The longest poker game in history

Sometimes games and board games can take longer than we expect. There are games that last less than 5 minutes and others that can last even days. That is what happened to the longest poker game in history . This took place in 2010, specifically at the Bellagio Hotel-Casino (Las Vegas), where professional poker player Phil Laak stayed for 5 days playing an almost endless game .

Your story has been etched for prosperity. In fact, to this day the professional player holds the Guinness Record for being the one who has spent the most number of hours in a row playing poker. Next, we will explain everything that has to do with this anecdotal fact in the world of poker.

Who is Phil Laak?

Phil Courtney Laak (1972) is one of the most prominent characters in the world of poker. And not only because of his fame for playing the longest poker game in history, but also because of his awards, recognitions and career in this popular card game The Irish-born professional player was born in Dublin on September 8, 1972, although he grew up on the East Coast of the United States – as his family moved to Wellesley when he was 4 years old. Laak graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, although from a young age he was always clear that his passion was the world of poker.

It was not until 2004 that he stood out for the first time. His first major tournament win came in February of that same year at the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational . Likewise, Laak was the winner of NBC’s Poker After Dark where he received a total of $ 120,000. The professional poker player has participated in numerous tournaments and television events, even making a cameo appearance in the film Knight Rider for American television. One of his most outstanding merits has been to hold the title of Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em champion at the 2010 Word Series of Poker Europe, where he obtained his first WSOP bracelet .

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Today, Phil Courtney Laak is married to the actress of the saga of The Diabolical Doll – and also a professional poker player – Jeniffer Tilly. Phil continues to pursue his profession as a high-level poker player and as a commentator.

How was the longest poker game in history played?

The story of this popular feat took place in 2010 when the current GGPoker ambassador, Phil Laak, went to the Bellagio Hotel-Casino (Las Vegas) to play what has since been considered the longest poker game in history. Phil Coutney Laak, accompanied by Jennifer Tilly, began his online poker marathon in individual session on a Wednesday at 12:00 pm in the World Series of Poker room and ended on Monday of the following week at 7:00 am. In total, they spent a total of 115 hours playing poker — or in other words , almost 5 days.

The event was witnessed live by more than 130,000 people from 90 countries who were at that time connected online to one of the cameras that recorded everything that happened live. In addition, the poker player, wearing his sunglasses and his classic cap, did not want to consume caffeine or stimulants at any time. A promise that he kept throughout the entire game.

The game proceeded normally, although during each hour he had 5-minute breaks to recover and throughout the interminable session he rested for only 30 minutes. Although Unabomber, as Laak is also known, was fine, he concluded the game by stating that he did not want to do more damage to the body than necessary.

The longest other poker game in history

The case of Larry Olmsted and Paul Zimber

If there is a poker game that also had a great impact in all the media, it was the one played by Larry Olmsted 6 years before Phil Laak broke his record. This took place at the Foxwood casino in 2004 and in total lasted 72 hours. Which equates to a total of 3 full days .

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The case of Londoner Paul Zimber is also one of the examples of the longest poker games in history, although this is not officially recognized and is only talked about in private poker circles. Zimber contested his game a year before Larry Olmsted and reached a duration of 78 hours and 45 minutes .

The truth is that the records for playing the longest poker games in history are the order of the day and more and more professionals are trying to beat the record of the player Phil Laak.