Types of poker: what are the most popular?

When we talk about poker we are not referring to a single card game since it has a great variety of modalities. These modalities, although they have many similarities among themselves —and the objective is the same—, are distinguished by fundamental aspects that give more or less dynamism to the game or make it a version more designed for professionals or for those who are just starting out.

In this article we are going to talk to you about the different types of poker that we can find and what are the characteristics of each of them. Keep reading this article to learn what types of poker exist and their rules.

Classification of the different types of poker

Before explaining what the different types of poker are, it is important to make it clear that each of them can vary depending on how it is played. It is for this reason that we make this classification, so that you have everything clear before launching to play And is that many bookmakers use one of these classifications to make up their offer of types of poker. So, the first thing to keep in mind is the following is this classification:

According to the way of placing bets

In this case, what influences is the way in which the players are allowed to place bets. These can be:

  • Limit poker.
  • No limit poker.
  • Pot Limit Poker.

According to the poker tournament

That is, according to the type of tournament that is going to be played. It is important to mention that tournaments in which the rebuy of chips is not allowed are called “Freezeout”. These are the tournes steps, the shifts and the guaranteed ones. The main poker tournaments are:

  • Sit & Go
  • Multi-table tournaments.
  • Freerolls.
  • Satellites
  • Rebuy tournaments.
  • Steps.
  • Turbo.
  • Guaranteed tournaments.
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According to the investment

In this case we would find two general classifications, depending on whether or not money is invested:

  • Betting with real money.
  • Betting in practice.

Types of poker games

Something you should know is in the world of poker there are a great variety of modalities, however, not all the different types of poker that exist are available in all casinos, such as Chinese poker or five card draw poker, since which are not that popular in the country. In Spain, and in most countries, the most played types of poker are Texas Hold’em and Omaha —as well as their corresponding variants—. The percentage between both cases brings together 96% of the participation of all players, both those who access by computer, as well as those who do so through the mobile phone. Having clarified this point, let’s see which are the most popular types of poker game:

Types of poker: Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most played form of poker that exists. The reason for this is because it is more likely to make the jump from beginner player to winner in the medium term. Within this type of poker game, the most widely practiced variant around the world is No-Limit Texas Hold’em , both in live casinos and online casinos. The rules of this type of poker are as follows:

  • Each player receives a total of 2 private cards.
  • The dealer – or dealer – deals 5 cards on the table. Three at a time and the other two one after the other at the end of the different rounds. These cards can be used by each player to make up their hand or draft.
  • Players can bet before and after revealing the cards.
  • In order to stay in the hand, it is mandatory that each player has put the same number of chips in the pot (active players).
  • The hand that wins the pot is the best 5-card combination.
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Types of Poker: Omaha

Omaha ranks as the second most popular and played poker game in the world. Likewise, the most famous variants of Omaha are the Omaha Hi and the Omaha High-Lo . The first of them (Hi) stands out because in it each poker hand is only taken by a single player – according to their combination of cards -, while in the second (High-Lo) there are two winning hands that correspond to the high and lowers it. In this case, the pot is split 50% among the winners – both may be the same player or the lower pot may go undelivered if the hand is not completed.

The rule to make the low hand requires that they use 5 cards lower than 8. In addition, of the 4 initial cards you can only use 2 that are added to the 3 of the 5 common cards. The 5 community cards are revealed after the flop, turn and river rounds .

Poker Types: Stud

It is another of the different types of most popular poker that we can find, the mythical game that we see in the movies of the American West. Likewise, its most popular variant is 7 Card Stud . In it the players receive a total of 7 private cards, but there are no community cards on the table . In this type of poker game, players can only use their cards to make the best hand. Now, they must make mandatory initial bets in the first 5 rounds or streets.

Types of poker: Draw Poker

It is not as popular as the rest of the different types of poker, but it is still widely accepted. In this game it is very favorable to bluff thanks to its rules. In this game 5 cards are dealt and the compulsory bets are made in the first rounds. The most characteristic of this modality is the discard . Players can exchange one card for another in the first round, which begins with the player to the left of the big blind. Discard is done before he begins to speak. At the end of the game you see the best hand consisting of 5 cards. Discard, in this game, offers the possibility of consolidating high hands at the end.

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