Top strategies for MTT tournaments

To have a higher probability of achieving a positive result when we play poker it is important to find a suitable strategy. But that is not always easy, especially when we play a game in which probability seems to be the main protagonist. Of course, when we play poker, chance is not the only relevant factor, there are also other parameters to take into account such as statistics or psychology . If we learn to master them, it will be easier for us to understand and master the game. That small advantage against our rivals will make it easier to play our cards.

The main objective of this article is to show you a series of tricks through which you can improve your strategies to play in MTT poker tournaments. If you really want to be a professional and make money from MTT poker tournaments, it is essential that you put them into practice.

What is an MTT tournament?

An MTT tournament is a type of game within poker. This modality stands out for being very attractive, thanks in part to the fact that you can win a lot of money if you play the cards well. In this case, the winnings are not linked to the number of chips we have at a time, but to the position in which we finished the tournament.

The acronym MTT refers to Multi Table Tournaments . To understand it in a simple way, we can say that they are tournaments that are played on a large scale and an unlimited number of players can participate in them. In this case, the prize is not linked to the chips we have, but to the position we end up in when the game comes to an end.

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Normally the number of players is very high, hence the tables are usually distributed randomly so that chance is the main protagonist of the tournament. The objective is for the players to eliminate the rivals they have on the table to make the jump to a new table . Depending on the number of participants, the number of jumps can be higher or lower. But the goal is always to get to the last table. At that time, you have to face the best players, remembering that the objective is to keep all the chips to occupy the first place and thus win the biggest prize.

If you are interested in participating in an MTT tournament, you should know that it is necessary to purchase a ticket. The ticket price is the same for all players and they all receive the same number of chips . All players start with the same chips, but as the tournament evolves some have more than others. Fun is guaranteed in exchange for a very small initial entry. And who knows, you can still get a good prize if you use an adequate strategy.

Top 5 strategies for winning an MTT poker tournament

Depending on your style of play, you will have to choose one of the following strategies. The important thing is to master them to obtain the expected results. Like everything in life, experience is the great ally of professionals . You will probably lose the first games, but don’t go low and keep trying. Over time you will improve and get better results.

Here is a list of strategies that you can put into practice to improve your game in MTT tournaments:

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Analyze the players

To have a greater probability of success it is important to carry out a good analysis of the rivals that we have at the table. This is where psychology comes into play. You have to learn to analyze and try, in turn, to deceive your rivals to win the game. It is important to be clear about the “weakest” and the “strongest” players.

Measure your cards

You have to learn to know if the hand you have is good or bad . If you know how to quickly evaluate the hand, it will be easier for you to avoid going overboard with the hands you play. At the beginning, when the stack is tight, you should learn to reject some hands like K, J or K, Q. Although you can always play a lower card to try to bluff and thus see the reaction of your opponents. To be successful, the following rule must be followed: the lower the value bet, the lower the stake must be.

You must learn to bet the appropriate amount on each play and not always repeat the same tactic. This technique does not usually work and you may leave too many chips on the table.

Hit the set

When starting a tournament it is difficult to increase a position quickly. But to achieve this, you can try to choose to use the strategy of hitting the set . In order to make this interesting move, it is important to have a good hand and for the opponent to see it. In this case, small pairs are usually a good option for the opponent to follow and we can increase the position quickly. Of course, you always have to evaluate the situation to prevent the strategy from going against us.

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Adapt the intensity to the table

Each game is different and you have to learn to adapt the intensity of each game. Above all, you have to take advantage of the bubbles to get more chips. Sometimes the strategy of re-raising players who have already raised can pay off. Another alternative is to stand with the aim that other players make the bet and thus later be able to counterattack.

Of course, they are strategies that must be carried out according to the type of game and cards you have in your hand. It is essential to learn to slow down and be patient to be able to choose games that really interest us because the cards accompany us. Caution is critical to success.

Adapt to the table

A player cannot be successful if he is unable to adapt to the table at which he is playing. What is generally recommended is to play moderately at aggressive tables and aggressively at conservative tables .

It is essential to analyze position increases and how much they are respected. The goal of that analysis is to know when to play the raises and knock down opponents on the flop. In that case, you will have to see if the preflop raises are honored. Another option to keep going is when there are no short stacks on the table.