This is how the two La Liga giants cooperate in the soccer gambling business

This is how the two La Liga giants cooperate with the football gambling business – the La Liga Santander football performance is not only thick with its riveting game scheme. However, there are important factors associated with it until now. One of them is the online soccer gambling business. Where two giant clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid are involved in the cooperation process with well-known football betting companies.

If examined further, Barcelona and Real Madrid did not include the name of the football betting company on the club jersey. Currently, Barcelona is establishing a partnership with a Japanese online business company, Rakuten. Meanwhile, Real Madrid partnered with an airline from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Even so, both of them appear to be involved in business affairs with some of the largest and most well-known betting house companies in history. This is because collaboration with the company is the soul in every match and the long-term survival of the club.

According to the notes of the President of La Liga, Javier Tebas, conducting the collaboration process with a number of soccer gambling companies is the most important thing in being involved in the world of world football. Therefore, no club can go bankrupt when the financial crisis hits.

For example, during the corona virus pandemic which is still ongoing. It was noted that almost all of Europe’s best clubs were affected by the epidemic. Financial income at each club began to decline due to postponement of matches and the continuation of the remaining matches without spectators.

Tebas said, the bad impact that occurred during the pandemic was very detrimental to all parties, especially in the sport of football. Some clubs have lost more than hundreds of US dollars in revenue.

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“This figure is a very risky problem for the club. In total, many clubs must be willing to give up their finances for free – only up to thousands of trillions of rupiah, “said Tebas.

Furthermore, Tebas revealed that La Liga has a Sportium which has attracted the interest of two giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Where both of them have officially made a partnership between the biggest soccer gambling companies to be used as a financial strengthener.

Both have different ways of addressing the real money soccer betting scene. Currently a game that is widely known by bettors is the Sportsbook. This game is clearly very attractive to everyone because it is easy to play and also to win. There are not many rules that must be obeyed while the betting process is in progress.

Most recently, the Spanish government has confirmed that the cooperation process between online football betting companies will be terminated at the end of next season. That means that the betting age of La Liga will only last 1 season.

Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon said that the transition period with a number of soccer betting houses must be decided immediately. Even so, there will be new regulations regarding the partnership between betting exchanges after the end of the season.

Tebas concluded that this was a common thing. However, the two giants will still try hard to keep collaborating on the betting market. Because of course, the rhythm of playing football will never run as smoothly as usual without interference from the world of online gambling.

Recently, Barcelona and Real Madrid are in negotiations with an Italian football betting company which is said to provide extraordinary prospects for the future. Of course, the football public and reliable bettors will really get a more phenomenal betting market sensation than the previous betting event.

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