Top 7 poker myths

Misconceptions are usual in the game of poker, since there exist many myths about poker that can lead new players – and even usual ones – to trust these erroneous beliefs. In this article we want to let you know that these myths are not valid and that you shouldn’t believe them.

Poker is played like in the movies

This is, by far, the most dangerous poker myth. Many of us wanted to learn how to play poker online thanks to Matt Damon’s Rounders, but what we all learn is that this game is like what the big screen shows.

Matt Damon and Casino Royale made us thought is absolutely easy to ‘read’ our rivals just by observing their body language and, being faithful to the truth, it’s more complicated than just that.

Poker is just a game of luck

Yes, many things of this game have a lot to do with short-term luck: the hands you get or even the community cards you see, but it’s not fair to tell that poker is a game of luck since every single player will have to dealt with bad and good hands and it will be your game that will determine if you win or not.

To win at poker you need to be a Math genius

Actually, the Math part is quite simple, since you will only need to make basic calculations: know your odds, understand perfectly the bet amounts and understand the poker key, which is knowing when to call or when to fold.

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To play poker online and make a profit out of it, you will need to learn a few numbers, forget about complicated calculations.

Practice with play money is needed

Play money poker is a game where nothing is on the line, so people are always taking non-optimal and ridiculous decisions. Things being like this, the worst advice someone can give you is to practice with play money, so be careful to not following it.

You need to know that playing with play money only guarantees you to learn the rules while participating in this kind of games, but that will be it. It’s very difficult to find poker players that use any strategy at all in play money poker, since most of them are always just clicking buttons at random without giving it a second thought. Our advice is for you to avoid this king of games. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should start a high stake, but only investing a few bucks to get yourself into a real-money poker game will make the biggest difference.

No matter how good you are, if you start playing poker tournaments with only 10 buy-ins, you will not last, so we only advice you to take shots at the higher stakes if you have the money to outlast the swings, so you prevent yourself from losing your bankroll.

To play poker online you need to bluff 50% of your hands

This is another myth that we owe to movies and even televised poker tournaments. When poker tournaments won an audience, people were marveled with bluffs, making this the misconception that bluffs make the most important part of poker strategy and that you bluff quite often in order to win. Don’t. Otherwise your game will be more than awful.

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It’s obvious that you will need to learn when and how to bluff if you want to build a winning strategy. But be careful, trying to impose yourself in the table with constant all-ins will only make you lose control of your stack, especially if you have no experience.

Sunglasses are a MUST to hide your hand

This makes no sense at all. Even if it’s true that poker players wear sunglasses at poker tournaments it’s not to hide our physical tells from the sight of our rivals.

Truth behind this myth is another one. Poker professionals wear sunglasses to hide what player they are looking at. That way, you can observe your rivals in a very discreet way and even analyze the movements of the rest of players, which means that you will have the chance to detect clues about their hands, if you are a god reader. AS we said before, reading body language takes years and years of practice and even then, maybe it will only be useful against players you already know, so maybe keep your sunglasses at home.

Online poker is fixed

It’s often said that online poker sites favor new players buy making their bad hands to always win on the river. Well, we can assure you this is not true. It would be quite stupid to risk your site to win a couple of bucks and, actually, it’s quite impossible to fix online poker games. You need to know that there are a lot of trackers monitoring the hands and databases, so pulling off would be almost impossible. There exists no reason for online poker sites to cheat.

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