to other tables that have empty seats.

Yes, winning multi-table online poker tournaments is not especially easy, but if you do, we assure you that the prize will be one of the important ones.

SCOOP (Spring Championship Of Online Poker) is a good example for this type of online poker tournaments. This championship lasts for three weeks in which more than 300 events are annually and the highest level ensures a prize of 1 million dollars for its winner.

Sit and Go online poker tournaments

Being one of the most popular, it is understandable that this poker tournament had its beginning in the online world. Typically, this online poker tournament starts with one or two tables as soon as each seat is filled. Payouts are normally dealt to the top three players, but it will depend on the number of tables being played.

If you want to participate in this type of poker tournament, you will need to be especially fast, especially if you want to play in the most important poker sites, since this type of poker tournaments is very fast, so much so that you may run out of time to guarantee your seat. Being this way, you will also ensure that you will not have to play against hundreds of players, so if you are a newbie to the world of poker, this may be the best experience for you.

Shootout online poker tournaments

They combine both the multitable and the Sit and Go and in this type of tournaments you will have to play one table at a time until only one person is left at each table. If you win, you will proceed to the next round and the action will repeat itself until only one winner remains.

Satellite online poker tournaments

This is one of the favorite online poker tournaments of those who play in our poker clubs. Satellite tournaments offer you a unique prize: entry to another (and better) prize poker tournament.

Do you remember when we told you about Moneymaker? The truth is that he won his $ 10,000 seat at the WSOP Main Event by winning a $ 40 Satellite. Definitely a prize!

Turbo online poker tournaments

Do you like action? Do you want to experience the REAL action? Then you have to try turbo tournaments. Remember we told you before that Sit and Go tournaments are very fast? Well, turbo tournaments are even faster. You will need to be really focused, as these types of tournaments will require you to make quick decisions, so you better be giving your full attention.

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