The e-Casino game on JOKER123

E-Casino games at JOKER123 – You as a gambling player certainly know very well the games in a casino in general, the games in a casino usually have baccarat, sicbo, roulette and other games that you can play, now to play gambling games. You no longer need to play at a land casino, because as we know today land casino games no longer exist in Indonesia because of government regulations that prohibit all of these make gambling practice illegal. Now what is legal you can do is play online, now you can play gambling games online, you can play anywhere and anytime you want,JOKER123 , JOKER123 offers games, shooting fish, slots and also e-casino games, here we will discuss the e-casino games offered by JOKER123, the e-casino on JOKER123 has several games such as dragon tiger, carcass, baccarat, hulu, and sicbo. For the games that have been mentioned, we will discuss in more detail about the game play.

How to Play e-Casino at JOKER

The first game that we will discuss is the dragon tiger game, this game is a game that is well-known in the Cambodian country, because this game can be said to be the simplest game in JOKER123 , in this game you only have to guess whose card is the bigger one among them. dragon or tiger, one card will be distributed at the table where the value of the card is AS is the smallest card value, which is one, and KING with the greatest value is 13, apart from bets on the dragon and tiger sides there is a bet called a tie, if the cards between dragon and tiger have the same value then the result is a tie, and if you place on a tie then your bet will be paid 8 times your bet.

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The second game is the game of carcass, this game is a game that uses dice which only has 4 sides depicting shrimp, carcass (king crab), fish, and sunflower. In this game the dice can be rolled because in the middle of the dice there is 1 stick that can be rolled to roll the dice, after that the dice will be closed then you can bet and you have to guess what image appears on the top side of the dice. The biggest betting choice is the one that has odds of 3.90, which means that if you bet 100 thousand rupiah and your guess is correct, you will be paid 100.00 x 3.90 = 390,000.

The third game is the baccarat game, this game is almost the same as the dragon tiger game, only in this game the cards that can be issued for each side are a maximum of three cards depending on the value that comes out. The two sides that are bet on are called the player side and the banker side.

The fourth game is the upstream game, if the carcass uses 1 dice that has 4 sides of the image, then in this upstream game it is played using 3 dice that has 6 sides of the picture, here just like before we have to guess what image will come out but here there is a choice of betting variations such as we guess there will be 2 twin dice, 3 twin dice, 3 different images, and if you can successfully and correctly guess the results that come out then you will get paid many times over.

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The last game is the sicbo game, this game is a game that is almost the same as the upstream game, but sicbo here uses dice that are generally dice with 6 numbers on each side, the stakes are almost the same as the upstream game, but here there are additional bets such as whether the value that will come out will be smaller or

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